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Lovers Lab! I met a chick on Tinder recently and thought we really hit it off. She seemed to like video games as much as I do, and was shocked that I was into The Sims. I really thought I was going to close the deal and take her home, but then she got all offended when I asked her what mod she used to make all the characters into naked, horny nymphomaniacs. Maybe all the time I’ve spent on LoversLab has given me a warped view of what “normal” folks want in a video game, because she looked at me like I just shat in her ten-dollar coffee. is a site where you can have exactly the types of conversations that got you kicked out of GameStop, banned from Steam, and disowned by your parents. It’s a thriving community of gamers who also happen to be perverts, and like to mix their passions by using X-rated mods on mainstream games that aren’t typically associated with masturbation. They’ve been around for the better part of a decade and get around 30,000 visitors a day, which is a good sign they’ve got legit treats in store for us.

Turn Your Favorite Games into Porn

I bet some of you freaks are just finding out about modding games. You’ve been playing Skyrim for years, wishing the home of the Nords was also the home of furry beast girls who wanted to fuck your brains out. Maybe you’ve even jacked off to the Dead or Alive series, despite the conspicuous lack of nipples or hardcore anal penetration. If you had the game coding chops or some handiness with rendering, you probably would have made that shit yourself, huh?

The thing is, there are plenty of people with the same fantasies as you and the know-how to make it happen. Modding video games has been a big deal ever since somebody figured out how to unlock the sex mini-game Rockstar had buried in GTA: San Andreas. A lot of original fans of the Hot Coffee Mod have become mod creators themselves, and you’ll find their work on Lover’s Lab.

You’ll feel like Jesus turning water into wine as you turn EA and M-rated games into absolute sleaze fests suitable for adult eyes only, if any eyes at all. The whole idea of it can be daunting at first, since Bethesda ain’t exactly posting tutorials on their website about how to play through Fallout 4 as a dominatrix with a huge ass and tits wearing nothing but a pair of black boots and pasties. One of the major appeals of is that the site is structured to be accessible to both modding newbies and grizzled, hairy-palmed veterans alike.

The site looks more or less like any other Internet discussion board from out front. It’s basic, simple, and honestly looks kind of old-school and boring. There ain’t even any naked broads or CG boners in the header, just a landscape that looks like a screengrab from a totally SFW game of Skyrim. Their forums are broken down into categories like Skyrim, Fallout 4, Oblivion, New Vegas, and The Sims. It’s only when you get into the subforums and individual topics that you realize isn’t just a hangout for gamer geeks, but a pervert paradise.

Learn the Secrets of Sex Modders

It would be simple enough for Lover’s Lab to just set up a forum for each game and leave it at that. The thing is, the site has so fucking much activity that it would be an absolute jumble of shit to sift through. They’ve managed to break it down in a pretty simple and enormously useful way.

Under each game heading, you’ll find forums dedicated to adult mods, non-adult mods, general discussion, and technical support. Yes, they’ve probably got a whole forum of sex mods for your favorite game. Most games also have a specific umbrella mod that enables a ton of in-game perversion, and these will each have their own forum as well. For example, Skyrim has SexLab Framework, Fallout 4 has the Advanced Animation Framework, and The Sims has the wildly popular WickedWhims. If your girlfriend keeps hogging up your gaming machine to play with her CG dollhouses, you may as well make it interesting, huh?

There’s also a section of General Discussions on Lover’s Lab. These are pretty goddamn self-explanatory, and there’s some really useful information here. All of you newbies should check out the Tutorials & Guides forum before you do anything, and the Technical Support board is waiting if you run into difficulties. That last board has over 20,000 posts, so don’t feel bad if you get stuck with something. This is an active, thriving community of modders, and a lot of magnanimous deviates really want to help you get off to your Oblivion foot fetish fantasies.

One of the things you may have noticed already is that the selection of games is relatively slim. If you were hoping to get a blowjob in Overwatch, you’ve come to the wrong place. Most of the games on the list are those Bethesda open-world RPGs, and then forums for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. There’s an Other Games section, but it’s slim, only opening game-specific forums for a handful like Dead or Alive, Rimworld, and Paradox Games.

There are mods for other games out there, but LoversLab doesn’t do the deep dive into all the obscure games you can add incest scenes to. The Sims and Bethesda’s games are the most popular among modders because they’re relatively easy to modify into interactive fuck-fests and BDSM dungeon simulators. There is a fair amount of activity on their catch-all General Gaming board, but the bulk of porn-mod content on any site is devoted to these games.

Tons of Free XXX Mod Downloads

Some of you might have been modding for years, or maybe you just have the technical confidence that you’re ready to just skip to the good stuff. I feel you, friend, and so does Lover’s Lab. It’s simple as hell: just find your game, find the Adult Mods forum, and then click on the Downloads subforum. I make it sound like three steps, but it’s really just one click from the front page.

The site is a forum, so you can see all the mods presented in forum posts. As with other forums, the threads with the newest posts are at the very top. At first, I thought this might be a shitty way to present them compared to LoversLabs’s list/database view. Then I realized, forums might be a really good way to find the best shit. You’ll see the very newest and most popular mods first.

There’s a thread at the top of the Skyrim Adult & Sex Mods Download forum about a mod called Paradise Halls Enhanced. The mod itself is a few years old, having been initially posted here in 2016. The thread is at the top because people were talking about it as recently as 10 minutes ago. Not only that, but they’ve been talking about it steadily since it was uploaded. With over 4,000 replies, it’s obvious that this is a wildly popular mod that I should check out. Then again, SOS (Schlongs of Skyrim) has a couple thousand more replies. I guess I know what I’m doing during the coronavirus lockdown.

Lover’s Lab also has a more traditional list view for their collection if you hit the Downloads button in the header; the list has thousands of free XXX mod downloads for your favorite games. This view is best for Sims fans looking for something specific, like sex animations or enhanced body parts, but the indexing is otherwise pretty minimal. You can choose adult or regular mods for each of the Bethesda games, but there are no filters to get more specific than that. The forum view at least includes all the feedback from people who have tried the mod, which I feel is a really valuable resource. is a valuable resource for any gamer looking to turn their sandbox RPG into a masturbatory playground. They’ve got a massive selection of free mods available for The Sims and Bethesda games like Skyrim and Fallout, and hundreds of mods for smaller games. Not only is their collection of mods one of the best on the net, but their community of modders and gamers is also one of the most active in the world. You can learn, interact, and even request new mods to help fulfill your nuclear apocalypse orgy fantasies.

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  • Limited game selection