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Non Stop Goddess

It’s time for yet another Nutaku exclusive, so warm up your gambling gloves and break out the lube, because it’s time to collect hentai babes. You know the Nutaku shtick by now, and if you don’t, then you can’t call yourself a porn game connoisseur. Sure, they’re not for everyone, but by golly do they try to be inclusive. They appreciate the 2D pussy, and they spend a lot of money on their art. They wanna make sure that your experience is bolstered by a never-ending stream of titties. Do you get to see them naked? Sure, if you earn it.

Most of the time, though, like in any other Nutaku game, you’re working hard to kill monsters or whatever. These games differ in gameplay very often. Sometimes they’re turn-based RPGs, like the classics of old. I’m willing to bet that Final Fantasy 1 inspired 90% of all Nutaku games. I’m not complaining; that game was a real winner. It was a bit on the nerdy side, but hey, people like nerdy shit. This game right here leans less on the nerdy side and more towards the “I got shit to do” vibe, in that it mostly plays itself, but in a good way. So let’s dig into this bad boy.

It Plays Itself

This game’s biggest flaw is its biggest strength. My biggest gripe with Nutaku games in the past has been how long it takes to make any progress. They really like having you coming back for more. I don’t mind having one game that’s a complete time vacuum, but there are maybe over a hundred games on Nutaku, and they’re all built like this. And, I’m a porn reviewer. Do you think I have the kind of time it takes to review every single one of them, fully, every single day, for dozens of hours? There aren’t that many hours in a day, son. I can’t be a completionist.

So you can imagine my satisfaction when I saw that this game’s core gameplay is both fun and it plays itself, literally. They even took it a step further. I remember some other Nutaku games that had this sort-of sideways 2D turn-based RPG combat that played itself. You would fire up an interaction and just watch it play out. This is similar, but much more satisfying to watch.

First of all, it’s not 2D; it’s 3D. That’s right; you get actual proper 3D in this game, no catch. Second, it’s top-down and across a grid. Thirdly, and I hope I’m not wrong about this, but it looks like the levels are generated randomly so that you get a different experience every time. Either way, it feels random, so it definitely doesn’t feel cheap. But what is the actual gameplay? What do you actually get to see?

Exploring a Grid… With Bitches

So you start off the game and net yourself a sexy bitch who is equal parts slut and warrior. She’s well versed in the art of dick sucking, but long before you get to see her in action, you have to flex her combat muscles. You see the campaign menu with a ton of encounters, and naturally, you have to start with the very first one. You plop her in and watch her do her magic.

She starts running through this green grid that basically looks like a forest. There are rivers, trees, pagodas, and all the standard Japanese bells and whistles you’ve seen in a bunch of other hentai inspired games. She’s well-armed and ready to kick ass, though, so she basically makes her way through all the baddies along the way. First, you’ve got your standard trash mobs. She makes quick work of them. Then she slowly makes her way towards the big boss, and that’s where the real action happens. She fights this bad boy down until he’s in the rubble, and you get to pick up what’s left of him in the form of combat goodies.

This is roughly the core gameplay. Down the line, you get more bitches, and all of those items that you get off of monster drops come in handy for their equipment. You get to choose what they wear and when. This is the RPG part of the game where you really want to optimize your build. During the first chapter of the game, this is practically redundant. You don’t do it because you need to, you do it in order to learn how the game works.

RPG Elements

But, down the line, this kind of optimization becomes crucial. The bosses become more and more of a serious problem. Hell, it’s not just the bosses. Down the line, you’ll get to a point where even the trash mobs will be an absolute nightmare to deal with. They’ll quickly gang up on your squad and start smashing them to death. You better hope that you’ve got a healer or two in your party, because whoever’s getting hit in the face won’t last very long.

Oh, and speaking of getting hit in the face, you also need to make sure that whoever’s out front is capable of tanking all the damage. If you’ve ever played an RPG before, you should be familiar with this concept. One of your characters needs to be an absolute sponge, when it comes to damage. This is the chick that you’d ideally outfit with the highest defensive items and trinkets. You know that her entire job is getting hit in the face. It’s kind of like in porn where you’ve got chicks that play it all dainty, and then there are the absolute whore-zillas who can take 10 dudes worth of cock at a time. That latter one, that’s the tank in this game. Worship her well.

The Art

Normally I hate anything that’s cute or cartoonish, because it’s often used as an excuse to not think of a new type of art for your game. Anyone who’s ever played an RPG Maker game will understand what I’m getting at. They reuse old “cute” assets for the millionth time, because they’re lazy. They don’t want to draw, and they figure you won’t notice the half-assed art, if there’s drawn pussy in the game as well.

You get none of that bullshit with Nutaku. Nonstop Goddess has an original, albeit very cute, art style for the combat that has all the girls drawn as these little 3D versions of themselves. They’re primed to kick ass, and the art style is perfect for this part of the game. Plus, there are a lot of special effects to remind you that this is, in fact, magical combat you’re witnessing. It all meshes together quite well and looks amazing on just about any phone. That’s sort of the best part of the art for this game. – It was made for phones.

Phones these days are fucking huge and mostly in HD. I’ve seen a few 4K phones as well. Either way, those bright colors with tons of floating effects glowing all-over the place are going to look stunning on your phone. Plus, everything’s vertical, so you don’t have to flip your phone over like a doofus while you enjoy yourself. It also makes fapping easier, for what it’s worth.

The Smut

Finally, the good stuff. You get a ton of smut rewards in this game, depending on how far you’re willing to go with your monster hunting. All of the sex scenes are properly animated, and they come with this high-quality hentai style that we’ve all come to know and love. It’s equal part hentai and western cartoon, with a lot of shading and attention to detail. These are the softest animated pussies on this side of the West Indies.

It is a damn shame that the smut comes into play very slowly and gradually, as you play the game. You’re going to be sinking a lot of hours of frustration into this game if you’re only here to jack off. You should think of the smut in this game as a welcome surprise. It’s really not part of the core gameplay, and you won’t be doing yourself a favor by expecting it.

Sure, you can technically unlock all the smut without paying money, but I doubt it’s going to happen in the first few months of gameplay. This is a gacha game after all, so it’s made to last you a very long time. As for whether you can jack off to this smut, I gotta say, yes, absolutely. But, keep in mind that one bit of smut comes with hours of gameplay before the next. It’s not the kind of game you can play one-handed.

It's more the type of game that you play casually on your commute, say, on a bus or a train on your way to work. I guess that’s what they had in mind when they designed this thing around mobile phones. Either way, it’s free, so you got nothing to lose by checking it out.

PornGames likes Non Stop Goddess

  • Great graphics
  • Fun automatic gameplay
  • Tons of content

PornGames hates Non Stop Goddess

  • It’s really long