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Suddenly A Party

Have you ever wanted to throw a party with a bunch of alcohol, your hot young sister, and a few of her sexy, scantily clad friends? Before you get yourself thrown on the sex offender database, let me tell you about Suddenly a Party. It’s a pornographic visual novel and dating simulator that lets you live out a scenario like the one I described, only with considerably less risk of incarceration and the brutal ass rape that entails.

Suddenly a Party is a game with a rabid and horny following. There are literally thousands of fans giving monthly donations to the creator on Patreon so he can continue developing this game and new ones. Before you close this tab, I should point out that, despite the donations, Suddenly a Party is a completely free game. There are no in-app purchases, and you can download the Windows version or play it on the web without busting out your wallet. For this review, I’m loading it up in Chrome.

A Work of Fiction with Legit Grown-Up Adults

The game can be played in English or French, selectable at startup. I like how the American icon wears sunglasses and holds a shotgun, while the French dude wears a beret and holds a goddamn baguette. I wonder what the game designer’s trying to say.

The warning screen assures players that Suddenly a Party is a work of fiction, and everybody is above the age consent, “even those that does not seen to be or act accordingly.” The game doesn’t endorse any drugs or illegal acts, which is a damn shame because I’m pretty hopped up on goofballs, not to mention wigged out on Quaaludes, and I’d like to fuck my sister.

I clicked the Accept button because I have a feeling this is one of those cover-your-ass things. It’s kind of like how premium taboo sites never use the word “incest”. In Suddenly a Party, we’re meant to believe you’re a grown adult living with your adult sister, having parties full of horny adults dressed like teenagers when your parents aren’t around. I guess it beats being a friendless virgin neckbeard who never leaves the basement.

You’re Just a Regular Guy with Hot Sisters

The game opens with me laying in bed. I’m Tom, “a regular guy living a regular life.” I’m single, but my parents “had a bust”, so I’m staying with my older sister and my younger sister. It’s unclear if my younger sister normally lives with me; I’m guessing this game was originally in French, and this is the translation; otherwise, it’s just kind of bad writing.

My first choice in the game is whether to oversleep, oversleep, oversleep, or just oversleep. I opt for the first listing for oversleep, though I don’t know that it would have made a difference. It gives me some weird shit about broken destiny, and then somebody knocks on my door. Hopefully, it’s a naked sister or something.

After a few more clicks, I’m still unsure who it is. Somebody tells me in all caps about how I need to get the door, then my prone body, which hasn’t moved at all yet, turns yellow. Then my body disappears, and I’ve got a couple of arrow buttons on the screen that I can’t figure out what to do with. I click around, trying to make something happen.

When I click the computer, I get a message in broken English saying there’s no time to use it. This random-ass observation progresses the game that tiny bit I needed, and now one of the arrow buttons is lit up, and I can click it.

If this game wasn’t so wildly popular, I might have given up immediately. That’s some pretty sloppy, amateur level of tomfoolery, with bad writing and sloppy programming. This game has a massive cult following, though, so there must be something to it. On we go…

Show Your Sister Your Morning Wood

Now that the arrow keys were unlocked, I could go across the room and look at my closet. The game tells me it’s a good idea, so I don’t answer the door in my “boxes” with a raging hard-on, but a few clicks later gives me the option to just go ahead and answer the door with my “Bonner” showing. These motherfuckers don’t know me, huh? Excuse me—I meant sister-fuckers.

Well, it turned out sissy wasn’t all too enthusiastic about seeing her brother’s pecker peeking out of his underwear. She got all pissy, and I awkwardly covered myself as I apologized. She basically accuses me of wanting to bang her or our young sister, an allegation which I cannot deny. She storms off, and I retreat back into my room with my tail between my legs.

I go back to the closet and get dressed. After that, I try to leave the room again. Susie, my older sister, who was just giving me shit about being a creeper, has apparently not left the goddamn hallway and has been standing outside the door the entire time. Busted red-handed acting like a total fucking weirdo, she accuses me of taking too long.

I take the opportunity to gawk at her hot body. Suddenly a Party gives me the option to stare at her face, tits, pussy or ass, or just look at her clothes like some kind of deviate. I try to take a look at her twat, but it’s all shadowy under her skirt. The game doesn’t explain how I’m seeing the angle it shows me, but dude must be on his knees, looking up his sister’s skirt. Fortunately, she doesn’t freak out, mace him, and call the police like what happened at last year’s family Christmas gathering.

After gawking at my older sister, she sets the scene for later. She’s going out on a hot date, and I have to stay home and watch my younger sister. She’s insistent that no parties be thrown, though you immediately think this is a great time to throw a huge party where you finally get a girlfriend.

Spy On Your Sister with Friends

Our dude invites his buddy over, ostensibly to play Xbox. Friendo is less of a pussy, though, so he immediately starts talking about getting my sister and her friends drunk and fucking them. He insists she’s legal, and I definitely believe him. Why else would my other sister ask me to take care of her? It just sounds like a loving and totally normal, healthy, adult family dynamic.

This is arguably where the game begins, so naturally, I tried to save my game. Unfortunately, that feature is only available in the Windows version. I got an error message telling me to download the said Windows version. Now you tell me!

One of the frustrating things about Suddenly a Party is that sometimes it’s really unclear where you’re supposed to go or what you’re supposed to do. After my friend Cameron sent me a text offering to pay me for various nudes, I spent a few minutes clicking around in vain, trying to find my way out of what seemed like a loop. I didn’t want to get into the walkthrough, though one is helpfully provided on the game’s website. The obviously anticipate this shit happening.

I wander the house for a while, looking at shit as I looked for some way to move the story closer to the titular party. One thing I did notice was the level of detail they included. There are a lot of rooms, which hopefully translates to a lot of different places to fuck my sister when the time comes.

Speaking of, after wandering around the house for a while, I found my younger sister lounging on a couch in the living room. I gawk at her individual parts like I did with the older girl, and then it’s time to have a conversation. Topics of discussion? The game gives me options like Carrie’s day, her boyfriend, sex, or virginity. Or you can just go all out immediately and ask if you can take a pic of her naked.

There’s a lot more going on in Suddenly a Party than just the titular party. Incest fans are in for a rich, detailed plotline full of taboo perversion, provided you make the right decisions. The game is popular enough to rake in the Patreon bucks, though it’s entirely free to download or play online.

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  • Visual novel and incest dating simulator
  • Patreon supported (free)
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  • Hot cg siblings and friends

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  • Bad english