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Strip Selector

What’s up, you horny fanboys? How’s the fapping business going for you? It’s your resident sexpert ThePornDude back again with another exciting review for you faggots. Don’t get hard yet because this ain’t your typical review but a website review. I’ll be giving you a review of a website full of hot fun for you fuckers to cum to. That’s right, you fucking fapping baboon, your boy is going to review, so sit back ‘coz here I cuuummmmm.

What to expect from the website

As soon as I got to the site, I liked it immediately because of its simple design. It is simple, but it is like you are inside a strip club. The pink and purple color palette of the site design gave me some kind of a strip club vibe, and it kinda blew my mind, but I bet you wouldn’t know ‘coz you haven’t been to one yet you poor fucker. Yeah, I know you haven’t been to a strip club because why else are you here?

The site looked legit, but I had to be careful because some sites have those nasty malwares once you click on some links. This site has a ton full of links on the side, but your little boner need not to worry because the links just lead to other adult sites. So as far as safety goes, no harmful links are present on this site.

The Games

What’s good about this website is that all the games are free to play. Yes, faggot, it is free, and what’s more ridiculous is that it doesn’t require to create an account. Honestly, this is the kind of site that I like to explore. No account needed plus all the games are free, perfect for a quick slip and fap in front of the computer, yeah?

Moreover, the site is so easy to access because it is very organized. All the games have these erotic thumbnails making it easy to choose a game. Just by looking at the thumbnails, I am already about to blow my load. Just choose and click.

Having all these many games, it is sometimes hard to choose. The good thing is that the games are categorized. Want to know what the fuckers mostly play? Just go select the most played category. How about the best adult game? Just go click the top-rated category. It even categorizes preferences. Anal, fuck, fetishes, blowjob, and strip, to name a few. Having a boner already? Calm the fuck down, and continue reading.

Anyway, almost all of the games here are flash visual. Just simply download and enable flash on your browsers for the games to work. I tried playing three of the site’s games:


I clicked this game right away. Three really hot girls on the thumbnail is hard to resist. The game loads pretty much quickly as long as your flash is enabled. On the game menu, you see only 2 options. A help option and a play option. If you click help, the game will show you the rules of the game. Once you know the rules, it is time to click play. I clicked play and then boom, I see three smoking hot girls dancing in sexy and skimpy outfits. Oh, by the way, fucker, the game’s rule is simple.

You play blackjack, right? Just beat these three girls in blackjack, and you win. It is pretty simple, each three girls plus you the player have a starting pot of money. The plan is to bring their money pot to zero; once you’ve done that, you’ll see each girl stripping, undressing, and eventually touching themselves. It is such a treat because of the steamy hot video that follows once you’ve beaten them.

Oh, by the way, you’ll have wet dreams of girl number 2. I blew my load of watching her dance. The only thing that irks me is that the music is so annoying. I wanted to hear the sound of the girls moaning, but instead, I get this endless loop of electronic music in the background.

Wank Rating: 4/5

Lee Quiz

I clicked Lee quiz right away because it is one of the Most Played games on the site. By the way, the thumbnails really help on which games to play. A big ass booty as a thumbnail isn’t that hard to resist. As soon as the game loads, you’ll see on the menu the rules of the game. Its pretty simple, just solve the math problems and you win the level. Don’t worry you poor dumb fuckers, the math problems here are very simple.

To put simply, it is kid’s math. Each correct answer puts you through the next level of sex. First correct answer, you undress the girl. Second correct answer, you massage the girl. Once you get to the last level, you can make the girl cum. What’s good about this game is you can see them fuck again once you’ve beaten the game. You simply need to answer a few simple math problems again, and you are back to wanking.

Oh, I almost forgot, my homie Johnny Sins is the main character in this game. He’ll make sure to fuck the girl hard your boner’s sake. The only thing I hate about this game is the music once again. Maybe they couldn’t afford to put in audio in this ass game.

Wank Rating: 3/5

Guess 2

Guess 2 is an awesome game that is very simple. The goal here is to undress the girl by guessing two cards that’s sum is higher than the opponent’s sum. It’s kinda frustrating sometimes because once you lose a round, you go back down a level. That means the beautiful hot chick dancing will put on back her clothes. It is an extra challenge, though; we horny fanboys don’t give up on the pussy that easily; that is why this is a must-play guessing game.

Wank Rating: 3/5

More on the Site

On the left side of the page, there is a section that says, “Best Friends.” These are links to other adult games sites that are related to It looks like the site’s owner has some other sites as well. One of them is The site boasts mostly the same adult games from the site.


What is missing from Strip Selector is a blog. Blogs are mostly helpful, since you can find posts and reviews about their top games. The blog should have walkthroughs of almost every game they have. These guides can be beneficial for people who don't want bad endings on their first playthrough. The reviews should be in-depth, as it tackles the game's gameplay, system, and many more. I just find having a blog can be very helpful in attracting new users and providing insight for those who are curious. It is just sad that this site doesn’t feature one.

What I Like About the Website:

There were lots of things I liked about the site. As mentioned before, the site's design, color template, and thumbnails really got my attention as it reminded me of a strip club. The games were good as it incorporates familiar casino games like blackjack, HiLo card game, and poker to the adult content of the game. If you need a little sexy time to pass some boring afternoon, then the games are perfect for you. The categories of the games make for organized browsing on the site.

I also found it very convenient that you don’t need to sign up for the site to play. You don't even need to provide your email to play the games on the site. In fact, you don't even need to register at all! Just click and fap! Oh, and by the way, if you have a game that you like? You can download it. Easy right?

What I Don’t Like About the Website:

There's nothing much I can say negative about the site. Apart from the weird registry, it's all good. The steam dev page, however, is non-existent. There’s no blog either. There isn’t really much information about the site at all. Even the owner of the site hides in secrecy with a secret identity.


Yes, it's a freaking big yes for me. is just it; it's a site for adult games that full of fun and awesome sex. The games are easy, and the sex is very good. That’s just all the fuckers like you want from an adult site, right? And best of all, it is fucking FREE. Let me remind you horny fanboys; it is FREE.

PornGames likes Strip Selector

  • Lots of free games available
  • Site is fucking clean
  • Free
  • Categorized and Organized
  • Has a tab for top games
  • Has a tab for mostly played games

PornGames hates Strip Selector

  • No blog
  • There are some boring games
  • Annoying music as the background of most games.