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Midnight Paradise

We’re never going to have enough high-quality 3D rendered porn games in a western style. This approach to smut gaming is the kind of next-gen future we looked forward to when I was a kid. Back then, everything was 2D, and the concept of playing with titties on our computers was nothing more than a fantasy. Today, we’ve got a huge number of creative 3D modelers coming out of the woodwork to have a go at proper 3D modeling, and most of it seems to be focused on perfecting the nipple. I’m joking, of course. Obviously, they model the rest of the woman as well. But, I’d like to focus on the nipples. It’s how I tell whether a particular porn model is good enough.

Today, we’re looking at Midnight Paradise, an open-world branching storyline visual novel that is held aloft entirely by the powers of its amazing 3D models. There’s a lot to be said about the game, but if you’ve ever played it, the most memorable parts will be the 3D models and how ridiculously hot they look. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

A Homely Story

Some porn games go out of their way to mask the fact that the main character might be related to some of the bangable chicks in the game. I’m not sure if they do this for legal reasons, or they’re trying to avoid criticism. Thanks to this trend, words like step-daughter have slid into the industry and pretty much taken over the incest and fake-incest subgenres.

You get none of that bullshit with Midnight Paradise. If you’re the kind of pervert who’d like a long-ass, hot ass video game in which you get to fuck actual family members, this is the game for you. They hold nothing back. Hell, it’s even more perverted than you might think.

Usually, these types of games start off the family members with a bit of emotional detachment combined with some unnecessary sexual tension. In other words, they set it up so that the characters absolutely do not act like actual family members. Have you ever had Christmas dinner with your folks? Remember the amount of sexual tension in the air? That’s right. There was none.

Well, that’s the approach that this game takes, which just makes things that much creepier, when you think about it. They start off like an actual, normal family, bickering about nonsense that no-one cares about.

A Loving Family

You’re sitting at the dinner table with your hot mom, your even hotter sister, and your dad, who in other, more sensible porn games, wouldn’t even be a part of the story. He’d be away on a two-week fishing trip or something. Well, in this game, you get the whole shebang. He’s yelling at you about the family business or some shit. Apparently, he doesn’t think you’re man enough to live up to the task of inheriting the family business, so he’s giving you a hard time.

I’ll admit, I was barely paying attention to him, as I was busy staring at the amazing pairs of tits that were on-screen throughout this exchange. Even when they were fully clothed, the chicks in this game seemed to take my breath away. I was hard from the get-go.

Anyways, this is the kind of fictional family that really makes you feel at home, because they constantly seem on edge and very angry at each other. It’s basically the polar opposite of sexual tension. They seem to have a genuine hate for each other and their lives.

Sneaky Sneaky

You quickly get over the fact that there are important things happening in your life that you should be paying attention to, because you are a horndog. So, you have ample opportunity to sneak around the house at night, to jack off above your mother and/or sister while they’re sleeping, play with their underwear, and so on. It’s the kind of freak shit that makes sense at the start of the game, before you get to something more serious.

What really gets my goat is that in other, similar porn games, the chicks are unreasonably horny, so it makes sense that they eventually want to bang you. They’re also usually lonely, so they’re an easy lay. In this game, they act like real women might, at the start. That’s to say; they don’t give a flying fuck about you or your cock. You’re their relative; they don’t see you in a sexual way.

Well, the game derails that sensible train quite quickly, by letting you expose yourself to them and showing them that you’re very much into the idea of some homemade smut. Once they see your cock and realize what’s going on, a switch seems to go off in their minds. They’re no longer sensible family members. No, now they’re cock-hungry whores. This transition makes no fucking sense to me. Like, if they were going to make no sense at all, why not have them be this horny from the start, or at least have the main character roofie them or something. Disclaimer: I don’t condone the existence of roofies in the real world, but in a porn game, they’re a great way for a bad writer to get out of a rut.

RPG Elements

The game is an open-world exploration experience, complete with a map and several locations for you to explore. I love this kind of approach to what are basically 3D dating sims, if you think about it. Yes, there’s a non-sexual story and several sub-plots that have you banging all the chicks, but you’re essentially free to pursue them any way you’d like.

So, even though the game is a dating sim at its core, it comes across as an open world that you can become invested in over time. The actual playtime is really long, and you basically have every reason to look forward to future updates, since they add more content.

I’m pretty sure that you don’t even have to start the game over from scratch every time they add new features. Your save files should transfer just fine so that you can just pick up where you left off. That’s the kind of porn game universe building I can get behind.

Redeeming Titties

I’ve gone through a lot of firsthand fan reviews on this game, and the people are very much divided. On the one hand, you’ve got players who were flat out pissed at how senselessly the story derails into smut-ville. On the other hand, there are those that were so rock hard playing this game that they flat out didn’t notice that the story made no sense what so ever. Let’s talk about their perspective a bit.

In short, if you only care about hot 3D tits and asses and you don’t care how you get your hands on them, then this is the game for you. The 3D porn model world is so saturated with bullshit chicks that give you uncanny valley vibes. The girls in this game are on the opposite end of the spectrum. They’re hot; they’re bangable, they’re the kind of smut you want to print out and hang on your wall. Every single sex scene in this game looks amazing. So, if you’re looking for high-quality 3D porn and you don’t give a flying fuck about the story, dive right in. You’ll enjoy yourself.

This is exactly why I said at the start of this review that this game is being carried by the quality of the smut. The artist behind Midnight Paradise knew how to draw appealing chicks. And, he clearly dumped a lot of hours into this game, since there are way too many scenes to even count. I’m not just talking about the nude stuff; there are 3D renders all over the place.

Patreon Love

This game, like many other 3D porn winners, is funded entirely thanks to Patreon. From what I can tell, the developer, Lewdlab, is super active, and the community seems to like him or her. With almost 3000 backers, you can bet your ass they’re making the big bucks. There are three tiers of $1, $10 and $15 per month, that come with a ton of extra content and goodies for real fans of the game.

Plus, it’s not all just extra content every month. You even get new kinds of content. Right now, I see they’re trying to gather enough money to fully voice the sex scenes so that the chicks moan while you bang them. It’s a small addition to the game, but it makes a huge difference in my book. Hearing chicks moan in pleasure is easily among the best parts of my week.

PornGames likes Midnight Paradise

  • Hot ass titties
  • A lot of girls
  • Open world gameplay
  • Constantly improving features

PornGames hates Midnight Paradise

  • Story’s pretty weak