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Lab Rats is a 3D Porn Game Where Drug Hot Babes to Get them to Fuck You. Don’t you ever wish there was a way to make girls interested in you? I mean, being an incel must fucking suck. You walk down the street, and babe are drying up left and right like the fucking Sahara desert when they see you cucks. I’m not advocating you fucks go out and start drugging bitches. That’s fucked up. Don’t do it. But you can live out the fantasy of making chicks lust for you by giving them lust potions in the game I have for you today. Well, they’re actually called serums. But, yeah, love potions.

Lab Rats is a 3D style porn game where you try and make hot babes fuck you by slipping different covered serums into their food and drinks. It was launched back in 2017 and was made by a horny fuck known as Vren. Vren has quite a few other titles out that are pretty damn fapworthy, so check out their catalog after this. They even have a Lab Rats 2 in the works if you’re looking for more of the same content.

Completed Game That Still Gets Frequent Updates

Thankfully, Lab Rats is all finished. That’s right; we’re actually talking about a game that made it through production and hasn’t been abandoned for years. It’s a fucking miracle. You can find the full version for free on quite a few sites. It’s easy to download and play on your desktop or mobile device. And the game is the exact same on both platforms. You just can’t sync up your progress since there isn’t a login feature.

But let’s dive into the actual story of this game. You play as some dude who is just graduating high-school. You’re a nerd who likes physics, engineering, and all of the other subjects that make you easy to bully. But you’re not bullied in this game. You take a test that determines your final GPA or whatever, and you end up landing yourself a gig as a lab assistant at a local college campus.

Balance Work, Money, and a Social Life

You still live with your mom and sister, so you offer up some cash to help with things around the house. And that’s basically the intro to the game. You take control from there and decide how you want to manage your day. You need to go to the lab during each weekday afternoon if you want to keep making enough dosh to get by or do anything.

You can study, watch porn, play video games, or do some naughtier things. You can spy on your sister while she showers, flirt with your mom, try and get this hot babe Alexia to show you her tits, or maybe you can even get the two scientists who run the lab to let you have a kinky three-way with them. And this is the kind of game where you can fuck your mom or little sister. So, you incest addicted fucks will have a good time with that degenerate shit.

Craft Strange Serums That Let You Reprogram People’s Minds

You’re supposed to be making these serums to help veterans with PTSD or some shit. I don’t know. I kind of zoned out when the whole exposition dump came, and there weren’t any babes flashing their tits. Your main goal is to save up money, research serums, and eventually sell your serums to the masses, thus curing PTSD or something.

But these serums have an unexpected second use. They basically let you reprogram anyone you have consume it. This means you can get Alexia to blow you under the table at a coffee shop just by asking. It’s fucking awesome. But it’s not exactly that easy. You don’t want to get caught making or using these, or all of this shit will come crumbling down on your head.

Carefully Balance and Determine When to Use Your Serums

There are two stats that each babe has. There is resistance and influence. Each time you give them serum, their resistance will go up, which makes it harder to drug them in the future. And you want to be careful about what you have these sluts do. Asking them to fuck you right then and there with no prior lead up will fail. You need to get them lusting after you by building up your influence over them.

You’ll want to start out slow. Always start with the top option it gives you. These are low stakes scenes that will almost always work out while heavily boosting your influence. If you try to jump right to the fuck scene, then you will be guaranteed to fail and make it harder for yourself in the future. Trust me on this shit. Be patient. Eventually, these sluts will do whatever the fuck you want.

Hot, Uncensored 3D Fetish-Filled Fuck Scenes

That’s when they’ll do all of the naughty shit that you could ever dream of. There are even scenes where you can have Alexia and one of the scientists both blow you at the same time. And throughout the game, you’ll have chances to lower someone’s resistance if you do end up fucking up.

The resistance will lower day by day, or you can try and do kinky shit with them without serum to knock that score down even further. For example, you can have Alexia strip for you if her influence is high enough. Just chatting, taking babes out to lunch, or texting them can lower their resistance to the drug as well. And this resistance counts against every single serum, not just the one you used at first.

There are plenty of random events that give you opportunities for awesome fuck scenes. There are beach days, weekends, mall visits, and so much more. And the sex scenes are pretty good. You don’t get fully animated scenes that will blow your fucking mind, but the art style is pretty damn good if you’re into 3D porn. You’ll even get the occasional illustration for certain scenes.

Great Writing, Art, and a Solid Mobile App

Not only is the art fucking great, but the writing is crisp and well-done. The dialog and descriptions all feel natural without there being too much of it. The pacing for the game is good. I found myself plugging away at this game for well over an hour before I realized the time had passed. That’s what I want from a quality porn game. And, as I mentioned up top, you can easily download the Android version of the game to take your kinky babe-drugging adventures with you on the go.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

The premise was my favorite part of this game. I like something different. It’s kinky as fuck when you get down and really think about it. It doesn’t play like any other game out there does. And then there’s the art and writing. Both kick ass. These descriptions and pieces of dialog all feel real. The characters are fleshed out. And the artwork is great for those of you fucks out there who get hard at the sight of a 3D babe.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The same damn track plays through most of this game. It’s one of those games where I had to mute it before I went fucking insane. Add some more music in there. I don’t care if it’s some Garage Bands style shit. Just something is better than this single track. And I do wish the character models were a little bigger when they did kinky shit. I don’t want to have to look over to the right while Alexia shows me her pussy. I want that shit front and center.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Lab Rats is a very fun, kinky game that will keep you occupied for hours. There are even quite a few different endings that you can get, so you can go back through and replay this game a few times. The sex scenes are hot. The writing is good. The concept is unique. It’s free. That makes for a damn good porn game, in my opinion. Go download this game and give it a shot. I highly recommend it to any of you fucks who love shit like hypnosis, time stop, and forced porn.

PornGames likes Lab Rats

  • Unique
  • taboo concept with tons of fetish content
  • Hot
  • uncensored sex scenes
  • Great art
  • writing
  • and gameplay
  • Play an up-to-date version of mobile and desktop
  • Replay it and unlock many different endings

PornGames hates Lab Rats

  • Repetitive music