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Harem Battle Club is a forum for discussing and sharing hentai games. You nerds love card games, harem builders, and auto fighters. I can tell. If you’re not playing fappable versions of these games online, then you cucks are going out and spending thousands of dollars on real-life competitive versions like Magic: The Gathering. It’s insane.

Some of those fucking cards go for the price of a goddamn luxury car. I’m not telling you guys how to spend your cash, but you might want to consider throwing just a fraction of that money on something productive like a gym membership. Or, I don’t know, clothes that don’t look like they’d be worn by a greasy high-school nerd.

But I actually don’t have a card game for you today. I know, I know, what a fucking cock-tease, right? Well, I’ve got the next best thing. Instead of talking to your mom about shit she doesn’t care about, you can chat with a bunch of like-minded nerds over on a forum. Trust me; she doesn’t want to know about your favorite waifu. Discuss your favorite fapworthy deck builders and talk strategies for taking down harder stages. Though the answer is usually to buy into the microtransactions.

Chat With Others About Your Favorite Harem Battle Games! is a forum dedicated to hentai battle games like Armor Blitz, Flower Knight Girl, and Otogi Frontier. There are a fuck ton more, but those are some of the big players. If you haven’t played those games, then I recommend checking out some of my reviews for them before diving in! has been kickin’ since back in 2015 and currently brings in a little over 160 thousand of you horny gamers every month.

It’s a fairly basic looking site as far as forums go. You get that tried and true blue and white theme going on. I got my hopes up for a minute. Down at the very bottom of the site is a theme toggle, but you can only toggle the theme to the mobile site version. It’s still the same damn colors. I hope they add a nice night browsing theme down there for you fucks out there who never see the light of day.

Make a Free Account to Track Threads, Make Your Own, and Earn Reputation

You can register the site if you want to do more than just lurk and mooch off of what everyone else posts. It’s free. It’s easy. All you need to do is plug in a username, email, and password. Having an account is worth it for this site. Not only can you reply to threads and start your own, but you can also earn reputation. It’s basically meaningless internet points, but it still feels pretty good to build that shit up, right?

There’s a header up top for with links to a Discord, Nutaku, an online shop, and a set of wiki articles for some of the games on here. Below the main header is a mini sub-header with some helpful links to the FAQ, member list, calendar, and other boring options like those. You have all of the standard forum tools at your disposal. Mark threads as read, watch certain threads to get updates, and all of that good stuff.

Handy Search Tools Make it Easy to Find Any Post in the Archive

Harem Battle does have a pretty solid search bar for if you’re trying to do a deep dive through posts. You can search by date, keywords, user names, and individual forums. It’s comprehensive as fuck. It makes it easy to find that one thread you saw months ago that may be on the tip of your tongue.

The main page has a simple, standard forum layout. Threads are grouped under a few different categories that run down the center of the site. The right side-bar will usually have an ad and a list of the most recent posts. As far as ads go, barely has any. It’s fucking great. It makes it easy and comfortable to browse the site for long periods of time.

Plenty of Forums...But Around Half of Them are Dead

But let’s get back to the forum list. There are sections for “Games, Eroges, Developer Forums, DMM Games, and Other Stuff.” The first three sections are all active. Each forum has had a post in it within the day. That’s not the case with the last two. Most of those forums are ghost towns.

Hell, the “Artist’s Corner” forum beneath “Other Stuff” hasn’t been posted in since fucking 2017. It’s a shame. A lot of these forums look like they were pretty interesting. There are forums for forum exclusive titles, feedback for developers, and more. The only forum that is even relatively active in this section is the “General Discussion” board. But the most recent post in that one was over a fucking week ago.

There are forums here for certain titles as well as just general genres of games. You can find full forums dedicated to visual novels, free to play games, and indie games. Each forum will have a counter for the number of threads and posts it has in total. You can also view who the last poster was and when that post occurred. That way, you at least know if the forum is active before you get your hopes up.

Most Forums Only Have a Couple of Active Threads

Harem Battle gives you all of that information for individual threads as well. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s usually just the first couple of threads that still have any sort of activity. You go a few down, and you start getting shit that has been dead for years. I mean, that’s not always a bad thing. But it sure narrows the variety of discussions you can have here. I wish there were more people actually discussing shit regularly.

Great Mobile Site!

Despite not being the most active forum out there, Harem Battle does have a great mobile experience. I don’t get why all forums don’t do this shit. Most of you cucks probably browse these sorts of sites on your phone. And this mobile site is one of the better forum ones that I have seen. All of the forums and threads are easy to tap on and read whatever is inside. You can still view attachments, login, post, and do all of the regular shit you can do on the full site.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Harem Battle has a good variety of topics without being too spread out. It’s all about those sweet, sweet hentai games. Most of the threads are focused on harem card battle games, but there are many more topics to check out than just those. This site is a solid source for visual novels, eroge titles, and hentai games in general.

I was also a fan of how clean the layout was, as well as how intuitive the search options were. It is incredibly easy to search for ancient and new threads alike. If you’re looking for a discussion about an old ass hentai game, then the odds are in your favor that they’ll have a dozen fucking threads for you to read through. Especially if it came out a few years ago during the golden age of porn forums.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I wish there was more life to this forum. Discussions are slow. The user base is fading. It feels like the end of an era for this site. I hope that I’m wrong, but they really need to do something to breathe some fresh life into the site before it ends up becoming a ghost town, as many forums have before. After all, there are so many great resources here for you fappers. I would hate to see it all fade away.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a quality forum that offers a pleasant user experience. You don’t get many ads at all. You have some complex search filters for finding the perfect thread. And there is still a loyal user base here to chat about hot harem battle games. I implore you cucks to get on over to this site and check it out. Help bring those numbers back and up, and just maybe this forum will be thriving once more. I highly recommend you horny hentai lovers go and check them out now!

PornGames likes Harem Battle Club

  • Simple site design & theme
  • Barely any ads
  • Advanced search features make it easy to navigate the archive
  • Hundreds of threads about hot hentai games

PornGames hates Harem Battle Club