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Ben X Slave Quest

I knew this day would come. It’s been months of reviewing porn games without even a trace of Ben 10. I knew this was too good to be true. I see his cousin, Gwen, in ads all the fucking time. Everyone and their grandmother seems to want to fuck her, and most people genuinely want to see her cousin Ben fuck her. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m not down with the whole cousins banging thing, but to each his own. The people have spoken, and Ben 10 has become one of the most popular cartoons to make porn parodies of.

So, it was inevitable that I would have to review a Ben 10 porn game, again, after all this time. Today, we’re looking at Ben X Slave Quest, which is definitely one of the better if not the best pieces of Ben 10 rule 34. Most of the parody content is video, not interactive, so the bar isn’t set too high, but I’ve seen quite a few flash games that try to smutify this here cartoon. Some of them have some decent art, but overall their gameplay sucks ass. It’s not that they didn’t try; it’s that they’re old as hell. This game is relatively new, and it’s built by two people who are damn good at their jobs. So, let’s see what they’ve got in store for us in this here masterpiece of a porn game.

Patreon Powers

We have a man named Newman to thank for this game. This guy single-handedly drew every piece of art in this entire game. He’s been drawing shit for a while, and I’m very comfortable calling him an expert. Both his smut and his art, in general, are all very appealing to look at. I popped all kinds of boners while staring at the chicks in this game, so props to this guy for getting me wood-hard. The history to this game is as short as it is sweet. He knew that he couldn’t code, so he found a fellow smut lover called Akanoes. They got together, set up a Patreon account, and started making that hard cash.

And, all of that cash went to the game. These are the kinds of responsible fellows who really care about their product. Newman has noted several times over that Akanoes is a really responsible programmer, and I have to give credit where credit is due. This guy really knows his stuff. I played through the entirety of Ben X Slave Quest and didn’t have a single issue. Plus, the entire game flowed really smoothly. It was the complete package, everything I could have expected and more.

Keeping in mind that this game is entirely free to play and these guys are only making money off of Patreon donations, I gotta say, these are the kind of game developers that we should be funding. Plus, they’re also working on another porn game called The Mystery of Shagworthy’s Legacy. I’ll let you dive into that one on your own time.

Standard Gameplay

Now, don’t let that headline fool you, because I do not mean that in a bad way. The gameplay to Ben X Slave Quest is a welcome addition to the family of simplified visual novels. This genre doesn’t really have an official name, but I like to call it Summertime Saga clones, or proper Ren’Py games. You’re free to use whichever term you prefer, but the gist of it is, you have an open world, instant fast travel, the ability to fast forward through time, and bitches are just sort of scattered throughout the place.

Now, a bit of unfortunate news, Ben X Slave Quest is so young that there are only two chicks that you can really dump time into, and while Gwen is one of them, she’s not the main one. Personally, I loved this decision, because I did enjoy fucking Gwen, but the other bitch is much hotter. We’ll get into her later, no pun intended.

So, you play as Ben, and you get to explore some locations from the cartoon, though it needs to be said, this game takes place during the later Ben 10 cartoons, so everyone’s very much grown up. You have free reign to pursue the few storylines, which don’t branch, but they do reward. It’s basically Summertime Saga in the Ben 10 universe, and again, I say that with love. I think that that game pretty much set up the perfect design choices for future developers to use. This game shines thanks to the similarities.

Sexy Alien Bitch

The main chick that you interact within this game is one Rook Shar. I haven’t seen the newer Ben 10 cartoons, so I am not familiar with her, but I checked her out for this review, and she doesn’t seem particularly bang-worthy. At least, not in her original form. In this game, however, they’ve sexed her up a bit by giving her some much-needed curves and a bit of a personality overhaul. She’s much more easy-going and agreeable.

On top of that, she’s fucking hot. Extremely hot. This is the kind of chick you can really build a game around, and the developers knew that. The story is that she’s a plumber in training. Sorry, for those of you who don’t give a shit about Ben 10, plumber is basically a code name that this secret organization uses. They’re basically interstellar crime hunters. Think outer space CIA and you’ll kind of get the gist of it. Given that you’re basically a legend among the plumbers and you’re very powerful, it falls on you to train this girl towards becoming a quality secret agent.

However, since this is a porn game and all, you’re also training her to be submissive and take your dick whenever you want her to. It starts off slowly, but since you two live in the same house, it doesn’t take a lot of bending over backwards. At first, you’re just sort of spying on her and having her do random tasks that, in one way or another, end up with you seeing her naked. As time goes on, your relationship grows, and she pretty much just goes along with whatever you’ve got on your mind. We’re talking full penetration, all the way. All holes filled completely. Also tons of cum. It’s a real dream come true.

Gwen’s Here

You didn’t think I’d do a review of a Ben 10 game without talking about Ben’s cousin, did you? Come on; I’m not that mean. Sure, I hate the cousin thing, but I know you freaks love jerking it to Gwen, I’ve been around the block. Ok, so, she’s in this game, she’s bangable, and she’s a bit of a cunt. That, to me, sounds like a perfect combination. You get the challenge of convincing her to fuck you with the reward of watching her slowly break down, because she can’t live without your cock. If that’s not satisfying, I don’t know what is.

The action ramps up slowly with Gwen as well, but it’s so fucking rewarding. My favorite part was this scene where you catch her jacking off on the living room couch, and you lend her a helping hand. The more you ease into it, the less she protests. Eventually, she has to admit to herself and to you that she can’t live without your cum in her mouth. It’s such a feel-good story, I swear.

Amazing Art Style

Newman is an absolute wizard of smut, and I bless the day he decided to get into animated pornography. All the characters in this game look like their original counterparts, but they’ve been sexed-up immensely. So, Gwen is still very much the same person, but with slightly more fuckable features. The main bitch, though, my God. Every single scene that portrays her is an absolute wet dream. She’s the epitome of a bangable animated character. There’s not a single thing about this chick that I don’t like. And I am not normally into alien chicks, so there’s that.

The rest of the game is also properly drawn and animated, though I doubt you care. For what it’s worth, all the assets across this game are of as very high quality, and it just feels like a polished experience throughout. There’s not one thing I dislike about this game except for the fact that there isn’t more of it.

The only downside to this game is that it’s still in development, but it’s receiving updates all the time, so I can’t complain. That’s how Patreon funded games work, after all. I didn’t list this under the dislikes, because I don’t actually dislike this game’s length. It’s two hours’ worth of solid fapping fun.

PornGames likes Ben X Slave Quest

  • Really fun
  • simple gameplay
  • Hot bitches
  • Great art style
  • Available on Android
  • Mac and PC
  • It’s free to play

PornGames hates Ben X Slave Quest

  • Nothing at all