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Research Into Affection

Research into Affection is a 3D Incest Porn Game by Boomatica. I know you sick fucks have jerked yourselves raw at the thought of getting freaky with your own family. Just own up to it. You get bullied by all the hot girls at school who won’t talk to you. Who is always there for you? Probably your mom. Maybe your sister. Has your gaze lingered a tad too long at her cleavage? Have you snuck glances of your sister’s plump little ass as she got out of the shower? Have you “accidentally” walked in on one of them while they were fucking themselves? Don’t worry; your secret is safe with me. I’d say this is a no-judgment zone, but you and I both know that would be a lie.

But it doesn’t matter that I think you’re fucking weird. I’m here to give you quality fap material, and I would be remiss if I didn’t tap into the ever-growing market that is incest. That’s why I’ve got a game for you fucks called Research into Affection. It’s a game by Boomatica that has been in and out of development since 2016. Mostly out of development. This game has been restarted more times than an opioid-addicted hooker’s heart.

The game has a Track Record of Stalling & Being Restarted

The project seems to be forever stalled at version .6.3. There have been occasional updates and shit, but who knows what this project will be like going forward. You can find a public version of the game over at, or you can dish out $1 a month on the creator’s Patreon to get access to the latest build. But that’s enough about the development. Let’s dive into the actual game and see what kind of kinky shit you cucks will be fapping to.

You start off as some cuck who wants to be a game developer. You’re making a game about corruption and 3D fucking. You manage a Patreon and you...wait a fucking second. Did this son of a bitch actually self-insert himself into the game? You play as the creator of the game. Except in this fantasy world, he’s actually finished it and is raking in the dosh.

Incest Game Focused on Being a Perve Around Your Mom and Little Sister

You also live in a house with your mom and little sister. The game does this weird thing where you have to plug in the two letters after “m” to determine her role in this game. It’s like it’s trying to give you an out so that you don’t have to jack off to incest, but what the fuck else would you put? You only get two letters. It’s fucking weird. Just embrace the fact that you’ll be rubbing your micro-dick raw to the idea of fucking your mom’s brains out.

You’re thrown into the house and let loose to do whatever the fuck you want. All you have to worry about is making a little cash and trying to get in your mom’s and sister’s panties. Easy enough, right? You’ll get passive income from your in-game Patreon page.

Earn Cash to Spend on Spy Cams and...Nothing Else Yet

You can use this cash to buy spy-cams and place them around the house. Eventually, it looks like you’ll be able to take people out on dates and spend cash that way, but most of the locations in town haven’t been added in yet. You can visit your mom and sister at work/school, but there’s not a whole lot that you can do there yet. Most of the sexy action happens in the comfort of your home.

This game is very passive. I wish there was more that you could actually do. Talking and spending time with your mom, and little sister will raise their affection. You don’t get any dialog choices or anything that can really influence their view on you. If you spend a few days chatting with one of them, their affection will rise to the max, but there’s not any corruption going on as far as I can tell.

Occasional Lewd Scene, but the Game Lacks More Explicit Incest Scenes

Sure, you get some 3D-style lewd scenes. You can peep on your mom as she rides a bright pink dildo. You can grope your little sister’s ass. You can rub lotion on your mom’s ass as she sunbathes on the patio. But you’re not turning any of them into cumsluts who crave your meaty cock. I couldn’t find a single fuck scene.

I think it has to do with the relationship level counter. I can’t raise that fucking thing for the life of me. Maybe it hasn’t been added in yet. Hell, you can’t even browse porn on your computer yet. What kind of bullshit is that? And there are other characters that you can meet at your mom’s office or your sister’s school, but you can’t romance them in this version of the game.

Decent Animated Peep Scenes & a Good Mobile App Version

At least the lewd scenes you do get a kind of animated. You’ll get short loops that play at a pretty low fps. But I don’t know if that will be enough for you incest-addicted fucks to fap to since there isn’t any actual incest going on aside from your character being pervy. It’s a very softcore experience that probably won’t get all of you horny and ready to go. There’s such an unfinished feel that pervades through the entire experience.

You can take this experience on the go with one of many Android app versions that are floating around. There are fan-made and official ones. I found the official one to work fine enough. Sometimes it wasn’t completely clear how to click on shit since you usually hover your cursor over items to see if they are clickable, but you get the hang of it pretty quickly. Though, it is a pretty beefy file at around 1.5gb for this game.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

The game is fun to play with the content that is there. You do get some genuinely lewd scenes when peeping on your mom and sister. Hell, you can even watch them piss in the morning if you’re into that gross shit. The foundation for the game is good. The writing is average. The music is okay. I don’t know. Nothing about this game wowed me. It was a perfectly fine experience. It just needs something to take it up a notch and make it worth the fap.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

This game needs a lot of work. The story is sub-par. The characters just do the same shit every day without any sort of events to mix things up. But, most importantly, there needs to be some actual corruption. This game claims to be a corruption game, but I searched far and wide and came up with nothing. I maxed out those affection meters. My little sister and mom should be fighting each other for the opportunity to choke on my character’s dick.

The game could have some better animations, 3D models, and better writing as well. Fuck it, throw some voice acting in or something. There’s a lot that could be done here to bring this game into the same playing field as the bigger players in the genre. It’s a lackluster experience as it is, and I don’t have high hopes for improvement with the creator’s on-and-off development history.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Research into Affection falls a bit short. It has high aims of being a kinky, corruption-based incest game, but you don’t really get any of that kind of content in this game. I still don’t get how the title of the game plays into things either. Regardless, you may still find some fap material here if you’re into soft-core peeping tom type porn. I wouldn’t recommend going in for the paid version of the game until you play the demo. But, who knows, maybe this fuck will surprise me and come out with a huge update that makes all of my complaints go away.

PornGames likes Research Into Affection

  • 3D art style with softcore incest porn themes
  • Easy to pick up and play with very few complex features
  • Free demo lets you try before you buy
  • Some decent
  • lewd animations and peeping scenes

PornGames hates Research Into Affection

  • No corruption themes like the game claims to have
  • Very limited scope of things to do in-game
  • No full sex scenes
  • Unfinished project that will likely never be finished