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Lancaster Boarding House

Are you tired of fitting yourself to sucked adult games with poor visual features and sound effects? Are you currently looking for a particular game with a "real HD" quality that will fuck and satisfy your hidden desires? Well, eyes here, motherfuckers! I, PornDude, will introduce you to the Lancaster Boarding House (LBH) to end your miseries. Never forget that if there will be no one that cares for your being, I am always here to care for your angry dick.

Ren'Py engine built this visual novel game with sexual content for those gamers who are bored with the nonsense typical games. With its perfect balance of quantity and quality, for sure, you will always have an ideal sexy mood that wants you to fuck your girlfriend harder. Lancaster Boarding House allows you to meet various characters with different bitch personalities, and what's more? You are very free to fuck them and destroy their virgin vaginas like a sandcastle.

The Gameplay

The boarding house is set somewhere in the United States. You, as the leading character in the game, will live there and meet different styles who have the power to steer the direction of the game. So, you should be careful, assholes. Not everyone you will encounter is healthy to fuck. You can also meet a few characters who you can build a good relationship with.

As the protagonist, the entire decision is in your fucking hands. Thus, play it wisely, Dude. I'm an excellent player in the game, and I want you to experience what I experienced. I swear, it was a fun game that your ass would never forget. You will have the chance to build the most satisfying and romantic relationship with the ideal woman living inside your dreams.

Throughout summer, you can be friends with different women, and learn more about their personal background. Keep their secrets and match it with your own fetish desires—this one of your significant keys to fuck those virgin vaginas.


Of course, you are a male protagonist, and you should name yourself. Whatever name you want, Dude, as long as you are happy with it. Here at Lancaster Boarding House, you have the freedom to do everything in accordance with your desires. This will be the most fulfilling feeling. Imagine yourself being in a place away from controlling power and persuasive personalities--you can be the person you want to have for your fucking self.

The game was developed by Daniels K Patreon and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux OS, and proud for its full HD content at 1920*1080 resolution. Meaning, every detail of the game is apparent that will surely delight your maniac eyes. A clear picture of a dick, vaginas, and boobs? Dude, you can find it on the Lancaster Boarding House game. How lucky you are, asshole!

Replayability is one of the best features of this game. Different choices have different fucking fun consequences. You are always free to replay particular scenes that make you unsatisfied. In Lancaster Boarding House, you always have a chance to go back to the things that bothered you the most and fix it. Fuck off for those real situations in life that cannot be replayed and settled.

Version 1.8

This old version of the game allows you to meet Chloe, a character that is always present from the beginning until the end. To finish the other ending, you have to encounter Chloe first. If you can download the game now, your shaky dick will know why. She is the only character that doesn't require you to make brilliant decisions. You are probably asking why, and consider yourself as jerks of all jerks, but this is just a normal part of the game. Thus, nothing to worry about.

However, you should be extra careful with bitches characters like Lina, Abigail, Rose, and Anna. Don't fool them around because you might miss your chance to unlock particular scenes. As a piece of advice, be a true gentleman and don't be a sucker when you encounter these bitches. They may be wiser than, which makes the game more challenging.

You will also meet Eve and the teacher. The two are not main characters, so you can easily fool them around. They just exist in the game to add some adult content. Meaning, expect some sexual scenarios when you meet these two dumb sluts.

This particular version of the game has 200 images and two animations, which is enough to make a satisfying ending. If you are looking for romantic and rough scenes with dirty lines between you and different female characters, you should download this version of Lancaster Boarding House right now.

Version 1.9

Version 1.9 brings two endings for Rose with Lisa's scenes. Oh, what a fucking lovely names! However, before you can unlock those endings, you should play the previous versions of the game. How and why? Well, it will be explained through the walkthrough, so better check it before finding for some whores to marry.

In this specific update, there are 160+ images you will encounter with two video animations. The bathroom scene with eyes-captivating shower moments is also available in this version. Have some erotic relationship with the hottest girls in the town.

The Final Version

This final update for Lancaster Boarding House brings four different ending scenes: for Anna, Lisa, Abigail, and for your failure if ever you fail. There are over 250 new images updated with three video animations you can really enjoy with. You will also meet a new girl for some necessary rituals. Here, you will be asked to be the nice or jerks to some girls to unlock the final scene. All other details will be explained during the walkthrough.

What The Fuck I Like About This Game?

If you are annoyed with the censored private parts of the characters in some visual novel game, the Lancaster Boarding House will never disappoint you. All the private parts are not censored. This one of the best things about the game. You will enjoy seeing those big dicks, sexy butts, and round breasts. Amazing, isn't it?

If you are not satisfied with the consequence of your choices, you can replay that particular scene to have a desiring result. Replaying means re-fucking. Who thought that all kinds of pleasure could be found in one game? Cheer up, you blowjob seeker! If the world is against your desires, make it inside the Lancaster Boarding House, where you don't have to worry about the consequences.

You are expected to make decisions on specific scenes. Those decisions will lead to different results. But again, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can always replay it. The constant activity of decision making will enhance your capability to make a right and brilliant decision. Hence, despite its sexual content, the game is helpful for everyday errands.

If you are not good at getting women close to you, this game will teach you how to do so. Aside from decision-making skills, your communication and socialization skills will also improve. After finishing the walkthroughs, I'm pretty sure that you will be the best asskisser version of yourself.

Why My Dick Is Not Satisfied With Some Features?

I am very proud of the game's HD resolution, hot visual characters, and the replayability feature. But when it comes to the language, what the heck is the problem? The game is only available in English and French languages. Well, I know you will say that it's not bad. But hell, Dude, I care for those gamers out there who cannot understand both languages. What will they do? Hire a fucking translator? By the way, if you experience a parsing issue, you have a problem with your storage space. The game will consume a massive amount of internal storage. So before installing it, better check your available storage and don't blame the developer.


The game would be better if there were numerous languages available. This feature will benefit those fetish idiots who can't even understand our universal language. Perhaps, few adventures would be great for mind and dick exercise. The developer may add some twist in the game by allowing the gamer to encounter a few cocky adventures to exercise their butts.


Honestly, I am not a great talker that will ideally get all the women he wants just through a few fucks and chitchats. But, the Lancaster Boarding House taught me the most basic, yet the most effective tips on how to talk to women and get their hearts. I was emotionally unhealthy back then, but the game allowed me to belong with a group of people with excellent fucking skills. I found the family I never had. Lancaster Boarding House is a solution for exhaustion and loneliness.

PornGames likes Lancaster Boarding House

  • Censored: No
  • Replayability
  • Enhance your decision-making skills and of course
  • your fucking skills
  • Gives you an idea on how to talk to women and get them
  • HD Animation Effects

PornGames hates Lancaster Boarding House

  • Language Available: English
  • French
  • Not All Feature Work
  • Needs A Lot More Storage Space
  • Insufficient Challenging Protagonist's Adventures
  • Issues on Previous Versions