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Acting Lessons Game

Are you done playing Being A Dik and looking for a game that will somehow level the storytelling, visuals, and aesthetic of Being A Dik? Well, well, well, the developer, DrPinkCave might have something new in store for you. He is cooking this game called Acting Lessons. Yeah, it seems like a boring title and probably does not have some hot scenes that will keep your dick hard while playing the game. But do not fucking judge, yet you might miss something out because of your low IQ judgment.

Acting Lessons have something that will fucking blow your tiny brain. This game features, anal sex, masturbation, exhibitionism, creampie, cheating, footjob, group sex, oral sex, teasing, vaginal sex, titfuck, throwing some graphic violence on the mix. Hold up. If that does not make your dick hard, I know the next things I mention will. What about bitches who have a big ass and big tits. Yeah, you can have that in this game. I hope you prepare your dick and your hand for this wild ride that you are about to enter.

What will make your brain go numb is the realistic 30-centimeter dick you have. Yes, you read that right, you will have a 30 cm dick, and that will make the fucking whores keep on coming back to you. The great fucking and riding. What will keep you playing this game is its stunning plot. DrPinkCake gave us the Being A Dik that fucking blow all of our brain cells because of its excellent storyline, and it seems like no one can stop him because he just did that again with Acting Lessons.

What In The Hell Is This Game All About

Before you get too high with the idea of this new game. I want you all fuckers to stay your goddamn feet on the ground, keep your ears clear, and your brain empty for storing this new knowledge. This game would require your strength and mind power to surpass the obstacles. This game may be an excellent time for you to practice some skills in making a girl fall in love with you and, at some point, can be applied in your real life because dude, your situation is hopeless. The girls seem to be distant to you unless you're paying.

Like all other Visual Novel games, the story centers on you. You will be critical motherfucking characters in this game, which will make all the crucial and essential decisions that affect everything that surrounds you. You are a middle-aged man who has a background in cryptocurrency trading. For those, you do not know what the fuck is cryptocurrency is… The google is free, search the fuck out of it. Do not fucking rely your trifling ass on me to educate you all uneducated swine.

So, you will somehow narrate the story of how the fuck you meet this bitch, Megan. How the motherfucking sparks fly and the butterfly on the stomach kind of feeling. And those things happened during a life-changing day in your life. It seems pretty promising, right. A typical story of a man meets a girl and probably live happily fucking ever after. Well, maybe not happily ever after because that only fucking happens in a movie or children's book, but what the fuck, your choices will determine that shit.

This bitch, Megan, is an ambitious whore who cannot even get her life straight. This motherfucking cunt, Megan, is playing hard to get a type of slut also though her pussy is the only thing she got in her miserable life. So the bitch is on the tips of despair, and it is crawling into her. She is out of her luck, and she is fucking desperate for help. And this time, you will be the fucking knight and shining armor that will lend a helping hand to her or not. Again it is your motherfucking choice.

The trollop Megan wants to be an actress, and she can't do this on her own. She is fucking dependent and does not have any talent. Because all bitch should just stay at home, serve their husband, prepare a meal, do laundry, wash the dishes, and get pretty for their husband. All they have to do fucking do is give their husband pleasure and baby. How hard is that? To sit still and look pretty. That is what will happen if you are too ambitious, and you get your head wrapped around the notion that everyone can do anything. Guess what. You can't

But, in this game, in Acting Lesson, you will get to decide if you let that ambitious whore got rotten in a rat-infested alleyway or show some benevolence by helping her get what she desperately wants which is to be an actress. So, the thing is will be there at her side and lend your helping hands. At the time that she needs it the most, or you do not have to do that. But you want her, and you want to fuck her brain out but before doing all that. You must have to win her heart.

The Game-motherfucking-play

You might want to know this or not, but you will fucking read this anyway because you re so horny that you will eat everything I fed you. Thus, the game Acting Lessons is a decision-based game in which the player can be named to your own liking, and then you can also select one of out of the three different traits. These traits are the Athletic denotes that a kind of quality that you do not possess. The charismatic trait which also a characteristic that you not fucking possess because you are so dull that you are left out or forgotten in every given situation.

Then, lastly, the well-read trait. Actually, you can read but not that well, but still, I'll give you that credit. Whatever trait you choose, it is up to you, but take note, you can only select one attribute. Each trait will lead you to a different option during the game and, thus, leads you to a mixed reaction affecting how the characters in the game perceive you. This denotes that your choices will fuel this game. Everything you decide will affect anything and everything in the game, so if you fucked up or messed up, it is all because of you.

There are relationship stats that are hidden at every end of the episode. It will display a summary of choices, the good and the bad it is all there. It also presents the feelings of the characters towards you. If they feel that you are an asshole or a goody, goody two shoe freak, or maybe you are a great person. Whatever it is, it will be reflected at the end of the episode. The main plot of the game is to nurture that blossoming flower between you and the bitch Megan, who is too ambitious for her own good.

As you go deeper into the story, this will unfold things. There are characters; some of them are also eligible for romantic affinities and encounters. Like, you are not the only character who can get to have a romantic and sexual relationship. One great thing in this game is that there is this choice where you get to choose if you can form a strong relationship with your best friend, Liam. When I said relationship, it is not in a romantic kind of way you thirsty ass psycho. The Acting Lesson also features an okay level type of sound effects and music.


Acting Lesson is a sort of fine game. It is okay, not that bad at all. Probably I just got spoiled with the animation of Being a Dick that this game is not really it for me. Do not get me wrong the storytelling in this game is fucking great. But this is not the animation that I expected since DrPinkCake seems to destroy the bar with the fucking animation on Being a Dick, and I was just left thinking how could DrPinkCake has a god-tier game to okay tier game. Acting Lessons has potential if improved, but for now, it's okay.

PornGames likes Acting Lessons Game

  • The storytelling in this game is top-tier
  • as expected with DrPinkCake.
  • The initiation of the sex scenes in the story has depth to its story
  • and the characters not like most of the lewd games. Thumbs up for that.
  • The fact that I have a 30 cm dick is pretty wild and the tons of vaginas that I can fucking destroy with it.

PornGames hates Acting Lessons Game

  • The wrong spellings in the game are a major turn off
  • There is a lot of nudity but with a little animation
  • The fact that the fucking game ends on a cliffhanger (I probably deserved that)
  • There are some glitches in the game