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City of Broken Dreamers

Have you experienced suffering an existential crisis? Or the feeling of sadness and loneliness encapsulating you because you feel like the world is against you? Or just staring in your ceiling thinking about things that you could have done and should be doing instead of waking up every day, desiccated and horny to the point of settling in with animated girls to make you happy and satisfied. Of course, you have. I know all of you fuckers have felt all these things.

You dicks have no fucking girlfriend, you are weird and geek at some sort, so these kinds of sensations are not foreign to you, at all. How about you start gyrating and touching your dick in these realistically rendered images and animations. There is no judgment here—of course, there is—when you accidentally bust a nut when you just see a screenshot of what the game looks like.

The Fucking Story

Now that I’m about to tell you a fucking idea of what the game is about so I suggest you better put your fucking seat beat on because this is going to be a motherfucking hell of a ride. In this cyberpunk and cyberprep game infused with film noir-esque. You will be playing as a Ghost. Yes, dumbass! In this game, you will get to be a fucking ghost. Well, not the ghost, your fickle little mind is thinking or visualizing about.

In this case or this game, the ghost means that it is a bounty hunter backed up with rich and powerful people. You cunt would get to bring a wanted person dead or alive. Who would not fucking want that? Hold up. I am not done yet. You are also the fucking best among the ghost. How cool is that? You useless piece of shit could be a very, very important and awesome person in this fucking game. This game could put some sense and importance to your crumbling down, pathetic existence you call life.

The City of Broken Dreams is set upon the futuristic city of Los Angeles and the presence of media magnates and corporations that dominated the daily life of people around the city. As you cunt being a ghost means you can walk around the city like you fucking own it because for you there are no rules and when you little fuckers get in trouble the powerful and wealthy people have you motherfucking back.

So, maybe a low life like you could save the city from the grasp of these conquering and manipulative people. It may be through your luck or your own skills, but the last one is really not possible—I bet my life on it. Just do not get your hopes up. You are a Ghost, you may be the best, but there are dark shadows hidden deep in you—trouble past. I know assholes like you who are holed up in their mother’s house can relate thus far more problematic.

What will happen is, there is a girl who is going to be your next mark, and this girl has a troubling and hidden secret. And this thing is affecting it is like looking in the mirror and seeing the fucked up reflection of yourself. You face the demons the will are hiding from when you are facing her. Well, given all these things, you will meet a wide array of characters that could maybe be your ally or probably your enemies.

That will be the number of things that will enthrall you in this game. How you will interact with the characters will be up to you. Do you leave or ditch them? Or you will interact with them professionally or get the point where you get to remove some body covering. Oh, fuck it! Have sex with them. Yes, you can fucking do that! I know that’s what you are waiting for me to mention.

Now that put it out there, the involvement of fucking someone in the game I know you fuckers are clamoring for some details. The City of Broken Dreamer has a rich plot, full backstories, and happenings to some dry suckers like you. This game prioritizes their story and characters. Well, the game could conjure some dark elements, but there is also an assurance of the game being fun, wild, and fucking sexy, so what the fuck! Do what you have to fuking do already!

The Gameplay

The game pans out as a visual novel, so you should put in mind that there are fucking concrete plot and narration in the game. This would make the game entertaining and engaging since it has an adventure book that feels where you get to choose your fucking adventure, and no one will get in your way and say that it is wrong. But considering you mind processing, you will get to repeat the game a couple of times to proceed to the next one, but hey! There are tons of available walkthroughs online. Start searching now!

Whatever choice you make, keep in mind that there will be an impact on that poor or good choices. Like choices equates to impact, so do not fucking assume that your fucking options will not create a chain of events that will affect the turn out of the game. There is no fucking wrong answer in here., you can be as dumb as you want your brain is not needed here, or your brain cells all you have to do is choose to see how the fucking thing turn out. Remember, no matter what happens, it is your choice, so it’s also your fucking fault.

This part is what makes your body function and keeps your dick alive and your ball awake. Every fucking girl in the game will react and relate to you differently, depending on how you approach them. These girls have their lust value and a score, so the new scenes and options in the mentioned scenes are in the hands of these girls. You dumbass have to do what you have to do. Treat them with fucking care and use them until they gave what you wanted. After all, they are just toys to play with nothing more, nothing less.

This may come as a surprise to you or not. I do not fucking really care, but there may have been a hidden stat that signifies the anger in you. This will be reflected in tons of areas in the game. Not only in the part of the changing dialogue but also in the areas on how you react in the presented situations.

There are bonus images that are hidden in every chapter of the game. You will know this because there is a pop-up notification that will explain that a clue can be found. These are not required or, at some point, needed in the game. These bonuses will only add challenges in your game experience and give you some nice extra to hunt down because, in your situation, I know you need one.

One last thing before you go around rejoicing and thanking everyone you meet along the way is that there is this thing that after the crude sex scenes have completed, that will be in your fucking replay theater that you access in the main menu. So, you can watch these fucking scenes again and again until you explode and memorize every movement in it.


This game is fucking lit! From its animation to the plot ideas and structure. Its visuals, the artworks, and audio are fucking on fire! There is a certain magic in the game (but it only has fucking five chapters). Its subtlety and its nuances are a double-edged sword in may come as a good thing, but it also hurt the game. It serves as part of its art and aesthetic, and it is pleasing to see, but it also makes the game extremely difficult to play, which makes players exhausted as they finished one chapter.

The difficulty of the game could be handled through the combination of a robust load and save system, probably a list of who has what scenes because without these players would easily skip this game and jump to another game that will also give them pleasure and entertainment and done in an easy way. The thing is that there are tons of walkthroughs on the internet, so having that would be a great help in slaying every chapter.

PornGames likes City of Broken Dreamers

  • The high resolution of the game
  • The presence of lewd scenes and non-lewd scenes
  • The world-building and the rich and lush backstory of the characters
  • There are tons of fucking good songs
  • a wide array of characters
  • and the replayability.

PornGames hates City of Broken Dreamers

  • The difficulty of the game
  • The game has only 5 fucking chapters