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The Visual Novel Database! Hey, You! Yes, I’m talking to you, great ass-kisser. I think you are already tired of watching fucking anime and get really annoyed when the plot doesn’t satisfy your thirsty dick. Because you are unsatisfied with the movie you watched, you will just continue to fancy through masturbation. Well, hear me out, you little bastard. All you need to have is some improvement of your fucking dreamland, where your own hand is a director.

You just have to sit in your chair where you usually play with your balls and find the best game that satisfies your id. This is an ideal website for those motherfuckers who want to step to a higher level of being an anime fan. And take note, this dick fulfilling website allows you to interact with their database. See how great it is? You can just write or create the wildest sex experience through visual novels.

What Comprises the Visual Novel Database?

When you visit the website, you will be introduced with its brief background information. When I read it and saw the cutest anime character that set as the website’s wallpaper, assholes, I’m telling you that my horny cells were suddenly energized. I am a big fan of anime since then, and I’m just so fucking happy that there is a website like this that exist. My wet brief is screaming.

In the home menu, you may be automatically introduced with recent changes, announcements, recent posts, random visual novels, upcoming releases, and just released on the website. These features make it a user-friendly website with sexual intentions. The website advises you to register to create your own profile page. If you suddenly jump into the site because you can’t anymore control your id, and you are wondering who is the cute girl in the background, well, she is Lasty Farson from Angelic Serenade.

Most of the games featured are a combination of visual novels and computer games. Meaning, you are playing a game with animated characters based on great and horny storylines. The games have fuckbuddy characters that are usually accompanied by seductive background music. Throughout the entire game you chose, while you are doing your hardest masturbation, you have to answer a few essential questions that will affect some plot in the story.

When you click the visual novels in the menu portion, there are numerous animated games you can choose from that show jaw-dropping sexual content. The games featured have their own publisher and developer. When you are already bored playing the typical characters in a particular game that just shows unlimited fucking, but displays poor visual graphics, I recommend this website for your craving ass-kicker soul. Since it is a novel-based website, the usual games allow you to know your protagonist, antagonist, and of course, your side chick.

The Site Allows You to Interact With Them

Recent changes will be posted if there are attention hogger users that change or add any sexual trait of a specific character in a game so that you will not be a clueless gamer. Well, to give yourself the best experience, do not just sit there and watch other users remove or add something. Breast out and butts up! You should also interact. Do not be dominated with those little dickheads.

With its cute physical attributes, world-like boobs, and heart-shaped buttocks, let me tell you in advance that you will fall for the chicks in a particular game. I usually watch several anime dramas in a day. I fell for a specific character at once, but this website fucks me so hard. I like how those characters portray various sexual contents. To get the best experience of the site, give your ass some shot to play a specific game. I can promise to you that you will never get bored because you will just fuck and fuck until your saliva dripped.

The website also shows hundreds of usernames and indicates when they registered. So, you will notice and evaluate the popularity of the site. Part of my site’s evaluation is to read the discussion board, and I’m happy that the site features it. Thus, I read those comments and discussions from those registered fuckwhores, and actually, it’s not bad. I just read some minor errors regarding the site, and they are trying to address it to make the best user experience.

What Do I like About The Site?

What I like about this site are the various visual games you can choose from. Most of the games feature great story plots that are all about kissing each other’s ass. When I get lonely and depressed, I just open the site and fuck as many anime characters as I want.

It is an award-winning feeling to see hundreds of anime visual games that good as fuck. The site gives me a heaven-like feeling and gives my dick the hottest fire that makes me horny all the time. Me as your porn buddy, just want to show how good to be horny. Fuck your life. Find someone to fuck even through virtual.

The layout of the entire website is straightforward to use. When you visit their home page, you will immediately see several significant visual novels. If you are not familiar with the world of anime, man, I’m telling you that that will never be a problem when it comes to this site. It will introduce you to the characters that you can fall in love with.

If you are an incel, choose your ideal partner from this site. A partner that you can fuck every day and a novel plot that will delight your buds. Sometimes, we all want to exclude ourselves from this damn world, and live in a fairy-like land where you can be a total whore. No rules and regulations to follow. No laws, which will delimit your wildest side. Just a bitch, side chicks, and the hottest protagonist.

What Are My Dislikes About the Site?

I honestly praise the site when it comes to providing the best visual games with a great layout. But when you ask my butt if you can directly download the game from the site because you are too horny at that time, sorry to say, but they don’t do it there. I advise you, dude, to watch pornographic videos if you can’t control yourself from cumming. Well, the site will not leave you hanging. Of course, staring at the anime characters with great boobs and buttocks is not enough, we also want to fuck them.

The site provides the link to the official homepage of the game where you can download it. These homepages may offer a free trial game, or when you are lucky, it will give you the full version for free.

Shit may happen anytime. Did I tell you that we are all a piece of shit? You are a shit, your best friend is shit, your partner is shit, and everything that surrounds you is shit. Dude, no one is excluded. If you see someone acting like excellent and perfect, I’ll give you a scissor to cut their monstrous dicks.

When shits happens to you, this also exists on the website. Some games are not available in English. Oh, how sad it is. You will just fuck and fuck without knowing what’s going on? But don’t blame it on the website, you idiot. Blame the producer of the game and send him some of your angry semen.


Maybe it would be nice if all of the featured games are available in English because you don’t have a fucking clue what’s really happening inside the plot except if you know how to read their language. But if you don’t, who will be going to translate it? Your mother? I would suggest that they should have their translator, or maybe they can communicate with the producer of the game and offer a deal. It would also be perfect if you can directly download the game from the site and provide the full version of the game.


Despite the failings that the website has, it is still the site that most fuckers are looking for. Hundreds of animes to fuck that you can’t find in the real world because the boobs you can see there is only a thumb size. All necessary information about any visual novel can be found in the database. In general, it is the best website to work and get addicted to.

PornGames likes VNDB

  • Great layout design
  • All characters portrayed in each game are seductive
  • You will be given an opportunity to cooperate with their database
  • All necessary information is well-provided
  • Exact database statistics

PornGames hates VNDB

  • Some games are not available in English format
  • It doesn’t offer a direct download
  • Bias opinion of some registered users