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Greetings to the virgin cucks who would rather spend their time reading a review of a porn game rather than actually playing it for themselves! With this article, I come presenting a game that all incest fetishists would absolutely adore. There's definitely a significant amount of you weirdos in reading this review that'll most probably pay good money for more incest themed adult games. I know that for a fact.

Babysitter! This is the game we'll be reviewing in this article. You are a failed freelance programmer whose work has never been accepted but is currently hoping for a client to accept his "special software." Meanwhile, your sister and your niece have an argument ending with your niece having to live with you in your apartment. She has decided to look for a job instead of going to college to be more independent.

That's the basic description of the game. I know it doesn't sound that interesting, considering that we are talking about a porn game. However, you snot-nosed imbeciles have no place to judge this game without having your go at it - which is why I'm doing this review for you useless fuckers. Keep in mind that this is in the style of an interactive visual novel, so do expect a fuckton of dialogue and a shitload of left-clicking.

The Gameplay

As with every game you've played, there is always the starting screen(duh). The title screen for Babysitter isn't really that pleasing to the eyes. Although it is a little taste of what the game will present to you(in terms of the adult aspect). The font for the headline is so tacky. Like it wasn't made with too much effort in a free font creator website. Everything is straight to the point with the title screen, so you pea-brain fuckers shouldn't get confused.

You wake up in a rather plain-looking room disturbed by the sound of an annoying buzzing. This is the time where they introduce to you how the interactive dialogue works in the game. It's basically your typical simple choice-making scenes where your choice will probably have an impact on the outlook of your gameplay. Though they aren't huge decisions, so you don't have to particularly be careful whenever you take your pick.

The buzzing was just your phone ringing. You pick your phone up to hear your sister' s(Monica) voice, asking for you for the empty room in your apartment as a favor but not for herself. Monica goes on about the details of her argument with her daughter. Like how she wanted her daughter to go to college, but she refuses to because she wants to be independent and finally have a job and work.

So you, as her very loving uncle, have to help her look for a job and take care of her under your roof because well, you're family. After the whole conversation has ended, you now have the opportunity to look around your apartment and get yourself adjusted to the way you navigate around the house and how you interact with items. These interactions will become a trigger for your chances to have a go at your niece - as a true inbred redneck would do.

You're not getting much out of the first few minutes of your gameplay because it is a visual novel. So, you need to go through the agonizing dialogue with a shit load of clicking, as you would do with any interactive visual novel. You'll get chances to act as a genuine pervert when you have the interactive scenes with your niece; your choices will definitely affect how the scene plays out - so act as a pervert or as any normal person, it's all up to you.

Still Under Development

If you do like the Babysitter game by T4bbo, then you should definitely check out his Patreon page for his other content or continue to support him when he's further developing the Babysitter game. Like any other Patreon page, you can just support T4bbo with only a dollar, and that's probably enough to keep him developing. If you want to donate more, then go ahead, but can you unemployed shut-in losers really afford to do that? I don't think so.

What I Like About Babysitter

There's not much you could go wrong with a properly developed Interactive Visual Novel like Babysitter. Considering how this game is independently developed is pretty commendable, so you shouldn't really expect too much out of it. If you just want to have a good read and keep yourself occupied with anything adult related, then this is probably a good bet for you to do so.

The use of 3D models - not just with the characters but for the entire scenery, ensures that the art is always consistent, albeit kind of low quality. So that was a good thing to acknowledge. With that being said, the art was consistent and pretty average all the way through, so I had no major issue with the whole look of the game. There's nothing much to praise about it because everything is quite generic - with minor differences between characters like hair and clothes.

The storyline is well written, so there's no problem with that either. It progresses at a steady rate in-line with the same speed that the player goes at(duh). The dialogue between characters is average, so I won't have any issues with that either. The interactions with the different women, however, is quite commendable. They give you the full option to go down the perverted route or progress through the game normally.

What I Don't Like About Babysitter

Since this is a review, I do have to present to you the negatives. Regardless of making the game look as playable or not. The negatives outweigh the positives because it's more than just the generic pros and cons, and rather more tailored to the whole game as it is. I don't care if you cabbage brained shitheads really care about this part because you just want to play the damn porn game. Still, I am going to present them. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Firstly, there are no animations present whatsoever. So if you're the type to jack it off to animated girls on your screen, then sorry, buddy. This isn't the game for you. Despite the use of 3D models, the developer didn't make use of animations to make the whole adult aspect of the game even better(which is desperately needed). So you're going to be disappointed if you were expecting a meat-beating extravaganza.

Secondly, since Babysitter is an interactive visual novel, you are going to have a bad time with just the clicking. Because let me tell you now, it's going to be a left-clicking hell for you, buddy. With all of the dialogue you have to go through and the interactive scenes you have to click through. It's going to be an effort to go through the entire game unless you actually have a passion for finishing this low-quality game.

Thirdly, I don't really see a clear objective for the game. I feel as if the game doesn't really present you with a reward once you've gone through the whole visual novel. If you have the time to jack off to fucking long ass visual novels, then I suggest you use that time to just look for regular porn on the internet. That'll be way better than having to endure the pain of clicking and reading a fuckton.

Lastly, my whole experience playing was kind of shit. I mean, I should have expected as much, since I am particularly biased against visual novels(especially the interactive ones). I had to do too much reading - because even though you can skip the dialogue, you're going to miss out on some information, so that's a huge fucking bummer. Having to look at the fucking generic 3D images for a long time was a damn pain in the ass.


I couldn't really find myself enjoying the game because the format is kind of boring to me. The art, dialogue, storyline, and the game overall lacked any kick in order for me to truly enjoy it for the game that it is. Though the game did its best to keep its players interactive, it failed to give its players the motivation to go all the way to the end of the game. I am one of those players, solely for the fact that it wasn't anything special as a visual novel.

PornGames likes Babysitter

  • Art is consistent
  • The whole game is simple
  • The players get to be interactive
  • The storyline is average
  • The writing is okay

PornGames hates Babysitter

  • No animations at all
  • A fuckton of shit to read
  • A fuckton of shit to click
  • The art was low quality
  • Poor gaming experience