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I found another free porn game site, guys! It’s a good one! It’s called LewdSpot. It’s awesome. Go check it out. Review over.

Short and Sweet

Oh all right, fine, I’ll dig into the details. LewdSpot is a very simple website with a very straightforward mission. They’re hosting free porn games for you to play in your browser, but like… good games. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. This isn’t another ancient flash porn game site. This is the real shit. They’ve got modern stuff. Porn games are almost exclusively free to download and free to play, which explains how everyone gets away with hosting them like this. It’s a wonderful world we live in. Most of these developers live off of donations anyway, so it’s not like they give a shit where their games are posted and played, as long as they get the credit they deserve.

LewdSpot is loaded with high quality modern games and the selection is anything but humble. I’m seeing a lot of my favorites here, like Acting Lessons and Good Girl Gone Bad. Both of those are absolute smash hits in my book. Check them out when you have the time. They’re must-plays. I’ve also reviewed them individually for what it’s worth. Anyways, I saw those two titles and I knew that I was dealing with a webmaster who knows quality porn games. This is the best shit on the market right now and it’s all free to download, which begs the question: Why play on LewdSpot?

In-Browser Magic

Elementary, dear Watson. It’s in the simplicity of access. Fuck downloading large files off the internet from third party sources you can’t trust. Every time you download an executable file to your Windows computer, an angel’s boner descends into a flop. Don’t be that guy. Play that shit on LewdSpot instead and rest assured that you haven’t actually downloaded anything safe or unsafe. Hell, it’s all temporarily stored in the browser. You leave, it’s gone. If you cover your browsing history as well and use a VPN no-one in the universe could prove that you ever played these games.

There is one exception to this rule and it’s actually a damn good one. A lot of these games are long form and they come with the option to save your progress. It works. It actually works. These games were not made to work in a browser but they do and the saving functionality is perfect as well. This is modern technology at its finest. I’m blown away with what we’ve managed to accomplish. 200 years ago we didn’t have toilet paper. Today, we can play Milfy City in a fucking browser and save our progress. What’s next? Flying cars!?

LewdSpot Makes Faps Easy

I made a big stink about how you should play games on LewdSpot instead of downloading them, but that was all smoke. I’m trying to pad the review in a kind way and what I said about the site was true, but the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter. You decide whether you want local files or a quick online experience. The real upside to LewdSpot lies in the speed and simplicity combined with the privacy and the fact that you don’t have to fucking overthink anything. Some people straight up hate looking for third party download links and organizing their computers. Some people have shared computers. Some people don’t have space because they’re still on a 2006 PC with 80GB of hard drive space and half of that space is already system reserved. To all of you cheapskates, I say, here’s LewdSpot to save the day. Fap your dicks clean away. Then, fap again.

The game selection is absolutely perfect by my standards. A good 10% of the games are smash hits, the rest of them are either decent or up and coming. The world of porn games is littered with half-finished titles and LewdSpot can’t be blamed for this. It’s basically common practice at this point. I do not know why and frankly I do not care. I’ve come to accept the fact that completed porn games are rarer than big breasted gingers in the wild. These unfinished games are still worth playing, of course and you can come back to LewdSpot to check them out later when there’s more content continuing the story. They even have a special section for such games called the updated games section. It’s awesome. They give you every reason to come back for more. Hell, if the coders behind the game did their job right, your old save file should automatically start you from where you left off in the last version.

Text Games are Amazing, Actually

Textual games used to be the bane of my existence. I hated them as a kid, I hated them as an adult, that is, until recently. When I first started putting this site together I had to dig deeper into the porn game industry and learn about everything on the market, not just the shit that was outwardly appealing to me. That’s how I ran into Incubus City and Degrees of Lewdity. Now, I never fail to mention these games to everyone who asks me about quality porn games. They’re almost entirely textual, with a few images here and there to give you context. The real porn is in the text, and yet, they get me hard every single time.

Apparently, it wasn’t textual gaming I hated – it was poor design. These two games are amazing at proving that text based porn gaming can be amazing and irresistible, if it’s done right. It takes a lot of work. You have to have a good idea and you have to carry it to fruition with some knowledge of how to actually put together a proper playable product. Plus, textual games lend themselves to length and a lot of options. A lot of them have open worlds nowadays. Yes, seriously. Text based open world porn games. They’re amazing. You’ll find a ton of text based porn games on LewdSpot. The site doesn’t seem to prefer them over other types of games, they’re just so popular and successful that they’re bound to crop up on any list of the best porn games.

Smooth Experience

LewdSpot is surprisingly fast considering what it offers. I mean, you’ve got a huge library of playable games ready to go in your browser. This shit loads faster than Flash games used to load back in the day. It’s insane. I happen to know for a fact that a lot of these high quality games weigh more than several gigabytes a pop. But, they don’t get loaded fully into your RAM before they start. They load as much as they need to get started, which in most cases is just one image with some text. Hell, two images at most. That shit will load on any device, quickly.

I did notice, however, that if you really want to push the download speed by, say, rushing through a 3DCG game by holding CTRL, you don’t get the same quality of image as you’re rushing. You get blurry preview images instead. You have to leave the image on for about a half of a second before it loads properly. This is a small price to pay for free access to so many amazing games. You get everything. The whole package. It’s all wrapped within one web page. Plus, the games never slow down or stop working. This is extremely rare. Most porn game sites I’ve seen usually had at least one broken game that craps out on me. Not LewdSpot, at least, not yet.

Clean Shaven and Tidy

I like the design. It’s black. It’s clear. It’s loaded with porn games. The right side of the screen is reserved for a giant banner ad, but it doesn’t cover any of the content. It stays calmly in its corner. I don’t mind ads that mind their own business and allow me to fap in peace. Besides, the ads are topical. They showed me 3D cartoon titties. I can work with that. It’s not exactly distracting. It works well with what I was interested in seeing anyways.

There’s also a category on the site called Cunt Empire. It’s actually just a promo link…to Cunt Empire. I’ve reviewed that game on its own, so you can check out that review if you want to learn more. I guess they’re doing an affiliate thing. It’s a fine game, for sure, but I much prefer the smash hits that are already on LewdSpot for free. As far as I can tell, none of the games here have any micro-transactions. Everything is free, from beginning to end. The only price you pay is that you see the occasional flashing banner of tits on the site. That’s what I like to call a fair deal.

PornGames likes LewdSpot

  • Countless amazing games
  • It’s all free
  • Seamless loading
  • Save/Load works

PornGames hates LewdSpot

  • Nothing at all