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My Sex Games! There are a lot of ways to fight boredom these days. In my case, I go online and browse through the myriad of porn games on the internet, play some of the lit shit, and then my boredom vanishes into thin air right away. Man, I just fucking love playing lewd games and beating my meat at the same time. Yes, that’s my kind of relaxing moment.

Lately, I discovered another website that hosts free sex games. I’m talking about According to the bold statement that you can see on the site’s homepage, they have the biggest collection of free porn games on the internet. Well, I say that it’s a huge claim, but this website has something to back it up.

Right now, there are over a thousand of porn games that you can play for free at My Sex Games! And it seems that the great people behind it won’t stop adding new shit into their website. They said that they would bring in new titles - whenever they find them - into the collection every week. Indeed, that sounds nice to the ears!

Now, if you want to learn more about, here’s my no-bullshit review on the site. So, hold your balls and keep on reading.

What the Website Looks Like

My Sex Games left its very first digital footprint when it was registered in 2005. That’s fucking fifteen years ago, and it indeed shows the first time I saw the old-school layout, color scheme, and logo of this website. If it not for the games with lots of fucking in them, I perhaps won’t stay long on this corner of the internet.

The website features a familiar grid of thumbnails that I often see on most browser game websites. The thumbnails showcase different styles of artwork, with a touch of realism here and there. Once you click these thumbnails with sexy images (tittie-licking, dick-riding, ass-fucking images) in them, it will lead you to the sex games that they represent, and then you fucking play the shit.

You can also hover your mouse on a thumbnail and read the description of the game. There are also stars and the number of views under the thumbnail images, which get you an idea if a particular game is lit or thrash.

I am a massive fan of Hentai, so the well-represented anime style of wide-eyed, big-tittied female characters really got my attention. Browsing through the thumbnails, I also noticed ridiculous porn parodies of Family Guy and Tarzan and freaks of nature cartoon characters done using MS Paint.

There were also scantily clad real women doing striptease - which were actually ads for a live chat platform that escaped my ad-blocker - at the lower-left corner of the homepage. For a website that has an old-school layout, I was very impressed by this modern form of advertising. These are fucking hot real women in these pop-up ads, man. So, it kind of stopped me from browsing and caused me to watch the busty girls doing their thing - dancing and stripping off in front of my computer screen, with the caption, “Get Me Now!”

Just by this ad alone, I was already getting a hard-on. Then, I remember I was on the site to try out the tons of sex games in it. I closed the ad and went back to my browsing.

No Search Bar

Well, by the way, there’s no search bar on this website. So, I had to scroll up and down to search for the games that I wanted to play. At the top, there were six categories (New Games, Top Rated, Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Dress Up, Cartoon) that, in a way, lessens the burden of looking for the game that I needed to try. But, again, there’s no fucking search bar!

We are now in 2021, and this site doesn’t even have a basic search feature. Damn! Moreover, there’s no way to sort through the titles once you click a category. It really pissed me off that I had to click on all of the pages to look for the game titles under a particular category. I think people behind can do their visitors a big favor if they only provide a way to filter the games down to make the site user-friendly.

If you discover a fantastic game on this website, you have to bookmark it right away so that you won’t have a hard time looking for it again.

Lots of Sexy Games

Perhaps the reason why the developers of this site didn’t put a search feature in it is to show users that they can find random gems just by browsing. I don’t know if it’s a good idea, though, but I can say that there are indeed a lot of great games in their porn game collection. In fact, the fun part of is the way you browse through a myriad of game titles and bump into a random game that you’ll come to love later.

I clicked the top-rated category to see what are the popular games played by the filthy visitors of My Sex Games. In fairness, this section has some great selection of titles, which I found very interesting and refreshing to play. They have unique gameplays, awesome sex scenes, and fucking sexy art for games that can be played through Flash. My top picks in this category are Strip Poker Night, Slave Lord, Pussy Trainer, Fuck Your Champion, and Re: Maid.

I just fucking love Re: Maid, man! Like almost all of the games on this website, this game requires you to install and enable Flash. If you’re worried about fake Adobe Flash Player Installer making rounds the world wide web right now, I’ve conducted a scan through the site, and I found there were no malware or viruses in it. So, stop your worry because it’s fucking clean.

Back to Re: Maid. This game is a Japanese dating simulator that has an exciting and twisted story. Once the game begins, there are text lines that set the plot and tone of the game. There are choices to be made in order to get the storyline going. As with most dating simulators, this game showcases lots of hentai female characters with curvy waists, big boobs, and meaty bums.

Rule 34 content is fucking heavy on this site. You can find all types of sex themes in the games. There are sex scenes that involve galactic monsters, college girls, lesbians, wizards, vampires, innocent-looking hentai babes, redhead virgins, and more. You can also play 3D games with fully detailed graphics that make the vaginas of the female hentai characters look real.

My Recommendations

Well, it’s obvious that the layout and overall aesthetics of need to be improved. I think the people behind this site should take cues of the modern designs of websites that provide adult content nowadays. Moreover, they should also add a search feature and filtering options to make it easy for users to navigate the site and look for the games that they want to play.

Yes, there are indeed lots of random games on this website, but it would be best if there are ways to filter the titles down and a search feature. It feels like hell going through a myriad of games to look for the lit shit. I think that the owner/s of this website have already rake in some cash from those seductive ads. They should at least use the money to improve the layout and add the recommended features for the benefit of the website’s users.

By the way, I have no complaints about the ads. Any website that provides free porn games should have the right to at least earn money from what they’re doing. Moreover, those current ads at add to the sexual explicitness of the site.

It’s also great to hear that My Sex Games is adding new titles every week. But, I recommend that they bring in more 3D games. There are a lot of gamers nowadays that don’t like to play games with cartoonish, low-quality graphics. So, I think they should also cater to these people.

Finally, I recommend that they add a chat room where gamers can communicate with fellow players. I think this feature will enable users to suggest improvements for the games or the site itself. A chat room will also help grow the community of gamers who play porn games at My Sex Games.

Takeaway is a website that hosts over a thousand of porn games for free. The games on this site have different sex themes, which is a big plus for gamers who want to enjoy great gameplay and raunchy storylines at the same time.

But I think there is still much to improve when it comes to the layout and overall aesthetics of the site. There should also be an addition of new features, such as a search bar and filtering options to make the website more user-friendly.

PornGames likes MySexGames

  • Over a thousand game titles
  • Free to play
  • Variety of the games

PornGames hates MySexGames

  • No search bar
  • Lack of filtering options
  • Poor layout