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Where The Heart Is

I would just like to thank every single person who’s ever pledged donated money to any porn game developer out there. It is thanks to rich perverts like you that we even get video games like Where the Heart Is. This is the kind of high-quality shit that wouldn’t possibly exist if it weren’t for cookie jar cash. As of right now, these boys are making upwards of almost eight thousand dollars a month for their hard work, with over a thousand people backing them. That’s impressive shit. And for all of that support, we get a ton of hard work. These are the kind of developers that actually bring you a shit ton of new content every time they post a Patreon update. They’re not fucking around. So, without further ado, let’s dive cock first into this fantastic smut title.

Stepmommies are Legal

Even though both Patreon and the rest of the fucking world seems to hate people who make incest themed video games, this right here is very much an incest themed title that made it through the porn block. How, you might ask? Well, instead of fucking your real mommy and sisters, you get to… fuck someone else’s, sort of.

Your main character is some random ass Chad who is returning to his childhood home, where he used to live since his mother died. Back then, he moved in with his mother’s best friend and her two daughters, all three of whom are drop-dead gorgeous. These are the kind of bitches that I would walk a mile through broken glass to bareback.

Now that your father has died as well, that tragedy motivates you to move back “home”, where the heart is, apparently. More so than that, it’s where the boner is, let’s be honest. You don’t move in with three hot ass chicks, all three of whom are adults, without the hope that you’ll get to bang at least one of them.

So just like that, you’ve got yourself a mommy and two hot ass sisters to romance until you’re blue in the face, but they’re not really related to you, so Patreon’s happy, you’re happy, and the developers are up to their necks in donations. I love it when a porn plan comes together like this.

3D Rendered Wincest

All of the models in this game are high-quality 3D renders that were polished down to the nipple tips. Porn game visuals do not get any hotter than this. It’s literally the peak of high-quality visuals you’re dealing with here. The downside, which you were probably expecting if you’ve played this type of game before, is that there are no animations. It’s one of those slideshow visual novel style deals. Yes, you get to see everything unfold before your eyes, and yes, you see something new every few seconds or so, but there is almost no real animation.

They saved the exception to this rule for the hottest moments of the game, when you’re actually getting your dick sucked or when the hottest part of the penetration comes in. These high-quality scenes get a little bit of animation, back and forth, if you know what I mean. It’s nothing special, but every little bit helps. I like to use these animations scenes as a sign that it’s the right time to start fapping. The hottest parts are animated, so when I see the animation, I start stroking.

Well Written Story

There are four pairs of hands working on this game at all times. One of them is the original legend that came up with the game, and another is a dedicated writer who does nothing but work on the story. He’s not a developer or an animator. He’s just there to make sure that the game is loaded with quality writing, and it shows.

It’s not that I have really high standards for porn game writing. I’m mostly here for the tits. Still, smut games are notorious for having unnecessarily stupid plotlines. Like, you’ll often see a dude accidentally waltz his way into a bathroom to see his mom taking a shower, and she’ll punish him for his perversion by sucking him off. Like… what’s up with that shit? Can’t you spin it a little better than that?

Well, if you’re like me and you appreciate a sober dive into familial sexual perversion, this game will be the right fit for you. Some of the girls in this game are just casually fuckable, because they need a dick in their life. Others are a bit more prudish and generally don’t see you as a viable fuck-toy until you put in the work. You gotta schmooze them first and show them that you can indeed bend them over until the sun doesn’t shine.

Episode 16: Return of the Tits

This game has sixteen episodes so far, and that number keeps growing. I mentioned that the episodic breakdown of this game hasn’t crippled it at all. Every single episode is like a full-length movie with choices and decisions, most of which lead to titties, one way or the other. There are a few dumbshit moves that you can take that will push a girl away from you, but you can always reload and try again. I would say I wish real life came with a reload button, but I have no idea what it’s like to be rejected by a woman, so I guess I’m fine.

Some episodes are longer than others, but for the most part, they’re all real bangers. If you want to be a cunt waffle and dive into the longest one yet, I think number 13 is the biggest. When it came out, the devs noted that it was 70% longer than the average episode, around 4400 lines. That’s basically like reading a book, but with tits, so it’s ok.

I really like this particular approach to porn game episodes, because it mixes perfectly with the whole Patreon tier system. The more you pay, the quicker you get access to new episodes, but everyone gets the full game for free eventually. Given that there’s over a dozen of them out already, it’s safe to say that most of the game is already available for free. Plus, it’s not like you have to go out of your way to dig for a download link. The devs are very proud of the game they’ve made, and they’re happy to link you to every episode.

The Pinnacle of PC Gaming

If I could overhype this game for a second, I would say that it’s the best thing you could download for your PC if you’re into late-night gaming. The game might be of super high quality, but it’ll run on a fucking potato. I don’t even think they bothered to list the minimum requirements. So as long as you own a PC that wasn’t literally salvaged from a Cold War-era bunker, you should have a great time.

You can also play the game online on a free porn game portal. I’m not sure how they manage to host it in a browser, but it’s up there. Just keep in mind that every episode is a separate game, technically, so you might have trouble playing them all in order on one site. Either way, the option is there if for some reason you don’t want to download the thing to your PC.

Finally, you could check out the Android port. The devs have mentioned that this version is not actually made by them, so they can’t offer support if it doesn’t work well, but it’s available and seems to work fine. I didn’t test them all, naturally, but the version I did try was fine.

I recommend this game to every single motherfucker on the planet who has a functional penis and at least one working eyeball. The graphics in this game are what I call eyewash. You need it, you want it, and it’s free to pick up. Hell, I’d advise you get this game on your PC and your phone, just in case you have to leave your house. Take your high-quality smut on the go.

Need I remind you that this game doesn’t actually have any in-game transactions or tricks? It’s literally just pure, high-quality smut made by people who care about making you hard. I only wish other game developers were this devoted to their craft. I’m very much looking forward to future releases of this game, and I hope they abbreviate the name because spelling the whole thing out is hurting my fingers.

PornGames likes Where The Heart Is

  • Amazing 3D art
  • Tons of episodes
  • Extremely long play time

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  • Literally nothing