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Fenoxo Forums is an Active Forum Dedicated to Fenoxo’s Games. Looking for a place to vent? I know you fucks have a lot of shit on your minds. And, honestly, I couldn't care less about any of it. I get hundreds of emails and messages where you betas just go on and on about some bullshit that I don’t care about. If it’s not about hot babes or kinky games, then it ain’t for me. But I’ve got a place for you to offload some of your opinions, hot takes, and arguments. A forum. That’s right, forums are still alive and kicking on some sites. And I’ve got one that you horny gamers will love.

Most of you have probably heard of Fenoxo at this point. He’s the twisted fuck behind the massively popular erotic text games Corruption of Champions, Corruption of Champions 2, Trials in Tainted Space, and Fall of Eden. If you haven’t heard of those games, then you should get acquainted with them...after reading my reviews on them, of course. You can’t be going in totally blind. But just know that all of this fuck’s games are focused on corruption, extreme fetishes, and monster rape.

Incredibly Active Forum Full of Lively Discussions

You can find the Fenoxo forums over at And this site does really fucking well for a forum. It brings in nearly 900 thousand of you horny gamers every single month. It may not be the longest-running forum in internet history, but it’s been around since 2015. You can find a ton of archived discussions and shit to keep you occupied forever.

The site is pretty nice on the eyes. It’s got a dark grey theme with yellow accents. You can easily browse this site in the middle of the night without frying your eyes. But if you really need that light theme, then you can find a toggle at the bottom left of the site to switch the lights on. Doing so shifts the tone of the site to your classic white and blue forum design.

Make a Free Account to Contribute to the Forum and View Kinky Art

I’d recommend making an account if you want to actually take part in the forum. I know lots of you fucks love to lurk, but come on and get out there! Talk about your favorite furry rape scene from Corruption of Champions or something. It’s free to make an account. You just need to confirm your email, and you will be all set. Having that account lets you comment, make your own threads, and track all of your forum stats.

From there, the entirety of the forum is at your disposal. Let me give you eager fucks a rundown. There are some general boards for announcements, general bullshit, and mainstream games. These boards are pretty straightforward, and you can talk about SFW games in the mainstream games board. The general bullshit board is for anything and everything that’s not gaming related. Talk politics, discuss events, argue about best waifus, or whatever bullshit you want to talk about.

Talk About All of Fenoxo’s Hottest Games in One Place

Then there’s the adult games section. There is a separate board for Trials in Tainted Space, Corruption of Champions I & II, Fall of Eden, and a final section of any other adult games out there. These are the boards you go visit to discuss bugs, submit events, ask questions, formulate strategies, or sing the game’s praises. You can also talk about mods and other unofficial resources here.

The final section of the forum is the “Helldump.” This is where you talented betas can flex your creative muscles. You can submit artwork, fan fiction, creative writing, or you can dive into a naughty roleplay with some other fucked up member of the forum. It’s called the hell dump for a reason. There is some fucked up shit. But, hey, this is where you go to fap if you’re looking for the material. There are thousands of threads of fetish-filled stories, images, and much more.

And there are hundreds of threads in every single of the sections I just mentioned. You can find dozens of them that are active and still being replied to. It’s easy to get a thread of your own started as well. There aren’t any clunky controls or anything like that to fuck around with. Throw a title on there, add your description, and slam that fucking post button. It’s that easy.

It’s also pretty easy to customize your profile. You can throw some quick bits of personal information on there, as well as update your profile image. You can feel free to shoot messages out to other users. Who knows, just maybe you’ll find some slut on here willing to talk about kinky fetish games with you.

Fap to Hot Fan Art, Fanfiction, and Much More

You do need to be signed in to view these kinky images, so make sure you have that free account. Otherwise, you’re basically cock-blocking yourself. I don’t see this on many other forums, but nearly every thread here is active. Most threads have been posted in within the last few hours. It’s insane how active this forum is. You can expect replies, discussions, and all that good shit to keep you busy. It’s a great forum for posting your artwork or fan fiction for feedback as well.

The forum has some solid user features on top of great content and discussions. You can add threads to your watchlist so that you get updates whenever someone posts in them. The same goes for entire boards. For example, you can get updated every time new artwork is posted. You can also search through the entire forum to try and find posts containing certain keywords or members.

Handy User Features & Search Bars Make for a Great Browsing Experience

Off to the right of the main page, you can view a list of latest posts, currently online users, and a quick list of forum stats. Aside from the two base themes I mentioned way up top, you can use advanced controls to fully customize the style and color scheme of the site to your personal preferences.

Solid, Ad-Free Mobile Experience

The mobile version of the site is just as good as the desktop experience. You can painlessly take your arguments, discussions, and fap material on the go with you. The text is easily readable, and all of the menus are tucked away beneath handy drop-down menus. You can log in to your account and stay up-to-date with all of the shit going on here with ease. It’s also worth noting that you won’t see a single fucking ad on desktop or mobile. I wish more sites would follow this forum’s lead.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I like that the forum is active. I know that doesn’t sound like a high bar, but it really is. I don’t know how many forums I have seen that have just been stapled on to the rest of a site as an afterthought. They’re usually cesspools with no moderation, barely any active users, and threads that have been dead for years. It was a nice change of pace seeing a forum with users that actually gave a shit about what goes on in it.

I also liked that there was a fuck ton of hot art and stories to jerk your dick to. I don’t go to forums for the riveting discussions. I got to nut to some hot artwork and stories that I won’t find elsewhere. And this forum has a fuck ton of that sort of content.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Oh, man. As far as forums go, this is one of the better ones. It doesn’t even have any fucking ads. I don’t think I can drum up any major or minor complaints about this one. It’s a forum that functions just as intended. Yeah, I’ve got nothing on this one. Let’s just keep this shit rolling and move on.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a great forum even if you’re never played a game by the guy. It’s a forum with a large, active community of horny gamers. You can’t ask for much more than that. You get a solid user experience with all of the bells and whistles that you could possibly need in a forum. There’s fappable artwork, open roleplays, and plenty of active discussions. I highly recommend you cucks give this forum a visit!

PornGames likes Fenoxo Forums

  • Large
  • active community with no dead boards or threads
  • Customizable user experience
  • No ads!
  • Lots of fappable artwork & kinky fanfictions

PornGames hates Fenoxo Forums

  • Nothing yet!