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Sex Games

Hold your dicks tight and your pussies close as you would need to brace yourselves for what delivers. If you’re wondering what the fuck is this site about, then let me break it down to you so that even an idiot would understand. The first thing that you should know is that the website and all of its contents are absolutely FREE, there’s no registration or subscription needed to gain access to their massive archive.

Anyway, if you haven’t guessed what the website is about, then you’re a complete idiot because everything you need to know about the site is already on the goddamn title. Anyway, is, as you already know, a website that has a list of many hentai games for the horny infidels to enjoy. Their list of porn games is so massive that it would make you feel like there’s no end to it because the list is still growing as they’re adding more games every day.

What To Expect In

I’m a dedicated gamer, and if you don’t believe me, then you can go fuck yourself. Anyway, gamers and fans alike all want one thing, and that is CONTENT, and numbers speak for themselves. exceeded all expectations as they provided us with a seemingly never-ending list of titles to choose from. Sexgames is not a website for a particular game, but a host for hundreds of unique hentai games, not to mention that they add new games on a weekly basis.

If you’re looking for the best title available on the website, you can navigate the page and get to the Top Rated section of the hentai games. Once I was in, my heart fucking stopped because I was stunned as to why there’s so fucking many! Don’t get me wrong; it’s actually refreshing to see a wide selection of hentai games that are all unique in their own way. Unlike other sites that have an extensive list of games, but almost all of them are fucking the same in some way.

Reviewing The Games In General

There are seemingly countless game titles found in, I can’t possibly review all of them one by one, so I’ll be reviewing all of the games as a whole. Anyway, all of the games enlisted in the massive archive are all fan-made games, so don’t expect them to have the best graphic quality. All of the games require Flash Technology for you to play them in your private browser. However, I’m quite thankful that because of the basic graphics of the games, anyone can play it on any browser, regardless of how fucking lame their gaming rig is. Some of the games would take more than a minute to load, but it’s not an issue unless you’re a fucking impatient son of a bitch.

The Layout And Navigation

Now let’s get to the essential part about a website, which is the layout, and navigation system. I’m quite nitpicky, but when it comes to the layout of, it’s a bit bland and outdated as the creators of the never even fucking bothered to improve the quality of the design, It’s like they don’t give a single fuck on what the user initially sees as they open the website. However, if you’re one of the people who doesn’t care about this kind of thing, then then I would consider the layout of to be fine...I guess.

Anyway, the navigation system of the site is excellent, considering how massive the archive of porn games is. Aside from the numerous pages where they list all of the porn games, they also have a feature, which is located at the bottom, to completely list out all of the games available for a convenient way of navigating through the massive list of hentai games. From newly released games to various diversities of porn games, the website covers all of it. Not to mention that the site has a rating system for the games, in which it’s all based on the average rating of all the users who played the game. Therefore, I’m certain that there would be no fucking idiot game maker who pays the website author to put their content on top of the list and ends up as a shitty game.

What I Like About This Site

Oh, boy! Where the fuck do I begin? As there’s so much to love about Anyway, it’s already a huge advantage when the website has a huge list of hentai games, but the best part of it is that keeps releasing more games every now and then. At the time you’re reading this, the list of hentai games is already more than a thousand, thus having more games to enjoy.

Hold on for a moment, because there’s more, so sit the fuck down and pay attention. If you’re like me who only plays pornographic games to use it as a means to jerk off my dick, then you’re going to fucking love this feature. Although not all of it, each of the games has its own walkthroughs available as you open the page of the game you desired. Do you know what that means? You don’t get to go through all of the dialogue, minigames, puzzles, and some other shit just to let your character fuck the sex-driven bitches in the game, because you can easily get to that part with the help of a guide.

And one more thing, because of the website’s archive system, it’s really easy to find the games that you’re looking for. Not to mention that maintained its transparency by not requiring the users to register to gain access to their massive list of hentai games. Oh? Did I forget anything? Oh fuck, the most important part, ALL OF IT IS FUCKING FREE!

My Recommendations To Improve The Site

Well, don’t get me wrong, having a huge list of pornographic games is always a fucking plus, but the problem is that almost all of the games are not in high quality. But wait! There’s more. The annoying thing when seeing a lot of games available is that when it lacks having an animated preview for the thumbnails. I mean, if I were to open the site and find a game that I might jerk off to, I would want to see a fucking sneak preview of what I’m about to play.

To be honest, the biggest threat that the website faces is that the advertisements are fucking out of control, which could result in the users leaving the site. So, I recommend that all of the advertisements on the website should be toned the fuck down because it’s really fucking annoying that when you’re jerking off to some good porn, then an ad suddenly appears. Not to mention that there are times when the ad is completely unrelated to the website or to the very game you’re playing. However, the ad is easily avoidable, but the fact that it’s there still annoys me.


Usually, when people go to porn sites or porn game sites for that matter, users usually pick one game to jerk off to, and that would be the end of it. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for me as I spent countless fucking hours playing the games, and I didn’t even fucking notice it until it was too late. Read it again; I’m not complaining, I spent countless hours on it because I fucking enjoyed it too much.

Truth be told, I can’t actually think of any other problems with the website, except for the fact that there are absolutely no games that are of high quality. It’s like no one gave a single fuck about the overall quality of the games, but I can’t deny the fact that the games are still quite enjoyable. I mean, who the fuck plays an erotic, uncensored, sex-filled game, and not enjoy it? Even if the quality of the games is less than average, the content is more than enough to satisfy the need to fucking cum all over your bed.

Overall, the website is filled with everything you need to relieve some built-up stress in your dick...I mean, your body. So, If you want to have some fun, I suggest giving a try and experience some of the games available. I promise you; you won’t fucking regret it.

PornGames likes Sex Games

  • A seemingly endless list of sex games!
  • A convenient way of navigating through the site
  • Registration is not needed to gain access
  • There are walkthroughs available
  • A crapload of partner sites
  • IT’S FREE!

PornGames hates Sex Games

  • The layout is quite bland and outdated
  • Thumbnails don’t have a sneak preview
  • Not all games are of high quality
  • Annoying advertisements