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My Neighbor Is A Yandere!?

Fresh out of Patreon’s best porn games ever, we’ve got Maranyo Games’s My Neighbor Is a Yandere. I’m just going to call this game "My Neighbor", because I do not want to spell out that nonsense over and over again. However, other than the ridiculous name, this game is bursting with quality. It’s got an extremely original vibe to it, and I can’t rightfully compare it to any other game in the genre, even though it comes with a ton of similarities. It is a visual novel dating sim with the standard fanfare. There’s one girl in this game, as far as I can tell, and I got no problem with that. They’ve really milked the format for all it’s worth, and they’ve brought you an amazing video game experience that just keeps on giving.

Pocket Pet Bitch

This game seems to have been planned ahead as some sort of mobile game. I could get technical, but the truth is, the game is in a vertical layout, and that just looks better suited for phones, plain and simple. I can’t prove that this is what they had in mind. I sure as hell haven’t read their developer blog. But, the game isn’t a mobile exclusive, you can play it on any device you’d like.

That being said, I think you absolutely should play this game on your phone, because it has all the makings of a Tamagotchi, with tits. Do you remember Tamagotchi? You know, the pocket pets we used to have in the 90s, where you had to feed the damn thing once in a while to make sure it doesn’t die. Well, that’s more or less what you get here, but you feed your pet cum and also it’s not a pet, but a really hot E-cup having hentai babe.

Plus, unlike the dinosaurs you’d get on the damn pocket toys, this bitch actually talks back, a lot. And, there’s depth to her. I’ll dig into the shit she does and says in detail, but let’s just say that much like an onion, this girl comes with layers. And, unlike an onion, this girl could very well send you to the ER with severe trauma.

The Anatomy of a Yandere

What the fuck’s a Yandere, you might be asking yourself. Well, it’s a Japanese word that weebs have adopted into common usage to describe a woman who is equal parts normal and completely fucking insane, so like, a regular woman. One minute, she’s sweet and cuddly, the next minute she’s brandishing a knife like a weapon and staring at your gonads with glee. Did you ever hear the term “Don’t stick your dick in crazy”? Well, this is roughly what they had in mind.

A Yandere’s the type of chick that will initially seem like a safe bet, a normal person. Then, when you get to know her, something snaps, randomly. It could happen at any minute. Suddenly, her gaze is a lot more menacing. Her posture, a lot more combative. Her desire to murder you in your sleep, much more visible. Apparently, this is also the hottest shit since both Betty White and sliced bread, so what the fuck do I know about women.

Leave it to weebs to romanticize literal fucking bipolar disorder mixed with vibes of schizophrenia. I mean, I like pain play in sex as much as the next guy, but when the kitchen knives make it into the bedroom, I very much crank out the safe word.

Extensive Gameplay

It’s always great when game developers manage to cram in a ton of content into a straightforward gameplay mechanic. The game’s just a visual novel, plain and simple. No special controls, no RPG mechanics, no micro-transactions. Hell, other than a couple of bonus costumes for the crazy bitch, there’s nothing to do other than talk to her. But, my God, there’s so much crammed in there.

The story keeps you constantly engaged, because you never really know what this bitch is going to do next. I mean, the title flat out tells you that she’s deranged, but women are fucking unpredictable even on a sober day. Have you ever tried saying no to a woman? I don’t recommend it. The backblast could leave you decimated.

Anyways, you don’t say no to this bitch in this particular game. It’s more of a mix of flirts and getting to know her, while you slowly peel away the layers of crazy.

Great Graphics

Again, they’ve done more with less. There’s not a lot of art in this game, but the art you do get is pristine. It’s original enough to not look like a standard hentai, but with enough Japanese vibes to keep the weebs in check.

All right, let’s move on to the sexy stuff. You definitely get to fuck this bitch six ways to Sunday, but there’s a big if. You get to fuck her if you have the $5 version from the developer’s Patreon. Otherwise, you get the free version, which is available to everyone, but is completely safe for work.

This isn’t like one of those Nutaku titles that have a child-friendly version of their games in order to cover their spread. It’s more of a marketing strategy, to be honest. They want you to try the free game, get to care about this bitch, and grow a deep need to see her naked. That’s how they get you. I have zero problems with this marketing model. I mean, the game’s fucking huge and it’s definitely worth more than $5. At that rate, it’s a fucking steal.

The sex scenes alone are worth the money as a hentai. They’re super high quality, with the exact same style. No downgrades, no interruptions. The interface doesn’t change; the whole thing flows very smoothly.

The Story

The story’s an absolute gem. It starts off simple, with a nod to Stephen King’s Misery. You wake up from a seven-year-long coma to find yourself being taken care of by the aforementioned Yandere. With no memory of who you are or what happened to you, you’re terrified, and you hope that your caregiver can be trusted. You regain some of your memory, enough to recall that this girl is, in fact, your neighbor. Or at least, she was your neighbor before you went under.

She explains that you now live in her house and that you cannot leave. She intends to keep you there forever. There’s not a lot of originality here; the story doesn’t come with any twists and turns. You’re pretty much making the most out of a bad situation. But, in a porn game, it works just fine. Plus, this bitch is a lot hotter than Cathy Bates was in Misery. If she were fat and old, this would be a horror title, not a smut game.

The Sound

Ok, this is probably the only bad part of the game as far as I’m concerned. There’s basic and repetitive music throughout, and it really does grind on me something fierce. Then, there are the voice-overs. There are no voice-overs, technically. There are some sounds here and there, but you get no actual speaking, unless you’re playing the Japanese version of the game. And, I’m not even sure about that. I read that on the Patreon somewhere, but I don’t know how to actually get that version, so don’t quote me on that.

Beyond that, the sound is… well, non-existing. The game doesn’t have any action, so there are no real sound effects. It just sorts of moves along slowly and gradually. With the right music, especially accentuating the girl’s various crazy moments, this could be a real 10/10 gem.

When a free game with great reviews and a huge following comes out, you know you gotta try it out. Yes, you don’t get the smut with the free version, but try it out. The story is exactly the same. You can tack on the smut later for as little as $5 if you want to. The world is your oyster. Plus, you can check out some of the higher tiers for even more goodies.

Some people have criticized the game’s simplistic narrative, but I personally found it to flow smoothly as fuck. I don’t want a porn game to challenge my perception of the universe. I want to jack off. It’s not too much to ask. Granted, the Patreon isn’t too successful right now, but I have a lot of hope for these guys on the art style alone. If you’re looking for a porn game development team that could really use the shekels, you found them.

PornGames likes My Neighbor Is A Yandere!?

  • Fantastic art
  • Tons of dialogue
  • Interesting story
  • Hot ass bitch

PornGames hates My Neighbor Is A Yandere!?

  • Sound is grindy