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Perky Little Things

Perky Little Things is a Fun, Lewd Hidden Objects Game by Luxobscura. Looking for some simple, lewd fun that you can fap to? Of course, you fucking are. Why else would you be here? And this one is going to be a little different than your usual porn game. This isn’t an RPG, visual novel, dating sim, or straight up fucking game. I’d hazard a bet that most of you cucks out there have never played a porn game quite like it. You might have played something like it when you were a kid. Remember those eye spy puzzles where you needed to find shit on a cluttered page?

Perky Little Things is a game that embodies the spirit of old-school puzzle flash games. It’s like nothing you’ve probably played. It’s focused on lewd puzzles and finding hidden items. It’s a game that is hot off the fucking presses. It was officially released in February 2021 by Luxobscura, though it has been in development since 2018. You can find the full game on Steam for just 8 bucks, or you can download a demo and give the game a shot to see if it’s your speed.

Take the Role of a Naughty Cherub Who Wants to See People Get Kinky

There’s a loose story to the game. Don’t worry; you won’t need a fucking English degree to figure it out. You play as a cherub who is a deviant little fuck. He likes porno magazines, smoking, and other shit that you probably shouldn’t be doing in heaven. He’s so bad that he gets sent to earth to basically be cupid. His punishment is that he has to make as many people fuck as possible...for some reason. Not sure how that ties into heaven’s goals but whatever.

From there, you get to choose from a selection of levels. If you’re playing the free demo, then you will have two levels to check out. The full version has 10 levels for you to fuck around with. The gameplay is basic. It’s a hidden objects game. If you’ve played one, you’ll probably be able to figure out what the fuck is going on. There’s no tutorial or guide. You don’t really need one.

Find Hidden Objects in a Cluttered Scene Full of Toon Porn

There will be a bar at the bottom of the screen showing shadows for items that you are looking for. Your goal is to find all of that shit by moving, zooming in/out, and scouring your screen for them. It won’t be easy. The screen is full of little characters fucking and doing weird shit.

But finding the items is only half the battle. You then have to find out who needs them. You can drag and drop items on certain characters or places to change the scene. Each item can only go one place, so it’s a bit of a puzzle to figure out where it all goes. Items will make whatever scene going on kinkier than it was before. There’s one scene where you put a bottle of booze on the table of a dinner party, and suddenly there’s a BDSM orgy going down.

Simple, Fun Gameplay With Tons of Secrets and Easter Eggs

It’s simple, lewd fun. That’s all there is to the game. It’s got a ton of secrets, easter eggs, and more to uncover. Most of the scenes have plenty of references to movies, TV shows, and video games. Hell, there’s one whole scene that is dedicated to Harry Potter. And some of these scenes are pretty fucking funny. This game isn’t focused on the fap as much as it’s concerned with making you betas laugh your asses off.

That doesn’t mean you can’t fap to this kinky game. It’s full of porn. Every scene has over 50 small animations of babes getting fucked in all sorts of sexy ways. Though it’s not the most complex set of animations out there, it’s a very simple movement. You don’t get any HD, fluid animations, or anything like that. But, for what it’s worth, everything is uncensored. But good luck actually getting a good look at some slut’s snatch.

Animations are Pretty Bare, and It Can Be Hard to See the Best Parts

I wish you could zoom in on things just a little more. I want to see some actually pussy and tits! There are quite a few hot animations, but this game isn’t very explicit. Many of the best bits are hidden or face away from the camera view. And I felt myself wanting a little more out of the game, especially since the full version would cost you 8 bucks. I would have liked to see more intense, kinky animations in general. You could achieve some of the same animations in fucking Wallpaper Engine. It’s not the most fappable stuff out there.

I also would have liked some audio. Sure, you get music. But that’s it. The game would be so much sexier if you got a zoomed-in moment on a scene when you found the right item. Maybe they could have a more robust animation at that moment, or maybe they could include some kinky moans or something to get you off. It would make the game much more fappable if they just included some voice acting or sound effects in general.

Unfortunately, Only the Demo Version of the Game is Available for Mobile Users

There is a mobile version of Perky Little Things, but it only works for the demo. Bummer. This game is perfectly formatted for mobile play. I’d argue that it makes more sense for this to be a 99 cent mobile game than an 8 dollar steam release.

I mean, it has a good bit of content. But you play once, and you’re basically done with this shit forever. I don’t see many of you cucks going through to replay this one. And it’s not like there couldn’t be a full mobile version. This cuck has already proven that he could do it for the demo. Sure, it couldn’t be on Steam. But he could definitely monetize it through or some similar platform.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

This was a cute game. I can’t say I’ll be jerking off to this game like a fucking maniac or anything. There are much better games for that. But Perky Little Things was fun. If you like hidden object games, then you’ll have a solid time with this one.

I don’t think it’s quite worth the price tag, but what can you do? I also like how much humor they packed into this game. There are plenty of hilarious scenes with outlandish shit going down. You’ll be happy with this game if you’re into older-style, crude humor like you might find in games like Leisure Suit Larry. It’s the kind of game your Dad would show you as a joke or something along those lines.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The game is fine for what it is, but I wouldn’t put it in my top 100 games for fapping. It’s not the best porn game. I feel like they could have gone an SFW route and gotten a lot more attention. This game requires a really fucking niche audience of people to play it. The animations are lewd, but they aren’t so good that you get hard at the sight of them.

Maybe I’m being too hard on these cucks. I don’t know. It’s obvious that a lot of work went into the game. The artwork is incredibly well done. There’s a good bit of humor. But it just doesn’t hit the right spots for me. I definitely think their talents would be better suited towards a regular hidden objects game instead of this game that isn’t quite lewd enough to bust nuts to.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Perky Little Things is a fun hidden objects game. Is it a good porn game? Eh, not so much. This one will really only appeal to you hardcore puzzle game fans out there. I’m not sure how many of you there are. But, yeah, if this lewd puzzle game sounds like your shit, then go ahead and download the demo. And, hey, if you like it a lot, then you can dish out that dosh for the full version of the game and have yourself a good time.

PornGames likes Perky Little Things

  • Unique concept to bring to a porn game
  • Fun puzzle-solving gameplay
  • Loads of funny scenes and lewd moments
  • Many secrets and easter eggs to uncover

PornGames hates Perky Little Things

  • Not a very fappable game
  • Animations could be better