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High School Of Succubus

Have you ever met a prudish girl with a fantastic body and thought to yourself – what a damn shame? I know I sure have. Girls that go way out of their way to not have any kind of sex, ever, really disappoint me, especially if they’ve got banging bodies. I mean, they don’t have to sleep with me, I get that, everyone’s got preferences. But if you’re an absolute bombshell and you don’t use that body to please yourself and/or other people, you’re kind of wasting your own time. Getting laid is the hottest pleasure you can have in this life, and you’re only really hot when you’re young – well, if you’re a woman. I’m going to be hot until the day I die, but that’s unrelated. I go to the gym.

Anyways, this right here is a game about a high school girl, who also happens to be 18 and her slow descent into proper slutty behavior. Initially, she’s the perfect prude. She wears sweats everywhere and doesn’t really interact with dudes or chicks in any interesting way. She just sort of mopes around, trying to do well at school. She’s not just wasting her time; she’s wasting my time.

Enter the Succubus

This isn’t quite where the story starts, though. Right before you get to meet this bitch, whose name was Kelly I believe, you meet your actual main character who is a succubus in training. I didn’t catch her name; I’m not even sure if she has one. Anyways, she’s graduating from succubus training, and her professor explains how things work around here.

Her kind apparently have magical powers that allow them to enter the minds of humans and corrupt them slowly from within. This is super useful, because they can’t actually appear in the human world otherwise. Their professor explains that even when it comes to using their powers, they have to take things slowly. Trying to push a human too hard into doing something they don’t want to do is just going to end up with them being bounced out of that body and rejected. That process is apparently very painful.

This means that your succubus bitch is going to have to tread softly, if she’s going to corrupt her target successfully. Unfortunately for her, the target she got assigned to is the aforementioned Kelly, the prude bitch. She’s a complete snoozefest of a person, so turning her is going to be very difficult. Luckily, while you’re “inside” her so to speak, you can see everything she sees. That’s why I’m super happy that the first thing that happens in this game after the intro is you enter this bitch and have her take a shower. At least that way, you can see her naked right off the bat.

Easing into Whore Behavior

The end goal of this game is obviously to get Kelly to embrace any and all sexual activity that she can find throughout her life. Whether it’s at school, in her home, or out in the world. The general idea is that you slowly open her mind up to the idea of smutty behavior without it being too obvious. From a general perspective, she doesn’t go too crazy too fast. But from your perspective, well, you see everything. Whether she’s fiddling with herself or just having some nasty thoughts while she’s showering, you get to see it all. It’s very easy to fap to this game, right off the bat.

Plus, the succubus herself is really hot as well, so there’s a lot of boner-inducing shit happening on-screen at all times. You get to interact with all of her friends and slowly, gently, push her towards whatever is the smuttier option. Twenty minutes in, she’s completely naked on her bed, feeling the “heat between her legs” and jacking off. There’s girl-cum splashing all-over the place, and she’s generally having a great time. This is the kind of gameplay I can get behind.

Tons of Writing

Now, before you blow a gasket, let me explain. This game has a ton of writing, but it’s the good kind of writing. It’s short and sweet, and it moves the game along. It’s not the kind of writing you need an hour to get through. It doesn’t describe the scene in detail or what have you, that’s what the art is for. It’s more the kind of writing that tells you how the chick is feeling and how wet she is. I like these tiny snippets. They move the action along very nicely. It’s hot reading, plain and simple.

The game is technically a visual novel, if you think about it, especially towards the start. It does change a little bit once you get into it, but at the start, you’re pretty much getting to know the characters and the general vibe of the game. Plus, there’s a lot you need to learn about your human slave, Kelly, before you can truly call yourself a Kelly-master. You need to get to know her in order to know how to properly break her and get her thinking like a true slut.

The Game Opens Up

After the initial 30 minutes or so of very linear visual novel style gameplay, you get a bit of freedom to explore Kelly’s sexuality any way you please. And the fun doesn’t stop there. You see, Kelly’s also got a bunch of super-hot female friends, and the game keeps track of their corruption as well. I guess your succubus is going for extra points. I mean, technically, her job is to corrupt Kelly. All of these other bitches are basically just her trying to be the best succubus she can be. She is going to corrupt everyone she can get her hands on, and you are going to help her.

Throughout this game’s world, you can explore various locations that give Kelly ample opportunity to whore herself out. Take, for example, the school bathroom. You’d think that not a lot of fun could be had there, especially if you’re alone. But, Kelly is in luck. There’s a gloryhole in her stall, and a man just happens to shove his cock through it at the right time. The succubus promptly advises her to put the cock in her mouth and satisfy him. She, of course, being the good corrupt whore that she is by this point, agrees and gives the guy the hottest blowjob of his life. You never meet the guy, mind you.

The point is, it’s not about him; it’s about Kelly. You want to increase her thirst for more cock while never really satisfying her fully, because she can’t be satisfied. A good whore is never tired, and she’s never had enough. She’s always ready for more action.

The Smut

Every single smut scene in this game is fap-worthy and comes with a hardy 10 from me. The whole thing is drawn in a very unique art style. It’s more western than hentai. In fact, I haven’t seen a single Japanese influence throughout the whole thing. And, before you go calling me biased or whatever, I don’t mean it like that. I love hentai games.

It’s just; sometimes, it’s nice to get away from the standard formula. Most porn games out there are also hentai games. I like playing something unique once in a while. Well, this game is definitely unique. Whoever the artist is behind this project, they did a fantastic job drawing tons of tits and environments for you to enjoy. Everything meshes very well together, and you quickly find yourself drowning in this world of smut.

Patreon Funded

The folks behind this game call themselves Two Succubi. I don’t know if this means that they’re both girls or whatever, but it wouldn’t be too surprising. There is some exploration of female sexuality in this game. In fact, there’s a healthy dose of it. Usually, this kind of content is preferred by women and is written by them too. Men don’t really know much about female sexuality, on average. I mean, I know everything there is to know about how to get a girl wet, but I don’t go out of my way to figure out what’s going on in her mind. That’s just a waste of time. When I’m with a girl, I have a job to do. I’m there to cram my dick so far up her ass that she’s tasting cum for a week. That’s my job. And it is the job of Two Succubi to bring you an immersive game experience in which you corrupt hot sexy nubile high school girls, all of whom happen to be 18.

If you like their work, you should check out their Patreon. Their game is free, so you can think of this as a “thank you” tip jar, in case you want to make sure they don’t run out of funding. Plus, they have some neat rewards like early game releases and your name in the credits of the game.

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