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A Wife And Mother

This right here is another high-quality 3D porn game made by some guy who doesn’t know the first thing about coding, and this really doesn’t matter at all. I am beyond grateful for all the popular porn game engines that make porn game development a breeze, because we all know already that it’s the graphics that makes porn games worth playing. I don’t play the latest porn games for innovations in physics and gripping gameplay. I just want to see some tits and maybe make some choices along the way. That’s why I’m always overjoyed to see a new porn game made by a guy who knows exactly how to draw a pair of tits and write a decent story.

In this game, we’ve got ourselves a bit of novelty, especially in the 3D dating genre. I’ve shown you guys a lot of games that look like this one; it’s a popular genre these days. I haven’t, however, shown you many 3D porn dating sims in which you play as a chick, and that’s usually because this would mean you’d have to seek out dudes. That’d be kind of gay. Now, in A Wife and Mother, there are a few dudes you can romance, plus the main character is married with kids, right off the bat. But, overall, you’re playing as an omniscient narrator who can occasionally fuck with her decisions, making her sluttier and a lot more interesting to control.

A Simple Start

All right, let’s dig into the story real quick. You play as Sophia Parker, a happily married MILF who is slowly growing bored of her mundane life. That is, until her husband accepts a new job which uproots his family and moves them out by the beach, in a sunny and tropical city that’s hustling and bustling with people that she may or may not end up fucking.

Sophia is a real nerd of a MILF, having been a college lecturer and a teacher in the past. Everyone on her side of the family is also a proud nerd, so breaking her and turning her into a proper whore is going to be damn good fun. It’s a good thing she’s got some natural proclivity for some naughty action, even if she has never experimented with these urges before. That’s what you’re here for. You, the ever-present little voice in her head, will push her in just the right way to get her to open up to her wildest desires.

Some Fun Mechanics

The game is built around making choices. Most of these are basically silent dialogue paths that you can choose mid-conversation, though; you’ll sometimes use them to direct her around the city or around her house. Like, there was this one scene when she’s just chilling around the house later in the day, and their maid was dusting off the living room. The maid was, of course, wearing a sexy maid outfit, because this is a porn game and it would make less sense if she was dressed sensibly.

You get to choose whether Sofia sneaks a peek at the maid’s tight little ass while she’s working or just ignore her altogether. This is the kind of shit that slowly edges Sofia into lewder behavior as the game progresses. As far as I can tell, the game rewards you with “good wife” points for being a boring old prude and “filthy” points for doing actual interesting shit. They cancel each other out, so for the love of all that is holy, do not rack up “good wife” points unless there is something seriously wrong with the way that you consume MILF porn. If you’re the type of dumbass who watched porn movies to the end to see if the couple gets married eventually, you might end up with a hefty supply of “good wife” points. For all the normal people in the audience, by all means, filth it up.

There’s also another stat, and coincidentally, it’s my favorite one to gather. It’s dubbed “lesbian temptation”, and boy is it interesting. Basically, whenever there are hot chicks around, Sofia can give in to her temptation to check them out and pursue them sexually. It starts innocently enough, with a glance here and a handshake there, but if you play all of your cards right, pussies are going to be rubbing against each other by the end of the day.

You could also be a complete fucking dumbass and play her straight, but if you do that, then you’re basically ensuring that your main character is only good for finding cock. I don’t want to play a game in which I’m looking for cock. It’s bad for my peace of mind. The last time I played a game like that, I had nightmares in which cocks were falling on me from the sky. I do not want to relive that trauma.

The Game’s Huge

If you read the Patreon behind A Wife and Mother, you might get the vibe that it’s being maintained by a child with no understanding of professional porn game development behavior. Seriously, the whole damn thing is rampant with promises and exaggerations. If I had read this shit when it first came out and had no backers, I would have condemned it to the depths and never returned.

But, it would appear that would have been a hasty mistake. This guy might talk like an excited kid, but he works hard on what he believes in. He’s constantly making new 3D renders for new versions of the game, and this is making the game itself a pretty gigantic and entertaining experience. The game’s currently at version 0.95, which I suppose means that it’s 95% complete, but with new updates coming in every month or two, that means that by the time you read this review, it might be a complete story.

Either way, I’ve played a ton of what’s available so far, and I loved it. The developer, if you can call him that, seems to have done everything on his own so far, including the writing. If that’s the case, then kudos to him, because I found the writing to A Wife and Mother to be very serviceable. It’s not award-winning or anything, but when those lesbian scenes kick in, by golly, it’s more than enough to get me going.

The developer has noted that he expects the very final version of the game to have over 10 thousand stills, and I believe that he’s getting very close to this number, currently. Plus, he’s getting close to a certain funding goal on his Patreon, after which he should convert the entire game from 720p to 1080p. Normally, you’d be able to choose your own resolution, but in a game with pre-rendered scenes, this is out of the question. What you see is what you get. 720p isn’t exactly something worth complaining over, but with 4K screens slowly becoming a standard, it is a bit embarrassing.

Worth Every Replay

Given that this game is all about the different choices and there are a lot of choices to be made, it’s definitely worth replaying. There are so many sex scenes that you can unlock, depending on who you romance. Playing A Wife and Mother over and over again is always going to feel satisfying. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, the whole thing is made in Ren’Py, which means you can always ultra-skip your way past dialogue that you’ve read before.

Hell, I’m willing to bet that you’d be firing up this bad boy over and over again to see the same scenes that you’ve unlocked before, just because they’re that fucking hot. Plus, they look so much better in-game where they’re basically uncompressed. Watching a video of A Wife and Mother just does not do it justice. I also wouldn’t recommend that you watch a video of the game, because that way you miss out on the opportunity to make your own choices. You gotta watch someone else pave the way for you. That’s boring shit.

Don’t be one of those guys. The game is absolutely free, so why not grab a copy? Sure, it’s kind of huge, but that’s the price you pay for having really high quality renders packed into a masterpiece of a game.

I don’t want you to look at A Wife and Mother and think it’s some sort of female fantasy in which you have to identify as the playable chick. The female character is still very much separated from you as the omniscient protagonist. If anything, you’re playing as the devil on her shoulder, pushing her into bad decisions. And, by bad decisions, I, of course, mean, naughty decisions. What’s not to love? Pick it up for free today and dive right into all the smut.

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  • Tons of sex scenes
  • A lot of great writing
  • New updates come out frequently
  • High quality 3D renders

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  • Nothing at all