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Overgrown Genesis

It’s time for another zombie apocalypse. I swear, the gaming world will never get tired of these little shits. There’s something about the idea of society being turned on its head that really seems to arouse gamers. It’s terrifying, but also very relieving at the same time. All of your responsibilities seem irrelevant in the apocalypse, and you don’t have to worry about being a good person. Just don’t be a zombie. You don’t have to go to work or pay taxes; you just have to keep the zombies at bay. You do that, and you’re golden.

Now, in the porn game world, on top of not having to do your job, you also apparently don’t have to ask kindly before penetrating someone with your schlong. I wouldn’t recommend this kind of behavior in the real world. When you’re out and about, you should always ask kindly before you go anywhere near someone else’s personal space. Now, if you’re being chased down by a mob of hot 20-year-olds who are screaming your name and begging you to fuck them, maybe you don’t have to ask much of anything. But how often does that happen? I mean, it happens to me on the daily, but that’s just my version of a zombie apocalypse. It’s not that common in the real world.

Horny Zombies

I’ve seen a lot of zombie movies and shows in my time, and I’ve never thought to myself, damn, I’d like to fuck one of those. I’ve certainly never wondered why they run around naked but don’t seem to have any dicks. Well, the geniuses behind this game happen to be asking all the questions that we mere mortals are too weak to handle. They wanted to know what would happen in zombies actually had dicks and used them more than I do.

I don’t quite get the science behind it, and I try really hard not to think about it, but some part of me wants to scream that this doesn’t make any sense. I mean, the whole shtick with zombies is that they’re mort flesh that is kept moving, more or less, on reflex and an undying love for human brains. Where in the hell do they get the blood flow needed to get an erection? That’s what I wanna know. Maybe they use some sort of zombie Viagra that I’m not familiar with, who knows.

So in this world, the zombies are real horn dogs, and getting raped by one is an ever-present possibility. For the most part, they seem to bite men and turn them into zombies, but the women get raped before their suffering can come to an end. Luckily for all of you fappers out there, the game’s drawn in such a way that this whole rape and destruction shtick looks really hot. I mean, you’d think it would look like a murder, but it just looks like a standard back-alley lay. Sure, the chick is screaming for the zombies to stop and sure she’s tied up in vines, but who hasn’t been? Hell, you add a “Don’t” in front of the “Stop” to her scream, and this entire scenario is basically a standard Friday night for me.

My point is, they made zombie rape look sexy enough to jack off to, and I have no shame.

Plot Makes Sense

The writing to this game is somewhere between great and fantastic. It won’t be winning any writing awards any time soon, but for porn game plot, it’s up there with the greats. Plus, I really enjoy the fact that I don’t have to suspend my disbelief in terms of how horny people are. Zombies in this game are monsters, and a big part of their nature revolves around being horny beasts that can and will jump you. That’s more believable than say, every single woman in the game being a cock hungry whore. Again, I know women turn into cock hungry whores when I’m around, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

In most porn games, there’s some inexplicable reasoning behind how you manage to fuck everyone and everything and your partners just sort of go along with it. You could be smack dab in the middle of a funeral procession, but if it’s a porn game, you know someone’s fucking. Hell, the way porn games are devolving these days, there’s probably someone fucking inside the actual casket. Shit’s getting weird.

Just A Girl

The main character in this game is fantastic. She’s spunky, opinionated, strong, and above all, not particularly outstanding. She doesn’t have any superpowers; she can’t bench press a truck, she’s just a really good looking girl in a really bad place. She’s also quirky and has some interesting one-liners. All in all, she’s the perfect porn game protagonist. You want her to get fucked, but she wants to fuck on her own terms.

So, at the same time, you’re trying to protect her and get her to have consensual sex. But, in this game, consensual sex is very rare if present at all, so you’re in a bit of a bind. Having non-consensual sex with zombies is a death sentence, they flat out just kill you and end the game. So, you really don’t want her to get so demoralized that she flat out surrenders, gets raped and dies. Yes, this can actually happen. Her morale can get so low that she flat out gives up.

I like this mix between making you care about the character and making you aroused by her. It’s kind of like you’re being turned on by yourself, in a way. But then again, if I had her tits and her ass, I’d do nothing but stare at myself in the mirror all day while jacking off.

Great Retro Graphics

What’s that? Me praising retro graphics? Why yes, it does happen, once in a blue moon. See, the thing is, I hate it when game developers scrounge up old free assets and mush them together, making a game that looks like a serial killer newspaper clipping mosaic letter. That sentence was a mouthful, but you get the point. I don’t want the game to look like a mixed soup of random shit. This game does not look mixed, and it certainly isn’t shitty.

There are two sets of graphics, naturally, one for the dick and the other for the soul. Let’s start holy first, with the soulful graphics. This is the meat of the game. You navigate the city across a 2D grid and meet a lot of NPCs, most of whom are so scared to death, they just give you a one-liner and fuck off. Everything is drawn in a sort of 8-bit tribute style with very blown-up graphics, but the art direction is on point. The game looks straight-up wholesome. It’s fun to stare at these graphics.

As for the dick-raising graphics, that’s the smut, my dudes. That’s what happens when zombies get their hands on you, or some corrupt cops figure they might as well toss a nut or two your way, because your ass is to die for. These graphics are unique; they’re cartoonish, but not simple. In short, they get the dick hard and wet, and I have zero complaints. This is the kind of porn game you can jack off to, then swap back to some interesting questing, over and over again, until you’re sore.

Super Fun Gameplay

There are a lot of items to explore in the world and quite a few people who are willing to try to make the world a better place – some of these might just be in it for the chance to tap your ass, but that’s the risk you run by playing as a hot chick. Anyways, there’s a lot to do in this world, and after the intro, which you can skip entirely if you want, you are free to explore this game at your own pace.

What I personally enjoyed about it is that there’s no actual combat. If there were actual combat, I’d hate this game with a passion. Combat ruins horror games, unless it’s done tastefully like in Resident Evil. In those games, you fire one shot, and you feel like you’ve wasted thousands of dollars’ worth of value. A horror game shouldn’t make you feel powerful; it should make you feel grateful.

In this case, you’re grateful to be alive, but also, you’re grateful for your character’s generally fuckable body. It’s an all-around gratitude-fest. This is a great game for fans of the survival genre who are also in the market for a bit of late-night gratification. If you wanna give yourself a scare and a downtown flagpole polishing at the same time, this is the game for you.

Oh, and before I forget, the game is entirely free to play, so you’ve got literally nothing to lose by checking it out.

PornGames likes Overgrown Genesis

  • Open world goodness
  • Very interesting story
  • Great writing
  • Awesome smut scenes

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  • really