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Mark my words, there will never be too many websites like PornGames.Games! Hereafter, I’m just going to call this site PornGames, but I’ll capitalize it. All right? Now, this is one of my favorite types of websites, and every single time I see that a new one has cropped up, I pop a pride boner. I am proud of whoever the fuck made this website. They’ve done their job quite well. So, what is this site all about? Well, it’s a mix between the old-school Flash game websites and modern sites that try to find free and fresh porn games for you to play on PC.

<h3>Gaming on the Move</h3>

Disclaimer: None of these games are PC exclusives. I don’t want you to misunderstand. Most, if not all, of these games were made for PC originally, but they were made on game engines that make it possible for them to also run on a browser. That’s the whole point of this site. <strong>You can play new and exciting PC porn games, but within your browser and on any device that supports standard internet crap</strong>. In other words, you can play these games on a smart fridge. I don’t see why you would do that, but who am I to judge?

The point is, they weeded out all of the games that are impossible to play in a browser and made a huge list of games that you can enjoy on the fly. They also made some efforts to optimize the games to load faster than their downloadable PC counterparts. I’ve seen some of these games in their native form, and they were a lot slower to load. I mean, they took a few seconds to boot up, but these games all load within one second. I haven’t found a single one that actually takes a while to start up.

<h3>Great Selection of Games</h3>

Ironically, they load much quicker than antiquated flash games that only have about five minutes worth of gameplay. These games come with hours of fun. Well, some of them do. There are a few short titles here and there, but I was praising the creator of this site earlier for a good reason – they made sure to curate this list and only include quality games worth playing. That being said, they skimped out on games with quality stories – they only included games with quality gameplay. The games with longer stories can be found on other sites, like on my website across all of my lists.

This website focuses more on the quick and easy titles that you can pour time into while you’re on the toilet or on your way to work. You could probably also jerk off to these games while you’re in the bathroom at work. Beating your meat beats doing your actual job every time. Besides, a healthy virile man needs to blast a load at least once a day, so if you’re not a nightly man, you should probably squeeze in a fap during your lunch break. Or hell, just get up out of your chair and walk to the bathroom. They can’t stop you from taking a shit, so they can’t stop you from fapping either. Just make sure to wear your headphones because most of these games have sound.

<h3>Very Well Designed</h3>

Let’s talk about the site’s design a bit. It’s simple as shit, and I like it that way. The majority of the screen is reserved for the actual games. You get some links on top that lead to game categories, so you can sort through this shit, but for the most part, I’d recommend you just avoid those. There’s nothing wrong with proper tagging, but these games are so varied that there’s no chance you get stuck in a repetitive loop - all the games are different. If you don’t like what you see, just go to the next page. The main page loads the games by the date they were added, as far as I can tell, so that’s probably the best way to find something interesting.

There is a downloads section with a handful of games that you can download to your computer, going against the point of all the other countless games on the site. I find this funny because they’re quite literally only a handful. There’s, literally, no point to this section. The games are hosted on the site, so I guess the owner didn’t want to turn his platform into a free downloads section for people to link to and abuse. That’s understandable. Still, it’s funny that you’d have a downloads section on a porn game site with such a meager selection. They should have just stuck to the online-only games. They more than make the website worth visiting.

<h3>Tons of Goodies</h3>

You’ll also notice that there’s a blog, presumably for SEO reasons, but it’s a damn fine blog as far as I can tell. The writing isn’t anything to write home about, but then again, neither is mine. I ain’t no wordsmith; I’m a cock-smith. But the topics they cover are damn interesting. <strong>It’s a 50/50 split between random porn news and specific porn game reviews</strong>. So, they’re very much dabbling into my territory. My reviews are much longer, though. I also go far deeper on account of my significantly longer penis. I’m kidding. Their blog is great, and it’s very well written. It’s not just tacked on for SEO; It’s actually worth reading through.

The rest of the menus on the top of the site might as well not be there. They’re all redirects outside of the PornGames domain. I’m guessing they’re just paid affiliate marketing links. They’re also somewhat misleading. Speaking of misleading, I have a slight issue with the main porn games list on this site that I have to point out. All of the games in the last two rows at the bottom of the page are not actual game links. They’re ads masquerading as porn games. They even have fake titles and thumbnails to trick you into clicking on them, but they all lead to random outside locations that have nothing to do with what you were expecting to see.

<h3>Avoid the Spam</h3>

So, in other words, avoid the final two rows on every page and jump into the next page when you get to them. They’re not real games; they’re redirects. You can mouse over them to see this for yourself without having to click on them. I’m just trying to protect your boner here. No one hates redirects more than I do, especially when I’m trying to fap. That’s why my site doesn’t have any ads whatsoever. I guess not everyone can afford to be as awesome as I am, though.

I think that about covers everything you need to know about this aptly named site, PornGames. They nabbed an outstanding domain and filled it with a ton of games that you can enjoy on the fly from any device. They did a great job with the site design, keeping everything grey and muted so that you can focus on the screenshots, and they don’t charge you anything to use the site.

You don’t even have to log in or anything. Hell, you can’t log in. This site doesn’t have any user functionality. You can just start open a game, and you’re on your way. The games even save your progress within browser cookies, which are, of course, anonymous. So, you don’t have to worry about, well, anything really. This is a damn fine site, and you should probably bookmark it if you often find yourself horny and in the mood for some smut games.

I do think that most of these games are better on mobile than they are on PC, simply because of their interfaces. Most of them you’d probably enjoy in landscape mode, though there are a few vertical ones that look dumb on PC but run like a dream on mobile. Either way, the games are top-notch, and they’re about as great as you can make them while also allowing them to run entirely in-browser without any downloads.

Sadly, the site doesn’t have a mobile app version, only a mobile browser version, but it works just fine. I tried it on my phone, and it ran damn near precisely the same as it did on my PC. I didn’t notice any problems. Usually, I don’t like browsing websites on mobile as a general practice, but once an actual game loads, you can jump into full-screen and pretend you’re not inside on a browser, so that’s neat. I’m sure you’ll have a great time on PornGames.Games.

PornGames likes

  • Tons of awesome games
  • All available in-browser
  • Interesting blog posts
  • It’s all free to play

PornGames hates

  • Tiny downloads list