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i Stripper, aka VirtuaGirl! Who does not love hot girls here? Who does not like hot girls dancing and stripping in front of your PC? Well, we all do not need to go to a strip club for this kind of novelty. There is a PC and VR ready app or game that has naughty girls dancing and being nasty for us now.

I am introducing iStripper. Yes, iStripper. iStripper is kind of the app that serves you well whenever you are not doing anything on your computer. iStripper will literally have naughty girls that will pop up on your screen and dance for you. We are not just talking about dancing here, and we are talking about naked fucking dancing! What iStripper does is that it puts a lot of girls on your taskbar. The app will be running on your background, so expect a lot of dirty dancing while working, gaming, or even surfing.

First of all, call me old fashioned. I do not think I know a straight guy that would complain if a naughty woman starts stripping in front of them. I believe that all of us are fucking stressed out of our minds that we could use a little me time, in the form of a bit of striptease. iStripper has hundreds of hot chicks willing to strip for us at our disposal. The game sounds like the stripper simulation of a lifetime.

First Impressions

My first impressions of iStripper are the same as any other guy who saw a naked body for the first time. I mean, how can you not love an app that enables sexy, hot fucking chicks that strips and dances in front of you? I fucking enjoyed all these chicks stripping down butt-ass naked for me. Shit, I never found myself so hard while doing my taxes. It was like I had to beg for this hot model to please let me finish whatever the fuck I was doing. iStripper proved to be a spice that I did not know I needed in my life.

The iStripper app indeed starts as small icons that enticed me to click and reveal its more substantial versions. iStripper allowed me to decide if I was going to let these fucking naughty animals take over. Gone are the days wherein I would have switched my boner into a deep focus on trying to finish something. The creators of iStripper are probably asking why you should not have both at the same time.

I quickly navigated iStripper with the use of my mouse. I could even raise this random model into the air. That is five stars for novelty for sure. You might be asking, "Should I just watch porn instead?" Well, I believe that the beauty of iStripper is that the app lets you multitask. By multitasking, I mean to sustain my raging boner while I finish balancing my finances. The app is fucking easy to use, and it all boils down if you are a loser who does not like distractions. Might as well tighten your collar up, dork.

The iStripper Models

Honestly, I was expecting a lot of pornstars to show up on my desktop. I was already dreaming about different times where a pornstar would strip on my desktop. I bet that shit would make me want to take my cock out of my pants immediately. But upon playing iStripper, I realized that the models that they have here are not pornstars. Do not get me wrong; these are still super fucking hot. After all, I do not discriminate. Shit, it is still the same looking pussy after all, right? Their tits still work the same magic for sure.

Most of the models I found here, I believe, were from Prague. The creators made sure to specify that. Expect a lot of good European naked dancing on your desktop. iStripper has hundreds of hot, sexy chicks that you can choose. I do not know what the fuck happens if you are unable to find one that you like. You are probably gay, dude.

Anyway, these hot European chicks will surely give you the striptease that you need at the exact moment you need it. I had easy access to the model's names, stats, and images before I could pick. After that, the model that I fucking liked had all day and night to dance with her pussy and tits out on my desktop.

What I Liked About iStripper

I guess it is pretty stupid to ask me what the fuck I liked about iStripper. You know, I fucking love naked bodies of women and striptease. What the fuck do you expect out of this app anyway? This app is for grown men and grown men only. I do not think that the younger generation appreciates the naked body of a woman.

They never understand getting a striptease, in this case, getting a striptease whenever I want. I had sexy chicks dancing and even making out with each other. iStripper is the type of app that would make me cum abrupt while reading the news or some shit.

I liked that iStripper is VR compatible. After all, having a hot, sexy chick strip in front of me is a fucking delight. I had the ease of choosing whichever girl I preferred. It felt like a fucking buffet, and my cock was the customer. Of course, you bet I fucking destroyed my cock after. The shitload of excellent content on iStripper had me jerking my cock again and again.

What I Did Not Like About iStripper

The thing about iStripper that I did not like is that I had to download and purchase a lot more than I expected. I did not expect the app to have a lot of microtransactions. I believe that the creators of iStripper should get their pay, of course. What I do not understand is the price. Why the fuck is it so damn pricey? Sure, $5 per model does not sound much, but that shit adds up. Did the creators expect me not to want other models? That is a fucking high pressure for myself, who cannot even focus on one model!

I believe this aspect leads to a lot of users not being able to use the app entirely. I mean, the app is excellent and all. I was able to get a lap dance from a fucking hot girl. I choose another one, and the cycle continues. I am just afraid that I run out of fucking cash in this game. If that is the case, then I fucking should have just went to the fucking strip club and had my dick sucked there.

Recommendations For Improving iStripper

I definitely recommend that the creators of the admins of iStripper do something about the price. If not, hey, they can add more content that will make the price worth it. I am talking about adding a bunch of my favorite pornstars into the mix. Shit, if it is going to break the bank, might as well break the bank and be happy.

They could add more to the solo girl stripping dynamic. I do not know if that recommendation is a practical one, though. I am pretty sure that those pornstars would ask for a large sum of money. Otherwise, it is still worth trying for a well-produced product.

I also do not understand why the girls or models at iStripper do not fucking satisfy themselves with hot sex scenes. I know it is hard to fuck a model at a local strip club, and I cannot fuck one here too. I just do not understand why the creators cannot create a mode wherein I would be able to fucking cum and satisfy my raging boner.


Overall, iStripper is a fucking excellent app if you love all that solo, stripping action. Of course, who does not love the naked bodies of women dancing? All these shit is available on VR too. It sounds like someone will find themselves binging too much on the VR this time. Just do not forget that you have a fucking life, and you need to eat and sleep. Life is not about stripping bro, but fuck it, who am I to deprive you of all these good stripping shit.

If you love and appreciate getting a naked dance from all the sexy bitches in this app, then iStripper is the perfect game for you. Gone are the days wherein you would have to act normal to go to your favorite strip club. The days of receiving a naked lap dance at the comfort of your own home have arrived!

You will find fucking dozens, if not hundreds, of beautiful girls waiting for you. Get a fucking striptease and tease that boner of yours. Jerk off to these naughty models while you are at it too. It does not take a lot of brainpower to experience iStripper. You just need to sit in front of your computer and relax. Download iStripper now!

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