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How do you even review a site like Lewd Corner? It’s an F95 clone with a stronger focus on curation. Is that a bad thing? Fuck no. F95 might be the Wikipedia of porn gaming, but you don’t go to Wikipedia to find fun shit to do, do you? You could, but it would be a drag, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Curation is the key word here. LewdCorner is doing the hard job of finding actual worthwhile games for you to play, instead of you having to dive into a fucking database. This wasn’t so necessary back in the day, when porn games were an eccentricity and the only real industry churning out regular titles was located in Japan. Those were the shit old days. Today, we get fresh porn games on the fucking daily. Hell, there’s too many to count.

Enter LewdCorner and the dude behind this site who calls himself Crowley. I rarely if ever talk about the actual owners of porn sites when I do my reviews, but the only way this guy could market himself any harder is if he mandated that everyone that visits the site has to download a 1TB zip file containing nothing but pictures of his cock. Seriously, this dude is damn proud of his name, his site and his general involvement with porn games. You can’t spend a damn second on LewdCorner without seeing this guy’s name. I have decreed that this is in fact a good thing. Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

The Personal Touch

There’s a fine line between a site owner being personally involved and them trying to amass a cult to feed their ego. This here Crowley fellow falls under the former, not the latter. I did my research. This guy’s not here to stroke his ego to an audience. He’s just personally involved with the curation and setup of the site, given how young LewdCorner is and how much work there is to be done. He’s essentially making himself available and transparent so that the people visiting this site know that he cares. He gives off productive vibes, not controlling ones.

This is what I like to call the perfect degree of personal touch that a site owner should give a forum of this kind. Just to be clear, this site is technically a forum but it’s also technically a game curation site. There’s some overlap. Get over it now, because I’m going to be mixing and matching terminology down the line. The bottom line here is that the site’s owner cares and it shows. This place is extremely fucking promising. I’m blown away.

David Vs. Goliath

There’s something to be said about a small-time webmaster trying to compete against websites that have been around for decades, especially within a field of pornography that is in itself very old and has a lot of legacy. Porn gaming has been around for longer than most of us have been alive and sites like F95 have cemented themselves as the paragons of porn game curation simply by having the most participants. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy at this point. F95 are the most popular because they are the most popular. It’s tautological, you understand?

This puts LewdCorner in a bit of a rough spot. The site is already successful enough to justify its own existence, but they make all of their money off of donations. They don’t run any ads. This means that for now, any success is valid, but in the long run, the site should be looking to expand or at the very least up its profits to a point where it’s self-sustaining. Is this place self-sustaining yet? I have no idea. I just hope that whatever financial motivation is necessary to keep this place afloat has already been reached.

The Curation is Law

There’s only one way for a small-time porn game forum to rise above the competition in terms of curation and LewdCorner very much hits the mark. The method is simple. Instead of roping in every single porn game that exists in efforts to document every possible title, focus on the quality releases within particular genres first and make sure to give them exposure so that people can find them easily. Then, the secondary and more disappointing titles can get tacked on later, quietly and without attracting a lot of attention. The older mainstream porn game sites go the opposite route. They try to document every single porn game in existence. This is great if you want to have a long-term library, but it doesn’t do much for popularity.

Lest I give you the impression that Crowley is the only one posting on this site – the community is very active and these random dudes are doing a great job at bringing in the quality smut. This ties in well with the site’s overall design. When dealing with games, the site knows to display them in a different way. What I mean is, the general forum looks like an actual forum. There are textual threads. But when you browse for games anywhere on the site you see thumbnail previews with titles and genre tags. The images also do a decent job at showing you what you can expect to see within the games, though it’s always best to check the gameplay yourself. The images aren’t a guarantee but most of the time they’re descriptive enough to capture the overall vibe of a particular title.

Getting the Games

Two words: external links. Are you surprised? Of course, this porn forum isn’t going to host games on their servers. That would make no sense. No-one does that in this day and age. Instead, the games are available on external file sharing sites like Mega or what have you. Each game has several links up in case you have a preference or one of the links dies. Either way, you’re looking at fast download speeds and general ease of access.

As for game updates, well, that’s the part that really impressed me. This is why I believe that LewdCorner is going to survive. You see, the main reason to avoid these kinds of budding game curation sites is that they rarely have the latest version of a game available for download and that can really ruin your day. Imagine downloading the latest release of a porn game and only figuring out that your version is outdated once you get to the end of it. Then, you have to go back online and find an updated file from a different source. It’s a nightmare. Well, LewdCorner does a fantastic job at actually keeping the game links up to date so that if a certain game gets an update, you automatically end up with the latest link. Given how frequently porn games receive new versions, this is paramount.

What’s Popular

Let’s segue a bit from LewdCorner’s overall quality and check out their content. Let’s see what they consider hot shit. Surprise, surprise, this place is littered with Ren’Py titles. Look, I don’t have a vendetta against Ren’Py. I know it’s a great and reliable game engine and it’s super popular in the porn game world because of its simplicity. What gets my goat is that Ren’Py games all feel exactly the same. Well, most of them feel exactly the same. Summertime Saga manages to squeeze some originality out of the engine, but every other game on the list is just … a visual novel. You click through images and there’s text on the screen. This format isn’t inherently bad, but repetition will make anything taste gross. Hell, fuck the same supermodel enough times in a row and she’ll start to feel moldy.

You’ll also see the same 3D models reused across different and completely unrelated porn game producers, simply because they’re popular and free for use. That being said, in terms of genre, there’s more than enough variety on here. I’m seeing all kinds of different games that are all definitely worth playing. No matter your preferences, you’ll find a porn game to suit your style. There are many realistic 3D games and many hentai style games as well as a few in-betweeners that look cartoony. There’s something for everyone.

All Hail LewdCorner

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with LewdCorner having a link to my site in their top bar. I am always impartial. I told you, they’re currently small fish in a big pond. I’m just reading the signs. It’s looking like LewdCorner is going to be a huge player down the line, but only if they keep growing at this tempo.

Also, they’re currently not running any ads because they’re entirely crowdfunded, so feel free to subscribe to their Patreon if you’re a diehard fan of porn games. You’ll get some extra goodies and benefits for it, but check that information out for yourself before subscribing. I don’t want to date my article. Point is, this place is promising and then some. It’s also a great place to make friends who are as interested in porn games as you are.

PornGames likes LewdCorner

  • Fantastic community
  • Excellent site design
  • No ads
  • Various games

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