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This Romantic World

So yeah, here we go again with another erotic game review, fappers. This time around, I’m going to be taking you to my personal journey (lol), with This Romantic World. No, not this romantic world, you idiot, This Romantic World, the game from the popular comic book series. Now, if you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, then hold tight to your dick because we’re going through the drain of making this game a mainstay in your fapping experience.

I’ll tell you this motherfucker: This Romantic World may be one of the best games that I’ve reviewed this year, and that’s saying something because I’ve done a lot of erotic games reviewing in the last twelve months. It’s wonderfully created, the storylines are great, and the sex scenes are done with top-notch attention to detail. What more can a lonely incel ask for, huh?

Something is exciting about a comic series coming to life. That, I think, is This Romantic World’s greatest asset. For those who follow the comics, it’ll be a treat. For those who don’t, it will give you great fapping material as well, but I say, comb through the Internet wilderness first and look for the comic. It’s not that hard.

Read it - without fapping, of course, but I won’t hold you to it since if I’m going, to be honest, it’s going to give you major chubs. But yeah, you get the point dick wad, familiarize yourself with the comics first, so you'd better be acquainted with the game. If you find that too much to do, I won’t judge you - and sure, you’ll enjoy the game fine without learning about the comics, but...whatever floats your boat, man, because now I’m rambling.

Anyway, for those in the know, though, they did the comic series well. So if you’re looking for the next best thing to play when you just want to kick back and looking for great fapping material as well, get This Romantic World now. It’s free to download on both PC and Mac, and the updates are regular.

The download’s a bit heavy at half a gig, and in my case, I had to wait for at least 3 hours to fully download the game since I opted for the slow download version. The hosts of the download site make you go through an elaborate process of signing up for better download speeds - you know those asshole sites - and I ain’t got no time for that, so the slow download speeds it was.

I just want to get it out there because I know most of you will opt for what I did as well. Free shit and all, right? So yeah. What are you waiting for incel? Be ready to choke that dick with this game!

The Game

This Romantic World is a place where women are as sexual and open like the sluts that they should be but are not condemned for it. In fact, in This Romantic World, the ladies are celebrated when they go out and explore their places in the society (read: fuck their way to figure out what they want in life, lol).

The world of Reinbach is reminiscent of a utopian town with human problems - there’s school, marital, career, and social problems. There’s no main bitch here because everyone’s equal, so you get to play and see whoever these bitches will play with. You, the player, are in high school, right, much like where the comic story left off.

This highschool’s population outnumbers guys 3-to-1, and while it’s not an official and explicit feature, there’s a feeling that the women and girls rule the entirety of the premises. Guys are expected to do things for the women in exchange for sexual release. You are given a task - that is, to find a higher purpose. To do that, you are partnered with a spirit goddess. Then, sexy adventures ensue.

That’s all I can say about the game without spoiling it to you motherfuckers. But if you know what’s good for you, start your splooging, and you’ll find yourself leveled up. If you’re a fan of girls drenched in your nasty boy fluids, I’ll tell you right off the bat: this will be your game.

What Did I Like About The Game

One of the major things that I was really impressed with This Romantic World is its gorgeous artwork and animation. Switchverse Games really did a wonderful, romantic (Get it? Because the title…) job, and that’s saying something because these motherfuckers had jobs to do in the day, and this was a passion project for them.

I’d say kudos to these guys because what they’ve accomplished is far better than most stupid dress-up erotic games that major game studios are churning out. I’m not saying dress-up, fuck the bitch games are whack, because the big guy above knows and some of you here who’ve read my other reviews also know that I’ve jizzed buckets with those games when I played them before.

What I’m saying is, more and more dress-up erotic games are becoming a bore, and characters and animation are for shit. This Romantic World isn’t. You can tell by how the characters are made, and the actions and animations are done to them - and yeah, I meant the bouncing on the dick, the creamy pussies and the pert butts and huge boobies.

I’d even go out on a limb out here and say that I’ve enjoyed the not erotic parts of the game as well. It’s that good. The gameplay is not challenging, and rightly so because who wants to be strategizing when you have gorgeous gals all around you? That’s right, gay nerds. And that’s not even an insult. Because you know, yay rainbow! But yeah, what I want in a game is have it easy enough to be played with one hand while the other things.

Another great thing that I noticed is that every character is fleshed out. And not that kind of flesh out, you pervert. I mean, they’re fleshed out yeah, but I also meant every character has their own motivations. They know who they are and who they’re not and not just cookie-cutter versions of people. It makes the game more interesting, and because every chick has a timeline, you’d see each differently. That’s why you’d be more excited when they take their clothes off and get freaky.

What Didn’t I Like About The Game

The thing that stuck out to me like a sore thumb when I’m playing-fapping to this game is that because there are so many characters, jumping from one storyline to the next can be exhausting. Dude, like truly confusing. The storylines could’ve been tighter. You know, more coherent and all that shit. I don’t mind it in the greater scheme of things since I’m the first to say I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, and I’ve been glazing over things my whole life.

Other than that, there’s really no other thing than I deemed less than optimal. Listen here, your dick wad, I’ve been reviewing erotic games since I figured out they made me money and when I tell you that I’ve seen some less than stellar games, I meant games so unplayable and cringe-y you’d wonder why it’s even existing. Like when you see a random person and just think to yourself, “The big guy really made that, huh? What a mess,’’

I’ve played those games, and reviewed and dragged them to hell where they should be. This Wonderful World is not one of those games. So yeah, minor hiccups on the storyline here and there, but still, one of the best games I’ve played this year so far.


You know what I’m gonna say, but I’ll say it anyway: I think the game will benefit more audience if the download’s a little bit more streamlined. Not gonna say how the devs will do that because fuck if I know, but there’s gotta be a way somehow that’s faster and more user-friendly. The game could use some ironing out story-wise, but that’s nitpicking on my side. All in all, I’m so impressed with this game that these recommendations are almost all cosmetic changes!


I will reiterate what I’ve been saying the whole review: This Wonderful World is a dope game. So dope in fact that you’d be creaming your shorts in the first five minutes of playing it. Less if you’re a horny, pimply teenager masturbating away for the night. Get it, get it, get it! I can’t recommend it enough. Every incel that’s obsessed with erotic games should play this one!

PornGames likes This Romantic World

  • Each character has a storyline
  • and not just a shitty storyline
  • Animations are muy bueno
  • Smooth gameplay
  • The artwork is one of the bests in terms of details
  • Looks and plays like a game that’s well thought out
  • The sexy situations (I mean
  • of course)
  • And let’s not forget
  • the “physics” of the sex

PornGames hates This Romantic World

  • Download speeds
  • Big-ass download file
  • The storyline could be better
  • Artwork may not be everyone’s cup of tea