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Back in the day, porn game sites used to be all about the Flash games and time-wasting. Your average free porn game lasted you about five minutes, so it’s no wonder we used to hop from one game to another like it was going out of style. It’s not that we had poor attention spans. Flash games were just that short. It took us until well into the late 2010s to move on to bigger and better things. We are now officially living in the future. Free porn games are loaded with quality graphics, long storylines, and dozens of faps just waiting to be had. Personally, I make it my business to know every porn game that ever comes out, so I never have to browse. But, when I feel I need to catch up and check out some brand new high-quality games, I go to Gamcore.

A High Class Gaming Site

Gamcore wasn’t always the pinnacle of free online porn gaming. Yes, they’ve been around for as long as all their competitors, but in the olden days of Flash gaming, they were small pickings. I don’t fault them. It was very hard to be reputable and have a large gaming library back then, because most games were shit, and there were millions of them. It was really hard to actually find good games to recommend to people. The top 10s were littered with whatever was popular at the time, and those were usually single-clicking Flash games featuring Naruto characters. That’s not my idea of a good time.

We’ve moved past that kind of nonsense, and Gamcore have profited greatly from the push to newer technology. When you head on over to their homepage now, you’re basically bombarded with quality recommendations. Plus, moving away from Flash has indirectly promoted the development of high-quality games with heavy assets. A browser game can be as large and as polished as a proper PC download, and you still don’t have to download squat. You can just load one of these babies in your browser, jack off until you’re blue in the face, and get back to work. And you can do all of that from inside an incognito window if you’re on a shared computer.

Porn Gaming New Wave

I need to invent some new terms for the new generation of porn gaming that’s been dominating the web these days, because I haven’t seen anyone else point this shit out. Patreon is mostly responsible for these amazing new titles, but there are some unfunded indie games out there as well. In general, all of these indie titles are absolutely bursting with quality, and I am blown away by what they bring to the table. There was once a time when 3D renders of titties were considered to be a joke in the porn game world, because we thought it was impossible to ever actually see them within a game. They’re hard to render and even harder to load in a browser.

Well, thanks to developers like NLT with their Lust Epidemic and Treasure of Nadia, both of which can be found on Gamcore, we now have extremely high quality renders that work well in-browser. These are realistic 3D models of chicks that you’d want to bang in real life, if you could find them. Naturally, they’re not rendered in the actual game, they’re sort of like half-animated cutscenes, but this still gets me hard as a rock. The quality can’t be beaten.

This new wave of porn games seems to be sweeping across every genre of smut, including but not limited to Action, RPGs, Adventure, Point and Click, and even horror and furry games. I don’t get the appeal of furry games, but I won’t gripe about it too much. Suffice it to say that if you want to play a huge amount of high-quality porn games that feature realistic-looking anthropomorphized animals, you can.

The Stories

You’re going to find one of several popular tropes within these games, and they usually come with hours’ worth of content. One very popular niche is that you are some 18-year-old dude with a giant cock, and everyone and their mother finds you irresistible, so naturally, you have to inseminate them. Lust Epidemic is pretty much built around this concept; then, there are the more familial titles like Parental Love, which keep the lust in the home.

And again, I have to gripe lightly – I don’t get the appeal of games in which you fuck your actual family members. But, the overall industry has skewed in the direction of pretending that they’re not actually your family members, they just happen to live in the same house as you and have the same last name. It kind of feels like something that someone who is taking crazy pills might write, but it keeps these game developers from getting branded as fetishists, so more power to them. In other words, step-sisters are fair game.

Text Games Are Better Than You Think

If I, the greatest boob pic worshipper on the planet, am telling you that you don’t need titties to have fun, then you best believe there’s some truth to my words. One of the most popular formats for porn games these days seems to be text. I find this to be absolutely ridiculous, since we could always have text-based porn games, since the fucking 1970s, if you think about it. And yet, they’re only really rising in popularity now. Why? I have no fucking idea.

Still, they’re super popular and for damn good reason. They let the game developers get away with damn near anything they want to, without having to spend any money on artists, programmers, and the like. So, if some game developer has a particularly sexy idea in his head, he can just slap that shit on paper and upload it to Gamcore for you to enjoy.

It’s worth noting at this point that not all game developers actually put their games on Gamcore. Sometimes, they’ll publish their games for free by providing a download link, and sites like Gamcore are kind enough to offer hosting. Take Degrees of Lewdity as an example. I’ve said before that this is the quintessential porn game, especially if you like immersion into a deep story. That game runs inside a browser and loads faster than Google. That means that you can either download it or find it hosted somewhere.

This is exactly why you can find a playable upload of it on Gamcore. It’s not the only place to find the game, but it arguably the best place to play such games, if you don’t want to download them individually. At the same time, you have both an easy place to find new games and a free hosting service, so you don’t have to download them. It’s kind of like a porn game library, if you think about it.

The Technical Stuff

The site is very well designed for what it provides, although they seem to be running a science experiment of trying to figure out exactly how many ads they can fit up their asses before both their asses and my head explode in a violent fiery burst of rage. Too much?

Look, I like Gamcore, and I’m gonna keep jacking off to their games, but I wouldn’t be a good reviewer if I didn’t complain about the fact that this site has more ads per page than actual games. There are literally four columns worth of ads, and they keep loading as you scroll. Now, I’ll give them props for actually managing to cram them in without getting in the way of the action. The ads are plentiful, but they have their own special corners away from the games. The center of the screen is always reserved for smut. That’s the way it should be.

There are also some sponsored games thrown into the mix, but they’re clearly marked, and they do, in fact, lead to actual free, playable games, so I wouldn’t call this a trick. It’s just paid promotion. They’re all Nutaku titles as far as I could tell, so you’re getting bounced from one great site to another. Beyond that, there’s not much to say about the website. It’s dark, it’s well organized, and the tagging system works great. They’ve got genre tags and a great way to either find or completely avoid gay content, depending on your preference. It’s also worth noting that there are some games that have entire gay versions. Gay Harem comes to mind.

Gamcore is the kind of site where everyone and anyone can have a ton of fun, without spending a single cent. They don’t need me to refer you to them; you’ll probably end up on their site sooner or later anyways. They’ve got a ridiculously large selection of high-quality porn games to choose from, so by all means, fap away.

PornGames likes GamCore

  • Great Design
  • Tons of High Quality Games
  • Gay and Straight Content
  • All Games Work In-Browser

PornGames hates GamCore

  • Too Many Ads