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The Awakening

What if you found yourself lying in a hospital bed, and you don't literally know what the fuck happened? Your first probable question would be: Where am I? What happened? Why am I lying in bed? You commonly witnessed this kind of scenario in various dramas on TV, and when you are lost in the middle of the show, you wish to be the protagonist, solving the mystery behind your coma.

Have you heard of a peculiar adult game that can make you a protagonist as what you have usually seen in dramas? If you haven't heard about it yet, well, better lend your dicks here, motherfuckers. I, your best companion when it comes to the greatest sensual games will introduce you to this game that will fulfill your desires. Be the protagonist, solve fucking mysteries, and meet numerous sexy girls along your journey. The awakening game is available on your Android devices, and Dude, I advise you to download it right now.

Why Should You Play The Awakening Game?

Well, if you like some drama-like plot in your life, but couldn't make it because you are just an ordinary asshole, laughing every dull joke that your friend tells you, I will highly recommend this game for the satisfaction of your desires. The Awakening is basically a game with an adult theme where you can play as the protagonist. The first set of the game is in the hospital, and you found yourself lying there without any fucking idea why you and your ass are there. Bro, you were in a coma for two years.

As the protagonist, your main task is to know the reason why you were in the unconscious stage for two years. The game used Ren'Py graphic engine, which allows you to enjoy its bright and modern-theme graphics. You have to find out why you get in the hospital, which is a scenario that reminds us of various drama scenes and novels like The Nine Princes of Amber by Roger Zelazny. To be the leading character and solve the central conflict inside this coolest game is an honor for those novel and drama fanatics. So, put your butts up, asskissers!

The Awakening lets your hungry soul adventures to different "unknowns" and offers you the most significant opportunity to meet those scantily clad girls in your dreams. Thus, if you are a type of person who cares nothing but his own ass, The Awakening is the suited game for you. And, if you are looking for a specific game with Electra and Oedipus complex themes, this is the game you are looking for to satisfy your id.

Requirements For Download

If you have Android phone 4.0.3, Dude, it is a sign that you should download The Awakening right now. I fucking promise--in the name of my big dick and seductive abs--that this game will surely make you addicted as you lost in the middle of the plot. Who says that you can't live inside your dreamland?

If you are finished downloading the game and annoyed because you couldn't install it, the problem is not in the game. Holy grass! I guess you forget to activate the "Unknown sources" that can be found in your Settings. Oh, how pathetic you are! Your eyes are not just made to watch pornographies; it should also be concerned with the essential features of your phone. Damn, wake up!

Don't tell me that you don't know how to activate the "Unknown sources" of your phone? Well, if you don't see that it is not a problem. Let me teach your hand how to masturbate...I mean, how to allow "Unknown sources." The first thing you must do is to go to the "Settings," and when you see "Application" there, click it right away. Lastly, you will know what you are looking for, and that's it, Dude, activate the "Unknown sources" to install the game.

Basic Gameplay

At the start of the game, you will meet the gorgeous nurse who took care of you during those two years you are in bed. Same with your amusement on her beauty and curves, she will be amazed that you finally wake up. Bro, I'm telling you that if this nurse exists and seduces you in real life, she will replace your girlfriend or wife, but I'm not hoping you to do this.

While conversation keeps ongoing, the two choices will pop up: say something or keep staring at her breast. The decision is in your hands. You have the freedom to choose as you have the freedom to masturbate, but if I were you, the best choice would be the latter because who knows what this conversation will bring. I like talking especially to cute girls, and I always made their fucking hearts flattered, and you know what? I made them fall.

What I Like About the Game

The Awakening has great modern graphics that makes you totally lost in its world. It consists of amazing transitions of the story that will fuck you so hard. I played The Awakening inside my room, the door closed and lights off, and my soul lost into the "unknown" as I witnessed the transition of the story in every part.

I met different female characters like my sister, nurse, doctor, and my most favorite one is the fairy. The fairy has supernatural powers and will be your best companion in cleaning your tits and solving your case. She is like Thinker Bell from Peter Pan, who needs your attention and love, or else, she will not survive. She can teach you different magic spells for your adventure to the mysteries.

What Are Some of The Features That Make The Game Boring?

Despite its great transition in the story, there are few things I fucking hate about the game. I hate the long conversation between the protagonist and the other supporting characters. I like reading novels, but the game is different from it. I want it to be direct with its real intention. I know a conversation is necessary when it comes to this type of play, but I hope that the creator also minds that the gamers might get bored after reading long sentences, and the possibility is: they will skip those parts until they forget the essential details.

I should say this: some keyboard key functions are very dull. As you go along with the game, you will have to follow instructions on how to play it and get bored with how some keyboard keys function. I played it once, and I was annoyed with the "up and down" function keys like Dude, are you serious? This is an adult game, not for a five-year-old child.

Your data might get lost if you suddenly exit the game without saving your progression. So, better keep it before making your exit to continue the plot. It will largely consume your storage space. Thus, if you only have eight storage on your phone, better play outside.

Private parts are censored. Maybe it is okay for you, but for me? It is definitely not. I watched hundreds of pornographic videos and witnessed different sex toys and positions; thus, I want to get everything out of the game. I want to experience it fully with no censored parts, and this will be so fun. It will always make my dick raise its head.


Great story plots, dick-satisfying female characters, and excellent graphics never stop me to ask for more. I like the gameplay, but some instances made me disappointed. Some of the features need improvement that should make me laugh with tears someday when I have the chance to play its modern and improved version. Yes, assholes, I am hoping.

For the developer, I hope you will improve the function of the keyboard keys. What I fucking mean is to make it more fun and challenging. Friendly instructions are okay, but when it is too easy and plain, it makes every gamer bored. The entire gameplay should activate their mind as they are really tired of sitting all day while playing with their balls. It's a mind-draining errand.


Choose your choices wisely. Like in reality, assholes, you will be punished with your bad intentions and doings. It can be an ironic game, but this will reveal some messages that every human being should know. Respect and treat each other appropriately. I do not know if you will believe this, but I hope you are. At the end of the chapters, you will gain some necessary morals.

PornGames likes The Awakening

  • Great Graphics
  • Great Story Plot
  • Seductive Female Characters
  • Composed Of Different Parts
  • Easy to Follow Instructions

PornGames hates The Awakening

  • Too Long Conversations
  • Your Improvement In The Game Might Get Lost
  • Censored Private Parts
  • Short Chapters
  • Boring Keyboard Keys