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Anime Sharing

AnimeSharing! I review a lot of these forums where people go to exchange information on porn games. Some of them are torrent sites where you can find direct download options; others are more a place of hanging out and discussing the finer points of what makes a good game. Among them, most try to append “hentai” to their title, probably because they’re in it for the traffic. Then, there’s Anime Sharing. This site really surprised me with its approach to porn games. I really didn’t expect what I found. But, let’s take it one step at a time.

Anime Sharing is a general forum for … damn near anything. Yes, it’s anime-centric, but it’s not like you get booted from the site for asking non-anime related questions. I’ve seen people come to this site to ask other people for advice on proper sexual maneuvers. Maybe their girlfriends complained about their performance, and they’re trying to learn some new moves. Nothing wrong with that. Anyways, what surprised me was that out of all the sites that claim to be hentai game themed, this one would have had the easiest time being a crapshoot of random porn games and calling it a day. Instead, it appears that Anime Sharing is one of if not the biggest repository of actual hentai porn games on the web.

Insane Number of Posts

We’re going to be looking at the Hentai Games section for this review. It’s a very small portion of the overall site, as they’ve got sections for damn near anything you can think of. Within this section, there are almost 192 thousand threads, with over 406,000 posts as of this moment. That number grows very steadily, with each passing day. So, by the time you read this, that section will be even more enormous.

Now, in that section, you’ll find a ton of threads. When I first saw these bad boys, my respect for this site blew the fuck up. On other similar sites that I’ve visited, you’ll get a ton of threads with topics like “Best Porn Games” and “Top Hentai Games”, and they’ll be stuffed with posts of games with download links, but navigating them is a fucking nightmare. You get none of that shit here. There are no top lists; there’s no need for them. Instead, you get nothing but games, in the entire section, one game per thread.

So, does that mean that you get over 192 thousand games in this here Anime-Sharing section? Well… yes. So it would appear. I know, I was dumbfounded too, when I first read the numbers. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I didn’t even know there were that many hentai games in existence. If there’s ever been a site that made me feel like I’m not the best porn reviewer in the world, it’s this one. I have a lot of homework to do. Going through each and every porn game on this site would take a lifetime, though, so I’d have to skim them instead. I don’t think that any single person in the world has played every single one of these games. I knew the Japs were horny, but this is ridiculous.

Land of the Rising Boner

I mentioned that other hentai game sites and sections usually mix and match with games that are more western and modern. Not here. All of these countless games are hentai titles, from what I can see. Most, if not all of them, are also Japanese. That means that for a bunch of them, you’re going to have to get yourself a Rosetta Stone subscription and learn a few common phrases. I’d start with the essentials. Learn how to say blowjob, anal, and deeper. Last time I vacationed in Japan, those three words were most of what the Japanese girls said to me. They also called me a “gaijin” a few times. I think that means “friend” or “sexy dude” or some shit. I’m not sure. Anyways, I know that this might be a problem for some of you. It’s hard to play a game in such a foreign language.

Still, the Japs have always had their fingers on the pussy trigger. They know how to make a quality porn game. Plus, they’ve kind of been at this far longer than we have. Back in the 90s, while the western world was making brothel simulators and Leisure Suit Larry sequels, the Japs were cranking out high-quality visual novels. Those games didn’t require a lot of horsepower, so they entered the industry really early. And, since they also don’t require any upgrades, they’ve been in production every day since.

Sorting and Browsing

Going through these porn games will be very satisfying and also random as all hell. The games are written in their original Japanese titles, with Japanese characters. Some of them have a few translated words, especially the ones that have western nicknames. So, you’ll see a bunch of illegible characters and then an English sentence like “It’s not love, but so where near”. That makes absolutely no sense, and it doesn’t help me at all. I know nothing about this game, but at the very least, I can Google the English title and get some basic information.

Still, browsing this Anime-Sharing section is a nightmare if you’re at all picky. Sure, you can find a random game, download it, and play it. But, what if you want to actually choose what you’re going to play? What if you have preferences and would like to find something specific? Well, you’re kind of fucked. Most of the games are not tagged by genre, topic, or even their developer. Some of them have basic information that was copied off of the box, but that’s fucking useless because it’s in Japanese. Unless you straight up speak the language, you can’t even use the search bar reliably.

Some English Games

I said there were no English games, but I went back to the site and checked more carefully. There are a handful of English games, around 100 of them, to be exact. Not 100 thousand, 100 games, literally. I don’t know if these are even worth mentioning given how few they are compared to the hentai shit, but they’re there and up for grabs anyways. These are mostly games that fit the standard Japanese visual novel style, but happen to be western productions.

These are also the easiest to sort through, but it hardly matters. 100 games don’t exactly need the genre tags. You can just go through them in about 15 minutes and see the screenshots. So, the fact that the genre tags are available on these few games just adds insult to injury.

Downloading These Games

This review’s been a real rollercoaster, and I’m afraid I have to throw you off the rails now. The best hentai game forum in the world… uses random-ass file sharing sites. And, most of those links are already dead. There’s no way to recover them. They’re gone. Hell, even games that were uploaded recently have been removed. These uploaders shared their files across a handful of different file sharing sites, but I guess those sites didn’t appreciate all the free leeching, so they cut the files. So, even though you get a ton of amazing hentai games, most of them are just not available for download. What a waste of quality uploads.

At best, this site is just a great place to find random hentai games if you’re out of ideas. You can sort by replies or views, and that will give you a rough idea of what’s popular, but it’s not that illuminating. I mean, the top most rated game in this section looks exactly like the rest of them and only has like 10 responses from people. And, most of those comments are just questions on how to install the game. There’s no real communication there. It’s all pointless. If that’s the most popular game, then, as you can imagine, the other posts are basically ghost towns.

I have so many mixed feelings about this porn game section; it hurts. On the one hand, it’s the best place to find the largest number of hentai games that I’ve ever seen in my life. On the other hand, there are barely any active download links, and most of the shit is in Japanese. Plus, there are no helpful comments or discussion what-so-ever.

There’s a request section where you can ask for a specific hentai if you can’t remember the name of it, and people will help you out. You can also use that section to get recommendations if you have a lot of preferences, but beyond that, I don’t see how you could use this site to download games. At best, you just use it as a place to find new hentai, then go download it elsewhere.

PornGames likes Anime Sharing

  • Insane number of games
  • High quality hentai titles

PornGames hates Anime Sharing

  • Too many dead links
  • Hard to sort through
  • Most of the games are in Japanese