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The Spellbook

Ah yes, another one in the long line of high-quality 3D visual novels with pre-rendered scenes. It’s the way of the future. The Spellbook is one of those games you’ve been seeing crop up for the past five years or so that try to skate the line between sexy and uncanny valley with 3D models that look as realistic as they look plastic. It’s a golden mid-ground that we have to settle for, because it’s apparently fucking impossible to render a realistic looking woman without also giving her a bad case of doll face and I mean that in a bad way.

Either way, The Spellbook appears to have a large following of loyal fans and the devs are making some amount of money on Patreon – enough to at least keep the game in development for the time being. They’re following the same pattern you’ve seen before, in that they’ve released a playable demo that has very few scenes, but they feature high-quality penetration. And yet, the full version is probably years away. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess whether this game will ever see the light of day. I’m staying positive. The Spellbook might not have taken the world by storm, yet, but the devs really seem to care about the work they’ve put in and they claim they want to work on this baby full-time, ideally. So, does The Spellbook have the potential to be the greatest porn game ever made? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s dig into the finer details of the smut.

Sexy 3D Scenes

If I had to give this game’s 3D visuals a rating, they’d be somewhere between Lust Epidemic and Being a Dik. In Lust Epidemic, the women all look like their faces were molded out of salvaged ear wax, then smashed with a brick for good measure, but their tits are godlike, so we all just sort of accept that that game is one of the best visual novels ever made. In Being a Dik, you get the best, hottest bitches ever put onto a digital canvas, period. This game is somewhere in between the two, with the main babe being a super-hot 10, but with a face that’s… a bit hard to love, from certain angles.

The game’s art quality is extraordinary, in that it’s oddly inconsistent. I mean, you can see it in the screenshots. There will be some shots that have had so much care put into them that they absolutely blow me away. I want to rip my dick clean off just watching one frame; I don’t even need to click on to the next one. The babe looks gorgeous; she’s giving you the bedroom eyes as if to say that she’s dying for cock. It’s all very glorious. Then, in the next scene, she’ll make this face like someone’s just squirted lemon juice straight into her mouth and onto her vagina and she’s trying her best not to scream in agony, so she forces a half-smile. You can see this terrifying face on the bottom of your screen whenever she speaks too. So, she’s hot one moment and terrifying the next. It makes for a bizarre disconnect, from scene to scene.

The Story

All right, let’s pump the brakes on the smut talk for a while and talk about the story. You play as some random ass dude with no redeemable qualities. You are a self-insert protagonist, a piece of cardboard. That’s exactly how I like my porn game protagonists. Simple and forgettable. It helps me immerse myself into the story. Anyways, you discover a magical spell book and you’re not quite sure what it does or if it even works at all. So, you do the most sensible thing you can in that situation – you use the spell book on your mom. Sorry, I meant to say "landlady". You use it on your landlady.

You then realize that this might have been a bit of a miscalculated move, as she suddenly becomes a cock hungry slut who’s hell-bent on hoovering up every last drop of cum in a five-mile radius. But, your character is an optimist and he decides to make the most of the situation. He’s going to pimp her out for tricks. Why? Because it’s hot to watch her get dicked by a ton of random dudes, I guess. Though, the game kind of lets you go one of two ways with this. You can develop a relationship with her and play it like some sort of romantic teen drama, but with rape magic. Or, you can straight up just have her fuck her way through a procession of cocks. I honestly don’t know which of these is better, since you get smut one way or the other, but it makes the game worth replaying so, I’ll take them both.

The Sex Scenes

On the downside, the sex scenes play themselves, so they’re quite literally scenes and not exactly part of the gameplay. On the upside, this game has no real gameplay other than the few choices you make along the way, so who the fuck cares? You get to see a lot of sucking and fucking and a ridiculous amount of cum. The cum, for some reason, looks like straight cow milk. The dudes in this game might actually be lactating out of their pee holes. That’s how fucking milky it is. But, I managed to get over it.

The sex scenes are scorching and they get pretty damn depraved at times. Shit starts slow, since your voodoo magic isn’t powerful enough to demolish the babe’s self-control all the way. You have to ease her in, gradually. But, as shit ramps up, she does increasingly fucked up shit. Eventually, she becomes the perfect cock-hungry whore and the sex scenes are damn amazing because of this. You do actually get other babes in this game, but the main chick is the most developed one so far. I guess they’re kind of going to make this more of a dating sim as time goes by, but for now, you’re mostly playing this game for your mom.

Incest Maybe?

Ok, I’ll fess up – I think this is an incest game. Or rather, I think it was an incest game, before they patched the damn thing so that they could make money on Patreon. Why do I think it’s an incest game? Well, the damn landlady lives with you, for one. When’s the last time you’ve heard of a super-hot single landlady living with her young and horny tenant? The landlords don’t live with you, dumbass, that’s the whole point. This chick is obviously his mom, or maybe his sister. Plus, they do this all the time; they take the mom character and turn her into a friend or acquaintance so that the big wigs at Patreon turn a blind eye.

You might even be able to find an incest patch for this thing if you look hard enough. So yeah, this is a game in which you use a spellbook on your mom and gradually turn her into the perfect whore. Or, you turn her into your girlfriend. This is apparently a popular genre of gaming nowadays. Whatever. The current version calls her landlady and I’ll just roll with that. I don’t need any of that mommy shit. Plus, the game’s really hot regardless, if you don’t count all the weird faces that crop up here and there.

The Future of the Spellbook

I have no idea where this game is headed. On porn gaming forums, people are already ranting and raving about how much they enjoyed it so far. There’s also the odd bunch that complains about the graphics or the lack of original writing. I don’t get their problem. It’s a game in which you get to see cock go into pussy. That’s literally all it takes to make a good porn game. You can’t screw that up.

I’m guessing since the studio behind this game is slowly ramping up the Patreon pledges, they’ll probably work on the game a lot faster in the future. Who knows, they might even wrap it up in a year or so. I’m staying optimistic. The Spellbook is clearly going to be one of those 3D porn games that’ll remain on everyone’s list of top-quality must-play titles that you have to try at least once. As for returning to the game for a second play after you’ve cleared it, I doubt there’s any point. Until they release new content for this bad boy, I’ll give it a rest. I’ll come back in a year and see if they’ve added new pairs of tits into The Spellbook. If that’s the case, then I’ll whip my dick out again and do another review. Fuck it.

PornGames likes The Spellbook

  • Great graphics
  • Simple gameplay
  • Witty dialogue

PornGames hates The Spellbook

  • Isn’t even close to finished