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Games Of Desire

GamesOfDesire! Yo. BestPornGames, here. Back at it again with a new review, motherfuckers - this time around featuring one of my personal favorites - website games. You all know what I’m talking about - websites that host Flash games but with a little sexy in them. Think Zynga, but porn. Oh yeah, let’s get it on, baby.

Ok, for you incessant pricks out there that don’t have the time to read this all up, here’s a quick summary: is the motherfucking bomb when it comes to erotic Flash games that don’t need you to put in that much effort. Happy now? Yeah, have some respect and read on. Not all things are about your pleasure, dumbass! Quit playing with your dick and read up!

Games of Desire markets itself as sex games and cartoon porn sites. The website is set up straightforwardly - yep, that means it’s no-frills, no-nonsense, you get what you came for kind of website. There’s no pretending that it’s classy. Because it knows class is the last thing that its patrons want. If you want a sex game website, I tell you now, moron - this is the website to be.

The site started as a blog way back in 2008. That’s an oldie but goodie to you, young’ uns. It featured dedicated adult Flash games then, and it still does that now.

For you creepers out there, that lets you know that no matter the place or the time or the set-up, people will look for sex. In any version of it, they can find. There’s nothing shameful about it because fuck religion and the Christian way of life! Do you know those priests and nuns of the Catholic church? I’d wager one or two of them know and subscribes to this site. Lol, the scandal, right?

But I digress. Games of Desire is a great website. From humble beginnings, it’s one of the most trusted adult game sites today. Not Pornhub level, of course, and they’re different sites, loser so there’s no comparison!

It’s one of the best Flash game sites for a good reason - the library of their games is second to none, the genres are all-encompassing, and there is a little something for everybody - no matter how uptight or loose or demented with your sexual desires you are. I’m not one to judge, but some of you motherfuckers out there are seriously deranged. I’m not going to go on a rant about sex and sexuality here, just go to the site and enjoy the games, motherfuckers!

Get The Games

Ok so. What you need to access Games of Desire is easy. The INTERNET, dumbass. The website hosts the games - all you need to do is have Internet access, then you can freely enjoy their offerings.

This goes without saying that you get Chrome because fuck Safari and Edge. You’ll need to have Flash enabled as well, because duh. You have the option to download the game or play it on the browser, though. I mean, that’s nice of them per se. But who in their right mind will want to download a Flash game? Maybe, noobs. LOL

Of course, you’ll need an account. After that, you’ll log in and have access to play the games hosted by the site itself. Blah blah blah. Some games will redirect you to other websites, like AdultWord3D. Not sure if you can use your Games of Desire account to play the games outside of it. I did not try. I was lazy, and because fuck that - there are lots of games to choose from that did not need me to undergo another account verification. So yeah, suck my dick.

When I say there are a ton of games, I mean, there are a fuck ton of games at your disposal. I’d bet you won’t finish checking the massive library out in a week. I kid you not - the genres and the games themselves are aplenty. Am I repetitive? Yeah, fuck you, it’s my review, and you’re just reading it.

The Games

So yeah. Part of Games of Desire’s attraction to me is the fact that you can just go to the site, select a random game, get your rocks off, and voila - you’re done for the day. From puzzles to 3D games, there are even fucking sexy quizzes if that’s your jam! Seriously, the site does not discriminate when it comes to variety.

Hentai in Puzzles 4 sounds exactly like what you expect the game would be. You get to rearrange a puzzle - an erotic animation of course, yeah like busty girls taking it up the ass and having the time of their lives, to sluts giving blowjobs with cums on their faces to creampies that good girls gone bad long for. I’d say if you were looking for the best aphrodisiac, this is the game for you. But come on - don’t get stuck with it because seriously, this is for 13-year olds who just started to masturbate! Give yourself some respect, brother.

Dominate Them All! is the game for lonely dick wads that may or may not have trouble getting the ladies in real-life. Perfect for all of us, huh? Who doesn’t have the experience of being rejected? In Dominate Them All, you live in New York and are betrayed by your girlfriend, because that slut was getting the D elsewhere. Then, you decide to conquer all the girls you meet by dominating them! And yeah - you get to play with these ladies hardcore!

Lust Hotel is an adventure-type game where our main character gets to inherit a hotel from her grandfather. Sounds like Hotel Rush of some sort? Oh yeah, the game plays like that - only, your girl will fuck her way up to the top! And she will service all she needs to in order to get that coin. A real hustler, if you ask me!

Quickie, A Love Hotel Story takes you to a place and situation that almost entirely exists in your fantasies! You’re basically meeting a girl in a hotel and have your fucking ways with her in a short amount of time. Great if you’re up for something quick, and you can even make this one a lunch date! Just make sure you use your personal laptop if you do moron. It’s NSFW, so if you’re at work, don’t try to play this on your work computer.

These are just a few of the games featured on the site. Trust me when I say, dick wads that the games in the site will drain you of your last cum. You’d be weak first before finishing all of them. I know I did. Hehe. You can try, of course, but I bet you’d only last for so long.

What Did I Like About The Site

You know me, I’m a straight-shooter: What I like about the site is its organization. The landing page features different games of the week - new ones, top-rated ones, and popular with certain types of crowds. All that shit, yeah?

But the kicker is that there’s navigation at the top that categorizes each game. Yeah, you’ve read that right, motherfucker. All genres are categorized, so if you’re feeling a little rub-a-dub kind of night, you can just chill with quizzes and puzzles, and if you’re feeling a little rowdy, you can go ahead and wank your way to the action games.

I also like that you can access and play most games online. Of course, some games take a while to load than the others, but that’s a given. What did you expect, asshat? There’s also the option to download some of the games, which is nice, in the greater scheme of fucking things. I mean, hey, if your job needs you to get out on the field for days at a time, having some fun directly from your laptop without a connection could be a lifesaver.

What Did I Not Like About The Site

Let me just say this: As much as I like the site in general, some of the games are shit. Like, literal shit. I’ve come across a pinwheel game that’s literally just pinwheel with pictures of sluts in compromising positions. I mean, it’s free for all, but a little creativity wouldn’t hurt anybody. Come on, guys!

Seriously, because the site lets anyone just upload their games, there are duds out there. It’s not the site’s fault - or maybe it is - but for those people who are uploading shit games - here’s something for you: Stop, motherfuckers! Just. Fucking. Stop.


I’d say these to the moderators and admin of the site: get your fucking act together! I get that you want people who want to feature their own games to have the freedom to test run it on your site, but it also backfires on the quality of playable games on the site itself.

How about you tighten that fucking ship and review every game that’s approved? It won’t take too much time, honestly. There are great games on the site, and you’re doing them a deal of disservice if you’re lining them up with subpar games that bore these incels to sleep.


Ok, so, you’ve come this far - congratulations! I’d have this to say about Game of Desire: if you want something that will entertain you for a certain amount of time, it’s the best site in the motherfucking Internet right now. It’s feel-good entertainment, and you can just sit back, have fun with the games and rub one out at the end of the day.

PornGames likes Games Of Desire

  • Games are organized
  • Lots of great games (like
  • seriously sexy)
  • Load times are fast
  • Lots of genres to choose from
  • Nice animations (wink
  • wink)

PornGames hates Games Of Desire

  • Some games are duds (and just plain stupid)
  • Flash (enough said)