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Torrents2Download has thousands of free SFW & NSFW games. Are you fucks as tired of shitty torrent sites as I am? I’m sick of looking at some HTML site with barely any user features, a fuck ton of ads, and just a plain fucking list of torrents with over half of them in Japanese. What’s with that shit? Most torrent sites seem to think that a game title with no screenshots, no description, and no fetish tags is enough. I want all of the goddamn details you can squish into a page before I take that risk and download a file that some beta has uploaded from his basement dwelling.

I really don’t think that’s too much to ask. But, man, it took me a good while before I stumbled across a torrenting site that looked like it was from this fucking century. is pretty new to the field. It launched back in 2018 and has been a huge source of video game torrents since then. They only bring in around 120 thousand of your fucks every month, but that number has been on a pretty steady climb since their inception.

Hot Porn Games From Big and Small Developers Alike

This isn’t just a porn game site. They have a fuck ton of other games on here. VR games, full AAA games from big-name studios, indie games, and much more. But we’ll be diving into their adult selection for this review. This site isn’t as good as someone like FitGirl for brand new games, but their selection is pretty decent.

There are two ways for you guys to see what I’m talking about here. Go to the “Games” button in the header and hit “Adult Zone”, or you can plug in to see all of the kinky content I’ll be going over.

First off, this is a site with actual character and branding. You’re not just looking at some plain white page with a list of hundreds of fucking games. You get a cute animation of some blue-haired anime slut shaking her ass in the background. You also get this big-tittied bitch up in the header giving you bedroom eyes. Oh, and this site has an actual fucking logo. That’s a rarity. And the site has a dark blue theme that makes it well suited for browsing at night.

Detailed Instructions Available for You Torrenting Noobs

If you have no idea what the fuck a torrent is or how to go about installing one, then check out the “How To” option in the header. There you’ll get a custom rundown of how to download games from this site, as well as how to download torrents in general. It mentions needing WinRar, but I’d go with 7zip if you can. It’s actually free and doesn’t tell you to buy it every time you open the program.

You will have to deal with some ads here and there. You’ll get redirects and some banner ads that get in the way, but they didn’t ruin my experience. The ads taper out after a few minutes on the site. But just make sure not to believe any downloads that take you off-site. Sometimes clicking on a magnet link will take you off-site. Close that shit down. All legitimate downloads will come to you straight from the site without a middle man.

Excellent Search Features Let You Find the Perfect Game

The main page is organized by most recent adult games with a sidebar on the right for some featured titles. Unfortunately, you can’t fuck around with how the main page is sorted. You only get to see those recent titles. At the very bottom of the site will be a few short sections for popular, random, and trending titles in the adult zone. There will also be a small section for game genre tags that you can click on to get a full list of curated games in that genre.

The search bar is fucking awesome. You plug in your search terms, and it will search solely in whatever section of the site you are in. There’s no having to wade through hundreds of SFW games to find a hentai game. And you can even narrow your search down by a list of dozens of tags, by the user who posted it, alphabetically, and a few other handy options. It was surprisingly comprehensive, especially for a porn torrent site.

Download as Many Games as You Want With No Download Caps

Now, speaking of users, you can make an account if you want to. It’s free to do and pretty helpful for keeping track of games you’ve torrented. But it’s not really necessary if you’re not looking to contribute to the site. You can still download all of the content you want without needing to put your email or anything on here. I’d just skip it if you’re only looking to fap to these hot games.

Regardless of what you search by, you’ll get a curated list of results. The default selection is 5 per page, but you can even toggle that if you want to look through hundreds of games quickly. After all, there are around 400ish titles to look through in the adult section alone. I found 15 per page to be the sweet spot for me.

Informative Game Previews & Pages

I really fucking like how they have these previews laid out. You get a sizable screenshot from the game along with a title, release date, name of the user who uploaded it, fetish/genre tags, and a short synopsis. You get all of that before you even click on the game.

On the full game page, you’ll get a short overview of the game, name of the developer, additional genre tags, the file size, system requirements, on-site screenshots, and the magnet link. Really, the only things missing are tags for how many seeders and leechers there are for the game. Other than that, this fucking blows most other torrent sites out of the water in terms of useful information.

Solid Mobile Experience...but With Annoying Ad Clutter on Desktop & Mobile

The mobile site is pretty decent. Again, it can be hard to find torrents that actually work on your phone. At least you can give it a solid try with this site. The menus are tucked away behind drop-down headers. All of the text is still readable. Though the ads are still a major pain in the ass. Be extra careful with redirects and downloads here. Some of the pages wanted to start downloading shit automatically.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I really enjoyed how the content was laid out. Most torrenting sites take a bare-bones approach that can leave new users confused and veteran torrenters frustrated due to a lack of information. This site gives you just about everything you need to know without being too overbearing or cluttered.

I also liked that there were a few hundred fap-worthy titles for you to choose from. Sure, it’s not the beefiest catalog of torrents. But that shit isn’t bad for a pretty new site. Especially since they go the extra mile to provide you cucks with screenshots, descriptions, and fetish tags. I prefer quality over quantity any day.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Chill with the ads. It’s not the worst ad experience in the world, but it sure as hell isn’t minimal. I’d prefer banner ads and pop-ups over these insanely sketchy download sites. Ads are fine and all until they try to get you to install bloatware or, at worst, malware onto your computer. Nearly every redirect I got took me to a malicious looking site. At least link me to popular cam sites or games as other sites tend to do. That shit I can deal with. Also, include the seeder and leecher count on the full game pages.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a pretty solid torrenting site. It may have some shitty ads, but that will be the case with most porn sites out there anyway. I liked that this site went for a unique feel in terms of site design, content layout, and search features. It was a decent experience all throughout. I highly recommend you fucks go and give this site a visit if you are in the market for some free porn games.

PornGames likes Torrents2Download

  • Enjoy screenshots
  • descriptions
  • and fetish tags for every game on the site
  • Hundreds of kinky premium games to download for free
  • No required subscription cost or profile
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Quality site design with complex search features

PornGames hates Torrents2Download

  • Malicious redirect ads with suspicious downloads