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With a title like Porn Games Hub, there shouldn’t really be any confusion about what this next site is all about. Somebody sent me a link this morning, and I started getting all hard and drippy even before I’d clicked my way through. As much as I love watching traditional porno movies and even shooting my own for PornDudeCasting, I still appreciate the deeper masturbatory immersion you can often achieve with a little bit of interactivity. I did have a few immediate questions, though, like what kind of games they were stocking and how much this was going to cost me.

Turns out, things were even better than I’d expected. <strong> is a thriving free collection of adult video games</strong>, so you can fap the whole day away without blowing all your money on gacha and DLC. (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Nutaku!) These guys have been building the stash since 2020, which doesn’t sound like long until you remember we’re talking internet years. With an easy and consistent 10 million visitors a month, it’s clear this ain’t some half-baked collection of bullshit. That’s why I made sure my new onahole was thoroughly lubed up before taking a look around.

What Should We Play Today?

PornGamesHub has clearly taken some inspiration from Pornhub, at least with regards to the name and the copycat logo. The overall format is different, video games rather than videos, but they do take a similar everything-goes approach, not limiting themselves to any particular kink, fetish or niche. As far as presentation goes, these guys are rocking a blog-style interface, which is pretty standard for a free porn game library. 

I’m not sure what blog platform they’re running, but Porn Games Hub hasn’t customized it with too many bells and whistles, nor have they polished it all that much. Besides the logo, they might be running the software straight out of the box. It ain’t ugly, but you can tell they’ve put a lot more time and effort into collecting the games than designing the layout.

So let’s talk about those games. Based on the front-page thumbnails, I initially thought PornGamesHub focused on realistic 3D games, but the selection runs much deeper than that. <strong>They’ve got all types of adult games, with all kinds of sex, framed in all sorts of scenarios</strong>. The current spread out front includes taboo family roleplay situations, hardcore BDSM, futanari fucking, harem simulators and elf chicks double-teaming on a dick.

The full menu of tags contains hundreds of entries related to game genres, fetishes, famous characters and their sources. The place is a goldmine of interactive X-rated parodies, with adult riffs on everything from Dragon Ball to Resident Evil to Pokemon. The kinks are deeply kinky, more akin to a hentai library than your typical free tube; Inflation, Vore, Giantess, Bukkake and Scat are featured alongside more traditional porn niches like MILF, Creampie, Cuckold and Lesbians.

The low, low price of nothing and the expansive range of games are going to be a couple of the biggest draws at, but you want to know what my favorite feature is? <strong>You can play these games right from your browser</strong>. Downloadable porn games are fun, don’t get me wrong, but they can sometimes be a real pain in the ass to install, with way more steps than you’d have to take on Steam. The games here can be played right now and ain’t going to take up space on your hard drive.

Porn Games Hub by the Numbers

I’ll be honest: before I became The Porn Dude and made masturbation my full-time job, I really had no idea how many porn games were out there. It’s something of an undersung niche, rarely mentioned by your buddies in drunken conversations about their porn preferences. I’m sure a lot of porn game fans don’t even realize how big the scene is, missing the size of the forest through the trees. is a fantastic example of this phenomenon. They’ve only been collecting games for a few years, but holy fucking shit, the archive is absolutely massive. They keep a total count in the search bar at the top of the screen, and right now they’ve got over 3600 games! If you get overwhelmed at the arcade just deciding where to spend your quarters, I hope you’ve put some time aside to explore this Hub.

It looks like they’re releasing new games every time they get ahold of one. There’s no set schedule, so while you don’t necessarily get a fresh game every day, they’re adding a nice handful of new games every week. In the past two weeks, they’ve added 15, including sexy fantasy RPGs, femdom trampling fantasies, cheating wife scenarios and fauxcest visual novels.

A few of the front-page thumbnail links didn’t seem to work when I clicked on them, but then I noticed the little “Sponsored” tag in the corner. While PornGamesHub has some ads disguised as content, they were literally the only ads that slipped through my adblocker today. Free porn sites are often spammier than free video tubes, but <strong>the ads ain’t a distraction here</strong>. Just keep an eye out for those “Sponsored” thumbnails, and you should always be using an anti-spam plugin, anyway. (Check out my list of Useful Software here at ThePornDude if you need a recommendation!)

Playing Porn Games at Porn Games Hub

One of the biggest drawbacks to my job is that when I visit a porn site, I often have to do a bunch of typing before I actually get to jack off. I’ll sit here getting harder and drippier by the minute, just looking without touching. Then, when it’s finally time to start stroking, I’m faced with another dilemma: where do I even start? is a lot easier to explore than porn game download sites, but I was still torn between interactive interracial hookups, hentai college experiences, group sex with Naruto characters, or a wild futa fuck fest. Ultimately, though, it was the footjob in the thumbnail for Buried Desires that drew me in.

A ton of the games on Porn Games Hub run on the Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine, and the logo popped up as this one loaded. The game was ready to play in 10 seconds or so, loading faster than I’d expected. I clicked the Start button beside the pair of sexy redheaded twins embracing.

If you’ve played visual novels before, the gameplay will be familiar. After picking a name and setting my preferences, a blonde therapist appeared on the screen. “At the school where you were teaching, there was a student who fell in love with you. But because of your morals, you tried to persuade her otherwise. Correct?” (In case you were wondering, this is college and all characters are at least 18 years old.)

I don’t want to spoil anything, but the intro was a hell of a lot darker than I’d imagined. My character was dealing with some serious trauma, and the chick with the boobs was helping me work my way through it. The buildup’s a lot slower than your typical fuck flick, but that’s realistic immersion for you. 

The interface at Porn Games Hub works so well that I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything I would have gotten if I’d downloaded and installed the game on my own machine. <strong>You can even save and load your game right from the web</strong>, all but eliminating any need you might have had to download the thing. You’re getting the full experience with even more convenience than usual.

I don’t know if game creators are making any money through PornGamesHub, though. If you find a pornographic visual novel, sexy platformer or X-rated RPG that really does it for you, I recommend looking for a Patreon link on the game’s menu page. Most of the creators are hobbyists creating these things in their spare time. Tossing a few bucks in the hat will help them develop more of those adult experiences you love so much. is an easy recommendation to video gamers looking for something a little easier to whack off to than anything on Nintendo Switch. The range of games is fantastic, the price is right, and their web-based interface is so convenient you may not ever download an adult video game again. It’s instantly accessible, with no signup or setup required at all, so what are you waiting for?

PornGames likes PornGamesHub

  • Free collection of adult video games
  • Play right from your browser – no downloads required
  • A wide selection of game types, scenarios and sex acts
  • 3600+ Games
  • Lots of updates every week
  • Minimal spam
  • Smooth interface with save/load options

PornGames hates PornGamesHub

  • So much wasted productivity due to masturbation