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Demon King Domination

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been playing video games in which big bad demon lords have been the antagonists. I think my earliest experience with anti-demon propaganda was the original Diablo, in which you… kill Diablo, basically, after spending serious hours grinding your way to get to him and equip your character with proper gear. The basic idea behind these kinds of games is that you need to quest for a very long time, through dangerous enemies to get to the big baddie at the end. That’s usually the best part. It makes you feel like you earned your chance at taking him down. And, when he falls, you stand victoriously atop his corpse, while you loot him for spare change.

In Demon King Domination, you get a sort of visual novel experience with combat elements, but only of the last parts of the anti-demon crusade. You get to experience the very final showdown between good and evil, in a world where good and evil like to talk a lot while they’re beating each other to death. The trick is, in this game, you play as the big bad demon whom everyone wants to slay. That’s right. You get to be the super-strong bad guy for once. As it turns out, demon lords are pretty chill dudes, aside from the violence, I mean. Like me, the Demon King Malus, the main character of this game, really likes dicking nubile babes. That’s the kind of protagonist I can get behind.

The Story

It’s the same cookie-cutter Humans Vs Demons shtick you’ve seen a million times before. The big bad Demon King Malus has been ravaging the land, turning the women into sex slaves and the men into pin-cushions. He’s a master of combat and an overall invincible force of nature. The humans think that he can be killed, but no-one’s managed to pull it off so far. But, if there’s going to be any hope for humanity surviving, he must be stopped.

You, meanwhile, playing as Malus himself, don’t give a shit. You’re sitting atop your throne, minding your own fucking business when some bitch named Princess Diane rolls up, saying she’s about to stomp you dead for the honor of her race, or some shit. Apparently, she’s the strongest human warrior who’s ever lived. I don’t know about you, but if I wanted to defeat an all-powerful demon lord, I wouldn’t send in one chick with a sword. I’d send an army, or a nuke, or both, just to be safe.

But no, in this game, the humans did not care much for wartime wisdom, so they sent in their actual princess to do the dirty work. Who knows, maybe all the other soldiers in the realm were already curb-stomped. For what it’s worth, on top of her arguably impressive swordsmanship, she also has some magical abilities. She can straight up heal herself using divine powers. Although, she can’t attack and heal at the same time, so, yeah, this fight’s not going to last long.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

The gameplay to this game is literally, not figuratively, a very long 5-choice rock, paper, scissors match. You have five abilities, and so does the bitch you’re fighting against. For every single one of her abilities, there’s a perfect counter and a perfect fuck-up. You’ve got a health bar, so you have to keep an eye out and make sure you don’t get downed. If you play your cards right and make sure to counter all of her efforts to kill you, things get very sexual, but I’ll get to that.

This gameplay is very well balanced, considering it’s literally just a matter of choosing the right move, and it’s turn-based. It might even be too balanced, if you think about it. Once you truly understand what each move does, it’s kind of impossible to lose. Click the right buttons, win the game. That’s what you get with Demon King Domination.

Innovative Design

I like this idea of only playing the best part of what is clearly a larger story. I’ve played a ton of porn RPGs that dicked me around for literal hours before they got to the good stuff. Some games will pepper the experience with smut scenes, and I guess that’s kind of hot, but generally, when I’m looking to jack off, I’m not also looking to go on an emotional journey of self-exploration. I want to polish my flagpole and be done with it.

The game comes with some amount of quality smut. I wouldn’t call this a library of smut; it’s a lot humbler than that. But, the smut that you do get in the end is of a very high quality, and it’s very satisfying. It’s an hour of work for 10 minutes of fun, and that’s a fair ratio if you ask me. Plus, unlocking a sex scene for the first time adds it to your main menu so that you can watch it over and over again, if you’d like. You don’t have to keep replaying the game if you don’t want to.

There are three unique endings, all of which are filled to the brim with sexy content involving Princess Dianne. If you get used to the gameplay and master the moves, you can get to all three ending pretty quickly. They’re all very much worth your time. I’d recommend that you play one of each, every night for three days, really space it out. That way, you can get three nights of quality fapping for the price of one game.

The Moans and Groans

This game comes with a metric fuckton of voice acting, as every line in this game is voiced. And no, it’s not Japanese hentai screams, it’s voiced in English with actual relatable noises that real people make. The voice actors both did a fine job. The demon was run through some sort of voice filter to make him sound large and menacing. The chick is just a really good voice actress whose performance didn’t really need any filtering. She’s just really cool sounding. She gives you the impression that she really cares about what’s happening on screen. This is the kind of humble, high-quality work that small studios cram into small projects of low prices, and that’s exactly what the fans want to see.

There are five distinct music tracks in this game, if I’m not mistaken, and they play at various points throughout the encounter. For what is technically a single fight scene, five songs is a good amount of songs. I don’t know, maybe my standards are low, but I felt like the music was a very nice fan service. The songs are all memorable and enjoyable, and you can play them outside of the main story in the menus if you think they’re real bangers.

Finally, I have to talk about the ending, more specifically, the sounds of the ending. You see, the end of the game features some static sex scenes, like say, of Princess Dianne being pregnant with your demon seed. That’s very hot and interesting and all, but it drones on. While you watch one image of Dianne’s hot ass titties hanging around, you have to listen to the story ending being explained by Malus. I say have to, really I mean get to, but you understand. Not everyone plays porn games for the audiobooks within. Some people would just rather see some more smut then be done with it. I personally really liked the ending sequence the first time. The next two times, I wasn’t very enthused.

Jacking Off

I leave the best part for last, because there really was a lot to be said about this game. In short, you can fap to this game. Other than the sex scenes, which you can find at the end of the game and at certain key points of the fight, there’s also some stripping, technically. I mean, the princess loses parts of her clothing as you fight her. Her shit gets ripped up, since you’re slamming her with a sword and all.

I guess this is the kind of content that gets you riled up for the fucking. She doesn’t give in willingly, after all. Throughout most of the game, she hates you. You tell her that you’re going to make her a willing sex slave, she tells you she’s going to cut your head off. You get the gist of it. But, you are a demon lord, after all. The more you beat her down, the more submissive she becomes, even though she tries to fight you off to the bitter end.

Finally, you down her for the last time, and she becomes your demon waifu. It’s a very satisfying porn-filled ending, all in all. The game is available on Steam for a meager $5, which I think is a great price for a game that’s loaded with well-made content. Check out some of the reviews on Steam and consider grabbing a copy.

PornGames likes Demon King Domination

  • Great voiceovers
  • High quality smut
  • Simple gameplay
  • It’s cheap

PornGames hates Demon King Domination

  • Needs more smut
  • Gameplay can feel repetitive