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I’ve reviewed a lot of websites like Viper Girls in the past, and I’ll never get tired of talking about them. These are the kind of sites you need to bookmark and keep coming back to. They’re not there to entertain you or to get you coming back for more. No. They don’t need to market themselves. They’re invaluable tools for finding smut. You go to ViperGirls when you need to, not when you want to. This website might look like a porn repository at first, but that’s not quite what’s going on. Sites will rarely give you a ton of smut for free, especially from third-party sources.

The amount of smut available on this website is mind-blowing. You’ve got enough content on here to jack off for several lifetimes. It’s physically impossible to go through all of this content. Hell, even the people running the site don’t know everything they’ve got on offer. The idea is that this is a community-driven site, for the people, by the people. They’ve been growing like wildfire since 2007. If you factor in that they’ve been super popular since day one. Well, we don’t have to do the math. They’re huge. They’ve got damn near every piece of smut under the sun.

The Power of Community

I’ve never gotten political on this site, and I never will, mostly because I don’t give a shit, but also because this is not that kind of site. But I have to at least tease at how communist or socialist this website is. I don’t know which of those is the correct technical term, but think of it this way. If one person has a particularly sexy piece of smut, he can share it with the people, not losing anything himself, but helping everyone else gain. Then, those people further share it to everyone else, and suddenly, you’ve got a game that’s being shared by hundreds of people, so anyone can get their hands on it at any time.

This basically guarantees that ViperGirls has one of the largest game databases out there, among their competitors. Sure, you can look up specific games in a regular search engine, then look for a download link manually, but why would you? With ViperGirls, you’ve got yourself a singular website that brings you all the smut content in the world, in one place.

I have to say, though, it’s a bit of a letdown that they rely so heavily on file sharing sites. Those sites have to send the files to every single person that wants to download them. It’s a waste of power and resources. With torrents, the smut is shared between everyone equally, so no single kilobyte goes wasted. Free pussy gets broadcast all-over the place, and there’s no need to keep it on one server. It truly is the way of the future. Unfortunately, you don’t get that kind of service here. You’ll get a link, or two if you’re lucky, for the game that’s posted, on a file-sharing website. You’ll also have to pray that they offer high-speed free downloads. It’s kind of sad.

Smut Game Sharing

ViperGirls was originally a smut-general forum. People got together to share any kind of smut with each other, and the usual go-to were DVD movies and clips from popular websites. That’s usually the kind of triple-A shit that moves porn sites forward. But, it wasn’t long before the porn gaming industry caught up, and people started thirsting for some interactive pussy action. I don’t care what you say, touching a pussy, even by proxy, is always better than watching someone else play with it.

The first giant hentai games boom featuring the now ever-popular visual novels happened around the year 2007, the same year that this site launched. So, it’s no wonder that these types of games have been dominating ViperGirls’ gaming section since day one. I personally don’t like visual novels nearly as much as the more action-based stuff, but the people have spoken. The weebs always seem to be at the forefront of smut-sharing, and they define the trends. I have nothing against this, to be honest. If I’m not in the mood for hentai games, I just look for something else. Though, given how many there are on this site, I kind of wish there was a switch to hide the visual novels entirely. They outnumber other games 10 to 1, at least.

The PornGames Section

The section you’re looking for, which I’ve conveniently linked for you, is fucking huge. Like the rest of the site, this right here is a forum board. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of boards being used to share smut games. With porn videos, this layout kind of works. For example, you could open a post that says it’s all about high-quality anal sex videos, then scroll through the screenshots and pick your favorite, or just download them all.

Most of the posts in this section feature more than one game per post. This is because the community likes grouping them into genres or by the developer, if that developer’s got a ton of games. There are also general threads that people make of their personal favorites. So, you can have a post that’s titled “Best Porn Games”, and then another one right after stating something like “3D Porn Games”. There will be a ton of overlap between the two. You’ll find the same games in both, but the posts are not identical. This makes browsing ViperGirls a bit of a chore. If it weren’t for the search bar, you’d be fucking lost.

Finding the Right Porn Games

Smut games are not cookie-cutter carbon copies of one another, they’re very different, even when they’re made by the same developer. Granted, there are screenshots, but the games are usually grouped together by genre. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, if you consider that mainstream genres are different in porn games. RPG, for instance, doesn’t mean the same thing in a porn game than it does in a regular one. If Akabur’s Witch Trainer an RPG game, or is it a visual novel? You do role-play as a character. You upgrade stats and reach new levels. Does that mean it’s officially an RPG, or is it more of an adventure point and click game with dialogue? Who’s to say?

My advice for browsing ViperGirls is two-fold. First, try to find a user on the site whom you agree with. They talk a lot so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a like-minded pervert. Then, follow through with all of his posts and find the smut that he recommends or has uploaded.

Or, if you don’t want to get personal, then you’ll have to accept that the community knows best. Just sort the damn posts by most replies and see what’s got everyone talking. When you’re on this site, you’re very much a victim of consensus. You won’t see the weirdest porn games or the best porn games; you’ll see the porn games that everyone is talking about.

If you want to branch out of that kind of grouping, then you’ll have to use the search bar to look up a more specific genre. Looking for the best porn games and keeping it vague is going to send you down a rabbit-hole of infinite results. If that’s your cup of tea, then by all means, go ahead.

What’s Popular?

Most of the games I’ve reviewed on this site so far can be found on ViperGirls. I didn’t get them from there, mind you. I do independent research to get my finger on the pulse of the entire porn gaming industry. So, the fact that ViperGirls happen to have all of these games on blast just proves that they know good gaming.

From the top, you’ve got a ton of hentai visual novels. Hell, they seem to have all of them. At least, they have all the ones I know and think are good. I checked, they’re available for download. Then, there’s the 3D modeled shit. You know these games, like Lust Epidemic, Treasure of Nadia and the like. They’re supposed to be the next great stage of porn gaming, before we move on to properly rendering these types of tits on the fly instead of watching them in cutscenes.

Then there’s also a bunch of tiny ass games from almost 20 years ago, until this day. Every single worthwhile flash game or tiny RPG Maker production can be found on ViperGirls. The best part is that the site is so active that you can constantly keep coming back to see what’s fresh in the porn game industry. I mean, you could just come back to me, I am the best in the business. But, I’ll admit, even I can’t compete with a world’s amount of porn game-loving geeks coming together to find the best smut games.

PornGames likes ViperGirls

  • It’s gigantic
  • It keeps growing every day
  • It’s entirely free to use

PornGames hates ViperGirls

  • They use file sharing sites too much