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Crimson Gray

LOL, talk about a game that hits too close to home. What’s up, mofos? How are they hanging? I hope they are chillin’ low because I’ve found the most meta erotic game you can find online today. I kid you not, meathead, if you’re looking for an erotic game that’s commanding, fucked-up, and oh so messy, download Crimson Gray now. You won’t fucking regret it.

So yeah, Crimson Gray. It may be one of the more interesting games that I’ve played so far this year. The plot, the story, and the setup to the game feels like entering an ugly-pretty fantasy. Do you know those fucked up fantasies that we let our mind wonder about every now and then? Yeah, those ones, and a whole lot more.

The step-mom, step-daughter, the MILF that’s got you in her little finger - oh, this game will surpass that and more because what’s happening in this game in one of the most unexpected stories I’ve played so far. And you know, I’ve played a lot of erotic games. I made a living out of it! But damn, I don’t think I’ve played something quite like this before. I’ll tell you now; you’re gonna cum in your pants, get engrossed, and think about your future after playing this game.

The devs call it a psychological thriller, and I agree, but it’s also like a terrible yet awesome dream that you can go into, you know? The one where you know terrible things happens, but your dick keeps you enthralled. It’s honestly a trip!

One of the most exciting features of the game is its premise, and I’d say this is the game’s bread and butter. It’s a short game, if I may say so, but boy oh boy, if you’re like me, I think you’d have a great fapping time.

The file size is no more than 150MB. That should tell you the width and breadth of the game. It’s not 3D, of course, I mean with that file size? You’d be stupid to think otherwise. For our horny teenagers out there, this is a great way to chill and hang at the end of the day. As far as I know, it’s also educational, you know? That sort of thing. Because we know, there are bitches out there who are batshit crazy. And I mean, crazy. So consider this your pre-requisite course.

The Game

Hold on to your cocks, you lonely incels, because the next few sentences that you’re going to read will fucking blow your mind. Crimson Gray is about a boy named John that has depression. Ahem. LOL, that’s strike one for all of us, mofos. So basically, you’re John. We’re all, John. I can guarantee you that every incel that’s in here has been a John once or twice in his life. Maybe even now. PSA, hang in there, buddy. And get your dick sucked every now and then. It’s therapeutic or some shit, you know?

So John. He loses his sense of purpose in life. Strike two. This keeps getting better, I tell you. So while John wallows in his depression like the rest of us, all he sees is an unfocused gray. All around. This boy is so depressed his senses are playing tricks on him. He can’t even fap because of his depression! Poor, John, yeah? LOL, poor us.

When all seems to be lost, he meets a girl. Not just any girl. Lizzie. Sounds like an innocent enough name, right? So, Lizzie, she’s affectionate and loving. Just what John needs at the moment. She takes care of him, understands his insecurities, and really is dedicated to our boy. But every chance they get together, there’s something about Lizzie that John couldn’t quite place.

After these two became an item, Lizzie, our girl - this busty, sexy, and perfect girl, suddenly becomes violent. Strike three, huh? I mean, who hasn’t fucked a crazy girl before? Listen here; if they’re too good to be true, then there’s definitely something else going on. That’s my motto with dating. If I question myself why this girl is with me, then I know I should be checking things out about her.

So yeah - Lizzie becomes unstable. John realizes it, yeah, and any normal, self-preserving man that knows what’s good for him should totally run away from this girl. But no, our boy John sees that Lizzie’s violent tendencies are her ways of telling him that she also has a mental condition. That’s the start of the story of these two. John honestly believes he can save this girl while saving himself from motherfucking depression.

Honestly, how can any erotic game beat that, huh? Angry sex, violent tendencies, slapping, a bit of BDSM, Crimson Gray has it all. If you’re the type of motherfucker that gets down with this shit, I’ll tell you right now, get the game. I won’t spoil anything after that, because I’m a true bro, but hear this: That girl Lizzie will do anything to make John happy. Do the math, mofos.

So what you’re playing is the choices of John. Will he reject this girl? Will he see her spiral to violence to the point of harming people around her? It’s in your hands now, motherfucker. All I gotta say is you got to choose carefully because developer Sierra Lee can be dark as fuck. Don’t let the cute anime style fool ya!

What Did I Like About The Game

Animations are superb. I don’t know how dev Sierra Lee has done it, but the babes, especially Lizzie, are drawn well. This girl is so pretty with that long blond hair, bright eyes, and heart-ish face. She’s a sinful angel, and John’s pretty much your regular bloke next door. Lizzie is a 10, of course. I’d say the scenes are pretty great too.

Of course, the storyline is amazing. I mean, it’s really out there. Unique, you know? And all that shit. Who doesn’t want a pretty, crazy girl? At this point in my life, I’d take anyone that has a pussy. But not your grandma, perv! LOL. Anyway, the game’s decent enough to be recommended, and most of you here will understand that it won’t give you the animations that This Romantic World has, but what Crimson Gray offers, it offers without holding back.

H-scenes are top-notch, which I’m pretty sure what you all are wondering. There are enough detail and backstory there to trigger a chub, so yeah. If you want to be fapping and playing at the same time, you can do that too. Controls are as easy as 1,2,3 - you’re basically clicking wherever. So you can pretty much rub one out while playing! As always, I urge you motherfuckers, have a nearby tissue at hand. Don’t be disgusting.

There’s also something to be said about how exacting the results are with this game. Do you know when you get a game and really want a particular result? Crimson Gray will give that to you, hands down. You just have to make the right decisions, cocksucker.

What Didn’t I Like About The Game

If you have played this type of game before, you know what’s coming - the linear storyline. Don’t get me wrong, the storyline is great and all, but it could’ve been more streamlined and branched out if you know what I mean? The choices you make will decide what will be the result of John’s life, but there should be more than 2 or 3 endings if it comes to that.

There’s also the matter of it being only available on PC. So Mac users, you’ll be missing out. Side note: I will insert my PSA here, advocating erotic gamers to start using PC. There’s no shame in a Mac, really, but we all know all the good games are always on PC. So yeah. Another thing of notice is that the H-scenes can be hard to access. So Sierra Lee, listen up. More sex, less story.


What I’d like to see from this game is a longer storyline. In the next release or so, I’d expect more H-scenes, more options for branching, and better animations. Yo, dev, if you’re reading this, make this happen, and you’ll surely have more meatheads playing your game. And add Mac support, because the prissy guys will want this circus too!


Will I recommend Crimson Gray? Yeah, in a heartbeat. It’s got all the good things going for it. I’ve always adored independent game developers, and Sierra Lee has my respect for making this game. So yeah, if you want to play something extraordinary and seemingly a departure from what you’ve been playing, you motherfucker should check out Crimson Gray.

PornGames likes Crimson Gray

  • Fucked-up storyline
  • John’s depression
  • Lizzie’s boobs and cum-stained face
  • Animation
  • Small file size
  • High replayability

PornGames hates Crimson Gray

  • Slow download speeds
  • Branching of the story needs to be added with more options
  • H-scenes not really that accessible
  • Not so many multiple endings
  • No support for Mac yet