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Planet Suzy! Ah hell yeah, hentai games. I haven’t reviewed a hentai game in over an hour. I was beginning to think they stopped making these. But alas, it is not the apocalypse just yet. Hentai games are being produced almost as quickly as The Simpsons episodes. At this point, I’m sure that there are exactly as many Simpsons episodes as there are hentai games in the world. That’s way too many. But alas, the world likes fapping and they like The Simpsons, so I guess I’m out of touch. Anyways, we’re not here to talk about specific games, per se. We’re here to check out what PlanetSuzy has to offer by way of interactive Japanese smut games.

This here section dubbed ‘2D & 3D Hentai Games” is a gigantic part of an even bigger forum that’s here to catalog all the hentai games in the world. It’s a large undertaking, sure. No single website with a company behind it can cover all the games. There are just too many. But, never underestimate the power of a large group of horny men looking to fap. They’re basically an unstoppable force driven by the spirit of their boners. Weebs are scary, man. They run this forum like a well-oiled machine. If a new hentai game comes out, bam, they’ve got it on the site.

Forum Powers

The thing about forums is that other than the actual layout of the site, the original developer has no real say in how the forum itself is organized. Maybe PlanetSuzy named the section originally, but I doubt they did much by way of naming the actual threads. That’s up to the community. So, as this is a place where porn games are gathered, the way that they’re grouped together depends entirely on the people doing the uploading. On the one hand, that makes this a fucking Marxist utopia, on the other hand, good luck sorting by your own personal preferences. The threads you see here are the threads you get, and you can’t change them.

So, if you’re looking for something oddly specific in one thread, tough luck. The games are not actually posted as “games”, they’re forum posts. Meaning, if the dude that put them up there was sensible enough to document them properly and provide a screenshot with a download link, then you’re in luck. If not, you can fuck right off. Or, alternatively, you can find the game elsewhere and bring it to PlanetSuzy to school these fuckers on the proper way of uploading porn games.

A Cultured Lot

So, the people that post the games on here might screw with you if they mismanage the way that they post, but that rarely happens. For reasons that I do not entirely understand, when men discuss porn games online in any capacity, they’re always very dignified and respectful. It’s nothing like the comments you see on porn tube videos. There it’s all, “Oh my god, I’d eat that pussy”. Here, it’s more like, “Ah yes, good sir, we shall share this smut title with you momentarily”. I always imagine them wearing a monocle and sipping tea when I read their shit. They’re just so fucking cordial.

As a result, this entire section feels really well organized, even though it’s all coincidental. There are a ton of threads that have overlaps and don’t make any sense when you compare their titles, but that’s the worst of it. Like for instance, there’s a thread with the best 3D games, another with the top 3D games, yet another with XXX games and further down one for hentai 3D games. What’s the difference between the three? The content within. How do you know which one you should look through? Well, you don’t. You go through one of them at random and switch to another one when you get bored. That’s the thing I hate the most about this kind of layout.

The Best Porn Games

Let’s dig into the very top Best 3D Games thread and see what’s up. Right off the bat, I’m seeing an NLT game. Do you remember them? They made Lust Epidemic. Anyways, the very first game here is one of their originals from back in the day, and the very last, 100 pages later, is… also an NLT game, coincidentally, but it’s their latest, Treasure of Nadia. Everything in between those 100 pages is pretty damn similar. They’re all 3D visual novels with pre-rendered high-quality smut.

I very much like these kinds of games, and I’m glad there’s a single place where I can discover new ones and get my hands on them, but it’s still a fucking mess. What I hate the most is that I can’t sort the games. Take the biggest hentai games thread, for instance. There are over 200,000 posts in here. Assuming they’re all games, that’s… a ridiculous amount of high-quality games. So, how the shit are you supposed to sort through them? How will you even know which of them are worth playing? You won’t.

They’re sorted in order of post-date, because this is a forum. So, if you’re looking for reviews, or top 10s, you’re shit out of luck. You could go for a “favorites” thread, but even there, you can’t sort. So, if the favorites thread grows, you still have to sift through it page by page. It’s grueling.

Third-Party Downloads

Since this here site is basically a place where people come to share games that they did not make themselves, it’s likely that the site would have gotten taken down 100 times over if they actually hosted the games. And even if they managed to stay afloat, hosting hundreds of thousands of games is an insane undertaking. I wouldn’t even attempt it.

So, to circumvent this problem, PlanetSuzy made sure that they remained nothing but a forum, with no actual hosting. Yes, you can post small images for the screenshots, but that’s where that ends. The actual games are hosted on third-party file sharing sites.

I wouldn’t complain about this if they were using more mainstream sites like Mega or Google Drive, but those tend to get taken down frequently, so they’re using sites like Fboom instead. I am not a fan of this approach. Depending on external sites to host your games basically guarantees that you have no control over when the links get taken down. And, it’s not like you’re going to go back and reupload them, then edit your post to fix the link. That would take a painfully long amount of time. So in other words, these games are available until they’re not, and you have no idea when that switch happens.

Great Place to Find Random Shit

As a game download website, this place is shit. As a porn game forum, it’s a work of art. You don’t come to PlanetSuzy to get a game review or a list breakdown. You’ll have to stick to my reviews for that. You go to PlanetSuzy to jump headfirst, blind, into random-ass threads and find something you’ve never seen before. Then, you go to another website to get more information on the game, or you just download it and try it out. It’s an endless barrel of smut, and it’s always available for you.

It’s also one of the most popular forums of its kind, with new posts coming in every single day. There are a ridiculous number of perverts on this site, willing to devote time and resources, making sure that all the porn games that ever get made are available for you to enjoy. I commend them for that.

It’s not like they’re getting paid for their service or anything. This is a completely free site. And, the dudes that post here aren’t exactly affiliated with PlanetSuzy. This is a gigantic forum with a ton of shit that has nothing to do with games. You’ll find a ton of regular porn here as well. So, it’s that much more impressive to see that the smut games section is constantly growing and receiving people’s time and devotion.

I know a lot about most porn games, especially the ones that the public is going crazy about. But, I love browsing PlanetSuzy’s porn game threads in order to find the more obscure shit. These are the kind of games that were either deemed not good enough to receive mainstream attention, or they just never made it to a 1.0 version. Either way, it is the place you want to go when you feel like you’ve exhausted mainstream sources. When you think there are no more games left to play, ask the community, and they shall set you straight.

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