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Amity Park

Amity Park is an Eroge Visual Novel Set in the Universe of Danny Phantom. We all had that cartoon that got us horny as fuck. There was always that one babe that you would dream about fucking. If you could just glimpse her tits, then the stars would align and your world would be perfect. Oh, the heat of young lust.

We all remember it fondly. Don’t lie; you still get a half chub when you see those old characters of days past. We all do. It’s the best form of nostalgia that you can fucking get. I could go on and on about my favorite shows and sluts, but I’d rather spend that time telling you about a game that will be a horny blast from the past.

Amity Park. Do you remember that town? Come on; I know it’s on the tip of your tongue. It’s the town that our hero Danny Fenton (or Danny Phantom) lives in. Remember that shit? It’s all about Danny being a half-human half-ghost hero who fights ghosts while attending high school and making sure his secret isn’t discovered. It was good shit. I recommend checking that show out if you somehow have never seen it.

Play Through the Original Story of Danny Phantom...With More Fucking

But those of you who have seen the show are bound to love this game. Amity Park retells the story of Danny Phantom but with a whole lot of hot sex. It’s exactly what the show was missing. We can finally realize our dream of watching Samantha Manson get dicked down by a tentacle ghost. The game launched back in 2017 and was created by GZone using the Ren’Py visual novel system.

The game is still being developed. It’s currently in version 0.6, which you can grab for free from the developer’s Patreon page You can also throw the dude a couple of bucks to get access to some exclusive pieces of art and new versions of the game before the public. There are a ton of Patron-only posts, so it might just be worth it to dish out that buck or two for the exclusive peeks.

Explore Amity Park, Fight Ghosts, and Keep Your Secret From Your Parents

You start off where the show begins. You play as Danny Fenton, a high-schooler with ghost hunters for parents. You get trapped in their ghost portal and end up transforming yourself into a half-ghost. You can turn into this version of yourself to fight ghosts that other people can’t. You’re a hero! Your goal is to fight off evil ghosts while maintaining your guise as a regular old highschooler. Only a few of your close friends know your exciting secret.

Amity Park functions like a regular visual novel game. You have a town that you can explore, people you can talk to, and events that you need to complete. You’ll have a journal full of quests with instructions for how to complete them. Sometimes you will need to meet other characters at certain locations. You might have to find an item or something along those lines. It’s simple stuff. You won’t have to fuck with anything too complicated.

Simple Point and Click Visual Novel Gameplay

You move about the world using a point and click system. There aren’t any crazy systems, features, or menus that you will need to navigate. Just point at the highlighted object or room to interact with it. It’s an easy to grasp game with a focus on retelling the story of the show. And it does that pretty well.

It’s not an exact retelling. There wasn’t nearly as much fucking in the original show. This game is packed full of clever writing, funny dialog, and lewd humor, all while maintaining the personalities of the original characters. There weren’t any moments where I thought the characters sounded off or anything like that. They fucking nail it.

Combat is Boring and Doesn’t Add Much to the Overall Experience

Interspersed between dialog and events will be combat encounters. This is where I feel Amity Park is at its weakest. The combat is a fucking bore. You basically smash hit until you win in most fights. You unlock one or two abilities to add a little bit of complexity to battles, but it still feels lame.

I would rather have a short illustration or cutscene since this is a visual novel. I’d just cut the current combat out completely, since the game isn’t focused on fighting. Why bother with it? Just let me explore the story and fap to Paulina’s tight pussy. But it doesn’t take away from the game that much. It’s a small complaint when compared to how great the rest of the game is.

Fully Animated Sex Scenes in the Same Art Style of the Original Show

Speaking of great things, let’s talk about porn. I don’t know how these artists do this shit so well. This game looks exactly like the show. The only difference is that the game looks better and is fucking HD. It’s awesome. And the sex scenes are amazing. You get fully animated, uncensored scenes of your favorite sluts getting fucked. You even get to have your phantom cock sucked a few times.

There isn’t any voice acting, but this game doesn’t particularly need it. I think it would be weird if they had actors who didn’t sound right. It would fuck with the immersion. Instead, you get some jazzy fuck music and great dialog lines. Plus, the animations truly bring it all together and make for a fap-worthy experience. And there are a fuck ton of scenes. This game doesn’t make you wait for ages just to see some pussy.

Fap on the Go With the Mobile App Version of Amity Park

The good shit isn’t over yet. You can bring this game with you...if you ever leave your grungy basement. That’s right, this game isn’t even finished yet, and it already has a full mobile version in development. You can download the game on Android and enjoy the full experience that the desktop version of the game has to offer! You can tell the finished product is going to be fucking amazing when this much work is being put into it during development.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I enjoyed just how well this game captures the characters, plot, and world of Danny Phantom. It’s one of the best parody games that I have gotten to play. The characters are on point. The art and animation are even better than it was in the fucking show. Even the plot is the same. It’s fucking awesome.

And then there are the sex scenes. You nostalgic cucks won’t be able to stop yourselves from rubbing your dicks raw. The animations are great. It’s completely uncensored. You even get some steamy dialog and erotic descriptions. What more could you want? Oh, I know. You want all of it for free. It’s your lucky fucking day because you don’t have to pay a dime for this quality game.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The combat could be done away with. It’s not very interesting. It doesn’t add a whole lot to the overall experience. I simply wouldn’t bother with it unless you want to go through the work of adding a fuck ton of combat features to make it more interesting. The game might be better suited to having some mini-games or puzzles in the place of actual combat.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Amity Park is a great game for those of you who watched Danny Phantom and had crushes on some of the main characters. You’ll find yourself thrown back into the world of the show, but you’ll have the added benefit of getting to full all of those hot crushes. Though I still recommend you check this game out if you haven’t seen the show. It’s still full of hot fuck scenes with HD art and uncensored animations. Plus, it’s free. You really can’t go wrong with that.

PornGames likes Amity Park

  • Great nostalgia trip for Danny Phantom fans
  • Uncensored
  • fully animated sex scenes
  • True to show characters
  • plot
  • and setting
  • Easy to play game with plenty of lewd moments and funny dialog

PornGames hates Amity Park

  • Combat is boring