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Forums are dumb. I know. They’re not sexy, at least, not on the surface. But wait, I have a reason for reviewing Undertow. This place has so much hotness under the surface, you just have to know how to dig. Undertow is famous for its countless members who share information, links and reviews for games as well as a fuckton of mods for porn games that, well, have a shorter runtime than the actual fucking mods. I love this shit. Right here, you’ve got an army of masturbators who are coming together to mod porn games that they’ve blown loads to, in hopes of improving them for other people to blow loads to again and again, in increasingly better ways. 

The star of the show is definitely Super Deepthroat. If you don’t know that game, I don’t know how you ended up on my site. Super Deepthroat is an ancient porn game that was originally made in Flash. I first discovered it on WetPussyGames when I was like 18 or something. That was a long fucking time ago. Anyways, that game is tiny, very tiny. In theory it has like 5 minutes of gameplay. You can probably speedrun it faster than that if you know what you’re doing. You have a girl on your dick, shown sideways and you push her left and right with the mouse until she chokes on your dick – in a fun way – she’s still alive. Don’t worry. Where does Undertow come into play? Well, Super Deepthroat has a huge cult following and these people have increased the content in the game by a factor of a thousand. There are more mods for Super Deepthroat than there are for Skyrim – probably. I didn’t count them. Undertow is the home of those mods. It is the holy land of Super Deepthroat modding and that’s barely scratching the surface of what you can find on this site.

Categories for Everything

True to the forum format, this place has categories on top of categories all neatly stacked in threads. It’s ugly, but you can’t argue that it’s not manageable. You can easily get anywhere you want to go without having to use a search bar. That being said, you’re still free to use the search bar to skip around quickly. This is especially useful if you’re looking for a particular game or developer. If you’re a casual fapper, I’d suggest you use the preexisting categories. They’re damn good. They’re well laid out and they make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

As is tradition, there’s a lot of cross contamination between different threads. I’ll explain what I mean. There’s a fetish category where you can check out a specific fetish, say, superheroines. From there, you find a lot of posts from people who like and respect that fetish, leading you to content that features superheroines. Except, you might find such content on your own under the hentai games section, which is separate from the superheroine section. Because forums aren’t game lists, by default I mean, they don’t have tags. Thus, you get cross contamination.

The Community Knows What’s Up

Topic cross contamination would spell out death for a small forum, but on Undertow it all makes sense, because the community is basically vomiting content into every single thread they can get their hands on. As long as a particular thread wasn’t posted by a complete idiot, it’ll get a ton of relevant responses. Plus, a lot of the threads are long running as they have a broad topic that never has to end. The fetishes are a good example of this. Why start a new BDSM 3DCG thread when there’s already one that’s actively been building for years. That’s the idea. You get one long list that a ton of people are actively contributing to and it’s easy to navigate through it. 

The community has great taste and they respect the rules of the forum religiously. There are no random misguided posts here. If you’re looking for MILFs, you find MILFs. You don’t get bombarded with bullshit. This further reinforces the idea that players know porn games way better than developers. Hell, they know porn games better than I do. Sure, it’s my job to dig deep and do research, but the players, well, they are the research. They are at the foot soldiers fighting the good fight, fapping the good faps, pushing the community forward and most important of all, cataloguing download links for porn games so other people can enjoy them.

Get Your Hands on Smut Games

True to their benevolent nature, other members of Undertow work hard to help you get your hands on porn game links so you can get your hands on them as quickly as possible. There would be something to be said here about the general morality of sharing games on online forums, but all the titles that I saw were free to begin with, so it’s mostly just a matter of convenience. Whether you get them here or from another site is irrelevant. It’s about having a one stop shop with all the free links neatly aggregated for you.

That being said, there’s always a downside, when it comes to the older links I mean. They go down. Free file sharing sites don’t keep their zips online forever. Sometimes they get scrubbed, especially as they age. If you find a dead link, you have to pray you can find another one for that same game, posted more recently, or else, you have to ask within the thread and hope that your bump will ensure someone generous sees it and provides you with the game. This is the price you pay for using free porn game forums I suppose.

Undertow Is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Online forums are the only times of porn sites that I would consider as good or even better than my own site, because they basically offer the same service that I provide, but with download links and community opinions. I don’t host debates. I share my opinions and I move on. If you like it, great, if not , well, that’s a you problem. I try my best to be impartial when I write my reviews and hopefully I do a good job at analyzing the content in a helpful way. 

With Undertow and the various threads on there you get a significantly more in-depth analysis of most of the content, because you get multiple people’s perspectives all in one go. Plus, they can bitch and moan at each other if they disagree and that’s always fun to see. It’s fun to see what people find bitch-worthy in porn games. They judge this shit like their lives depend on it. I appreciate the devotion. 

Quality is Random as Fuck

Many people means many uploads. Many uploads means a wide net cast. A wide net means you have no fucking expectation of quality across the board. The games you’ll find within one thread will vary from one to the next in terms of quality to the extent that you’ll feel like you’re being actively pranked. Some of these games stand up to triple A gaming titles, others look like they were made as a joke by a couple of college kids with too much time on their hands. 

There’s no consistency. Some of these games are straight up laughable, others are life changing. I wish there was some sort of tagging system with a general way of filtering out the garbage from the gems. No such luck. If you ask for a list of games that feature MILF BDSM, you’ll get all the games that fit that genre, regardless of their quality. You’ll get 2D, 3D, pre-rendered, live and even textual, all in one. This gets a bit tedious with time. Plus, you get a lot of screenshots to preview the games, but the screenshots always show the best parts. Meaning, you might get completely fooled into thinking a game is awesome, but it turns out to be a piece of crap. 

A Communist Porn Game Utopia

Everyone’s opinion matters on Undertow, equally. This comes with ups and downs. Everyone can post, which means dogshit opinions are given the same respect as proper high-quality posts. At the end of the day, this means that you get an infinitely expanding list of porn games to enjoy, but it’s annoying when a ton of the games are just fodder. A lot of these are not worth playing, but you don’t know that until you’ve actually played them. You see the problem?

Either way, Undertow can’t be faulted for this. They’re doing exactly what they’ve set out to do. They’ve created a safe space for annoying perverts to bitch and moan about porn games while they share download links with each other. You get access to all this nonsense for free and who knows? You might just end up finding your next favorite video game on Undertow, if you dig hard enough.

PornGames likes Undertow Club

  • Countless porn games
  • Amazing community
  • Debates and recommendations
  • Free download links

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  • Too many low quality games