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The Northwood Lair

The Northwood Lair is an Incredible, HD, 3D Porn Game by Stratovarius. Why do most 3D porn games look janky as fuck? I just can’t do it. Those dead eyes, stiff bodies, and bolted on tits always creep me the fuck out. But I’ve been on the hunt for something better. There has to be a high-quality 3D porn game out there with lifelike babes, hot fuck scenes, and tons of fetish content.

It turns out there were more than I thought. You cucks are pumping these games out like crazy. But I think I found one that rises above the rest and has the potential to be one of the best 3D porn games on the fucking market. Bold claims, I know.

I think you’ll agree with me that these claims are pretty well-founded when you get your hands on the glorious, kinky fuck-fest that is The Northwood Lair. This game is in the early stages of development. Stratovarius launched the project back in 2017 and has since been adding loads of new features and scenes to it all the fucking time. This is a 3D style game that will blow your damn minds with how good it looks and how fapworthy the scenes are.

Consider Donating to Stratovarius’s Patreon for Future Fap Material

I’m getting ahead of myself. You need to know how to get your greasy hands on this game. You can find some free downloads out there on the usual sites. If you like the game and feel like dishing out some dosh for more fap material, then a measly $1 a month donation to the creator’s Patreon page will net you the latest versions of the game. If you like The Northwood Lair, then you’ll likely want to check out the other projects this horny fuck has cooking. He’s even got a VR title in the works.

It’s hard to pin down exactly what The Northwood Lair is. There are a few different options that you have when launching this game. There’s a story mode, free-play, and an RPG mode. Don’t worry; I’ve got the rundown on each. Before we get to those, I need to mention how badass the opening to this game is. It launches in Unity and looks fucking amazing. The graphics, audio, and overall design is next level shit. It’s well worth the 3.3gb file size.

Mind-Blowing Graphics & 3D Models of Sexy Vocaloids

The story mode is still mainly being designed. It’s more of a combat tester to give you an idea of what it will be like. You just endlessly fight some cuck who is trying to bring about the apocalypse. Again, the graphics are amazing. It looks like a fully-fleshed out game that you’d buy off the fucking shelf. The combat is turn-based, with some Legend of Dragoon elements thrown in, meaning you have to perfectly time your attacks to do more damage.

RPG mode is also still being designed. It’s a completely separate experience. You play as Hatsune Miku in a side-scrolling adventure where you run through the bowels of a sex dungeon. Again, this is just a proof of concept type deal. There is no story or anything like that. You run around and watch as your fellow Vocaloids get brutally raped by buff henchmen and monsters.

Oh, yeah, it’s worth mentioning that most, if not all, of the babes in this game are Vocaloids. I know some of you cucks go wild at the thought of them, so you’ll likely be fapping to these bitches in no time at all. You can find each and every member of the Vocaloids in this game at your disposal.

Free to Play is the Only Fleshed-Out Mode of Play

That leaves free-play. Free-play is where you get the most content out of the game in its current state. You play as some overlord who has captured a bunch of Vocaloids and uses them for his dark desires. No story has been added in yet, but you have a fuck ton of things you can do and a whole town that you can go explore. Everything is done via your mouse, so you can always have a hand free.

You can take your Vocaloid to the bondage chamber and view a variety of different BDSM fuck scenes. You can take your Vocaloid to the prison cell where you can fuck them or make them fuck each other. You can bring your Vocaloid to the Arcanium, where they can get raped by a swarm of insect creatures. And those are simply the options that you have in your lair.

Completely Control the Scene With a Dynamic Camera & Multiple Positions

Each scene gives you the option to speed it up or slow it down. You also get full, dynamic camera control. Spin around, zoom in, pan out, and view the sex scene from any angle you want. Play around with different poses, combinations of sluts, and fetishes.

You want your hot bondage slave Luka to grab Miku’s head and shove it down over some meaty cock? You can do it. Do you want futa action with Luka where she fucks Miku? Sure, fucking go for it. There are so many different combinations to play around with.

You can teleport to town and watch as slutty babes are gangbanged in back alleys. There are Vocaloid whores in full latex suits who will fuck themselves for your enjoyment. You can use prostitute slave bitches to pleasure yourself. Really, there are a fuck ton of scenes for you to fap to even though the game is still trundling along through early development.

Hot Visuals, Quality Audio Effects, and Fluid Animations

Let’s talk about the porn. You already know the visuals are insane. But this game doesn’t stop with fluid, HD, nut-bustingly good animations. You also get quality audio of these babes getting absolutely ravaged. You get every single wet slap, grunt, and moan that you could possibly want. Throw some headphones on because you are getting dynamic audio that throws you right into the action. I see why this fuck started making VR games. He’s got a knack for crafting immersive experiences.

There’s only a little of it, but the voice acting in the game is damn good as well. It’s in Japanese, so you weebs will be going fucking wild at that. But you also get English subtitles. There’s not much to say as far as writing or story goes. The game doesn’t have much of either yet. You can read a short prologue to get an idea of what will happen in the story, but none of that matters yet. It’s all kinky fap material right now.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Fuck, I liked nearly every facet of this game. I know, what a big surprise. I’ve only been fawning over it for the entire dawn review. Seriously, it’s not often that I come across a game with this much potential. The developer has made a quality product and is continuing to actually work on it. It’s a once in a lifetime event.

But the game is hot as fuck. I don’t even fap to 3D shit that much and found myself having a good time with this one. The visuals are on a whole new level of quality. The sound effects are sexy, and there is a fuck ton of fetish content. This fucker is even making two separate game modes for you to enjoy.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Keep the content coming. My only suggestion is that I want more of this shit. Give us a story mode. Add in more scenes. Add voice acting. Keep that side-scrolling game in the works. I just hope this doesn’t become yet another abandoned project that stopped before its full potential was realized.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, The Northwood Lair is a game that all of you fucks need to keep your eyes on. This shit is going to be huge. You can quote me on that. It’s a must-play for any of you cucks looking for a new experience. Hell, I didn’t even know what a damn Vocaloid was before this game, and I still had a good-ass time. Trust me; this will be a noticeable step up in quality from whatever the hell you were playing before this. I highly recommend you all go give this game a download!

PornGames likes The Northwood Lair

  • Insanely hot visuals and fluid animations
  • Dozens of kinky fetish scenes
  • You can fully control the camera
  • poses
  • and characters in the sex scenes
  • Sexy sound effects and quality music

PornGames hates The Northwood Lair

  • It’s not done yet!