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Anna Exciting Affection

This game is a combination of several things I’ve already seen a million times, and no, I am not complaining. This right here is proof that some genres of porn games do not need to change, because they’re perfect for fapping purposes. Sure, this game ain’t winning any contests any time soon, but when I wanna get my dick hard, I can choose to go on a pornographic adventure for two hours while I have to listen to some bitch talk about her feelings.

Or, I could fire up Anna Exciting Affection and see titties within the first 3 minutes of the game. Which of those two would you pick? I know what I prefer. Look, if you’re a nerd and you like being swept up in deep storylines and intricate puzzles with a ton of narrative and voice-overs, that’s your thing. Hell, you could play games like that during the day. It’s not that creepy. Just don’t play them on the bus. But, when it comes to late-night faps, before you wanna crash for the day and just have yourself a very deep sleep, you need fap material. That’s what this game is—Fap material.

That 3D Smut You Love

This right here is a game that’s jam-packed with the kind of 3D content that we’ve come to expect in “current year”. I know I’ve been drilling the point home for years, but I stand by my opinion – smut got better when porn developers started stuffing their games chock-full of 3D renders of hot realistic-looking bitches. Until then, the most porn you could get out of a porn game was just seeing some hentai in-between some random ass combat. Or, there would be no combat, and it would literally be a hentai movie with buttons that seem to do something, but you’re too busy fapping to figure out what.

That shit turned the fuck around with the advent of hot 3D bitches, and here they are in Anna Exciting Affection, ready to give you the hardest boner of your life. You see the very first girl at the start of the game. She’s your playable character, and she is to die for. I mean, I don’t swoon over just any girl, mind you. I fuck tens on the daily. Still, I gotta give mad respect to game developers and specifically modelers who manage to craft women that look so fuckable; they put real pussy to shame.

It’s not just that she has giant breasts. It’s not only her perfectly symmetrical face, blue eyes, and long flowing hair. It’s her ass, ok. It is very much her ass. Her ass looks like it was crafted by an international team of air-traffic engineers who wanted to perfect the ultimate landing strip for my cock. They wanted to make sure that when I see that ass, even if I’m like off the ground, I can’t resist but swan dive, cock-first towards the gap between those cheeks.

So Much Smut, Though

When I first got my hands on this game, I was very confused at seeing that it was over five GB in size. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve seen bigger games, it’s just, I knew the game wasn’t animated and rigged. There’s no way to animate and rig a game of these proportions and have it be free. I mean the shit’s Patreon funded. Do you think that donations are enough to fuel a proper triple-A title with fully animated 3D models that look hotter than your mom? No, funding isn’t enough for that shit.

As it turns out, I was right about the game not being animated. It’s still just a slideshow of sorts. There’s also gameplay in the form of 2D retro RPG inspired exploration, but I’ll get into that later. The point is, the game features pre-rendered images. So why in all shits was it so large? Well, unlike most other games I’ve played in this exact same fucking genre, they pre-rendered a full-screen HD scene for every single fucking part of every single fucking encounter. That’s a lot of smut, my dude. I’m sure they used a modern and powerful computer to render these, but I gotta wonder how long it fucking took them to get through this many renders.

These are the kind of hard-working boys and girls that go way out of their way to get you hard and keep you hard. I’ve played similar porn games with hotter smut and long, complicated storylines, but if you compare the amount of smut in those to this game, it would be embarrassing.

Take Lust Epidemic, for instance. Same style, same approach to fucking around, hell, they even got the same 2D gameplay in-between the sex scenes. But, that game comes with one sex scene per maybe 10 minutes of gameplay and that one sex scene is short. You get one camera angle, one set of models, one piece of smut, and that’s it. They move the dicks around a bit, maybe jiggle the titties here and there, then bounce you back to the 2D gameplay. That’s some disappointing math. They get a little wilder towards the endgame, but fuck that; I want to be drowning in smut from the get-go.

The Gameplay

All right, it’s time to say some mean shit about this game. I hate the gameplay. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it. I’ve seen the exact same style in a thousand other porn games, but there, it actually meshed well with the smut. Like, if you’re playing a hentai game and you get to see hentai babes in-between anime-inspired turn-based combat, that kind of shit meshes well together.

In this game, you get realistic 3D renders of hot ass bitches; then you get bounced to a 2D exploration game with what appears to be free RPG Maker assets. Oh and get this, the assets might be retro RPG, but they used Ren’Py to build the game, because that’s easier to code in, I guess.

The game is technically a visual novel, even though you get to explore the world manually by walking around. The meat of the gameplay happens during the conversations that you don’t actually have any say in. They just sort of play out on screen. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I guess they were struggling to figure out a way to turn their art into a game, since they were amazing at making 3D models, but had no idea how to actually make you feel like you’re influencing the game world.

I don’t judge them too harshly, because one way or another, they managed to give us this amazing gem of a smut game. The gameplay might look rough around the edges, but while I moved by bitch around, I always felt like hot sex scenes were just around the corner. My boner did not go down while I played this game. That’s exactly how I judge whether a porn game is worth playing or not, and this game passed my test with flying colors.

The Story

Ok, confession time. I’m that much of a freak that I didn’t pay any attention to the story. I literally skipped ahead until I got to the smut, but that’s my problem. You don’t have to be an attention lacking fuckwit like me. Instead, you can play this game right and actually read the dialogues, because they kind of matter, I think.

First of all, the story of this game is long as shit. There are literal hours of gameplay here. I am genuinely blown away by the scope of this gem. So, you play as this slut called Anna, and she’s just a general all-around cunt. She cheats on her boyfriend with a ton of dudes, and she’s always looking for her next lay. In other words, I love her very much. I don’t throw that word around, so you know I’m serious.

The story has a bunch of branching paths, so you get a lot of replay value, and in true Ren’Py fashion, you can skip shit that you’ve seen before. This is the kind of porn game you have to have on your PC; you have no excuse.

If you’re looking for a porn game that comes with tons of replayability and an endless stream of pussy that’s constantly in your face, well, my friend, you’ve found it. If you manage to fall in love with this game and you want more, make sure to check out the developer’s Patreon. They work hard to bring new updates to the game, and you get them sooner if you’re pledging—happy fapping.

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  • Amazing 3D renders
  • Ridiculously long playtime
  • Branching story paths
  • It’s free to play