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Strip Poker

Poker is, in my perspective, the best kind of card game all throughout the world, it was played long before your sorry little ass was born, and people are still playing it now. It even got to the point that some community actually made a tournament out of it, and it later ended up becoming a sport. However, I'm not here to actually explain to you the whole mechanics of the game, because we're here to review an online porn game called Strip Poker.

Yes, you heard that right, motherfucker. Strip fucking Poker. This kind of game can only be played between players in an agreement that the stakes would be a piece of clothing that you wear. I got a little too excited as soon as I heard about this game. Why? Because I get to play something like this online, with virtual players that fucking strips whenever they lose. So get your game faces on, and let's do this shit, bitches!

You Gamble With Your Body

Strip Poker is a high-quality adult online poker game. Yes, a fucking poker game, I can't believe how geeks would implement porn in something so fucking serious. Anyway, you will be playing against both physical and virtual players at the same time. You'll need to learn the laws of Texas Hold 'em in order to play. However, if you're familiar with how the game works, then there wouldn't be any problem.

When you're not clear about the laws in the game, you must initially search for Texas hold 'em on your web browser. Strip Poker is more oriented to competitive online gaming than to girls' quick stripping. Of course, that could be the reason why it would prevent certain men from playing, but in my perspective, it's actually a good selling point.

The Gameplay

If you already fucking know how to play Texas Hold 'em, this game is going to be quick and simple to understand. You'll initially start by simply logging in and choosing a room. Each and every room, there's one or two AI-assisted virtual girls that are going to be playing with you, and with the rest of the real players. Of course, those two virtual girls will be the ones stripping. Moreover, the developers of the game are actually quite thoughtful that they included a feature that you can join rooms with the girls already fucking half-naked.

First Impressions

Each and every hand plays according to the standard rules of Texas Holdem, and each of the virtual girls has a brief video for each move like Check, Bet, Raise, or even Fold. The video is actually of good quality and shows different scenes based on the model's current undress condition. When viewers see the free video usage, they can receive a text message promising an upgrade.

Moreover, every girl seems to have her own style of playing. For instance, Michelle plays quite aggressively, while Tracy plays... well, let's just say she's the worst player in the fucking world. If one of the girls would lose their 100 dollars that they started with, they'll make a brief strip-tease on the spot, and then they'll immediately get another 100 dollars to play with. Some girls seem to lose quickly, while others play smart and almost never lose clothes.

However, there are quite a few elements of the game, such as tipping when girls go bust, there's just not much else to tell in regards to the gameplay. The stripping is nice, and the girls are fucking attractive. For me, Tina, Samantha, Baily, Kacie, Chloe, and Victoria are my fucking favorites. All the girls we played were Eastern European, and you're going to have to love the accents to enjoy the game.

Furthermore, free users can only enter one room, and all of the videos of the girls stripping are restricted until you manage to get a high score that activates it. Premium subscribers will reach all the rooms at their fingertips to screen all the displays. In addition, paid members can set up their own private rooms for fucking free and play with any girls they want. Usually, there are just a few regular rooms and a few girls available at any given time, and I can clearly see that this is where Strip Poker is making their profits.

What I Like About Strip Poker

Aside from the fact that you get to play poker online, there's actually quite a fuck-ton of things to love about this game, first of which is that the game is 100 percent web-based. If you don't know what the fuck that means, the game can be played with any devices that have a browser, which also means that you can also play it with your phone That reason alone, I'm hooked. Not to mention that if you have no clue how to play it, the game is quite generous on how it explained the mechanics, thus having little to no learning curve.

Furthermore, it would seem that the production quality is quite good, as the game is actually well-made as if the developers had a lot of fucking time into making this. Not to mention that the fact that this game is free to play is already a fucking advantage in my book. I know there are premium memberships, but the fact that this game is free, to begin with, is fucking enough for me.

Oh, did I mention that the girls are completely hot as fuck? The Strip Poker Virtual Girls are all fucking hot, and they look good naked. Therefore, you should put in the time, and you'll enjoy seeing them off with their outfit. The videos they do when removing their clothing little by little are really nice. Moreover, the grand finale before entering the room typically includes fingertips and vibrators.

Moreover, the free Registration is really a strong selling point for Strip Poker. You get to play with the game without actually fucking paying for it (unlike other games). However, it's not going to be dull and boring as there's actually a paid membership that comes with many more features, but you need to keep playing to help you decide if you want the premium membership or not. However, it's only as little as 7 euros to get 100 hearts, and 20 euros for 500 hearts, and somehow that's actually a great deal.

My Recommendations To Improve The Game

To be honest, there aren't that many things to recommend to this game, because in my honest opinion, the game is already perfect as it is. However, you fucking know, right? I am one nitpicky motherfucker, so let's get started with a little of my fucking rants. The first is the normal play mode, the game in Strip Poker, that would guarantee to NOT give me a fucking erection.

You know why? Because the game is too fucking slow, and I'm not talking about hardware issues, the actual pace of a normal game is fucking slow. I would recommend to fucking do something about it, most of the people playing this game don't have all the patience in the world for a fucking slow-paced Poker game.

Furthermore, I would like to complain just a little regarding the premium memberships of this game. I know the game starts out a fucking Free to Play game, but sooner or later, you'll realize that you would want to keep playing, thus having a premium membership. However, as soon as you pay for premium, you'll figure out that there are features missing, then you'll later find out that you have to pay extra to get those features. I fucking hate that, I mean, what the fuck is up with that? You offer premium memberships, and it's not even complete? Fuck!


Overall, is a high-quality web-based Texas Hold 'em strip poker game. The Women, the stripping, and development are all really good, and the sound is simple but actually acceptable if ever you're the type that thinks European accents are very sexy. Adult gaming provides a decent free play mode without footage, but several of the major free play sites provide a stronger game of poker.

Moreover, despite having some things that I don't like about this game, Strip Poker is quite fucking easy to jump straight in and play a poker game. However, being how it is, there aren't that many elements in the game that would stand out over other Strip Poker offerings, but the game is still an adequate all-arounder that's worth the look. I spent countless hours playing this game, and I fucking loved playing Strip Poker, and I would give it a decent 4 stars out of 5.

PornGames likes Strip Poker

  • Quite easy to play with
  • The production quality is good
  • Free to Play mode is descent
  • Sexy looking girls with various play styles
  • Complete web-based

PornGames hates Strip Poker

  • The normal play mode is a bit slow
  • Subscribers required to pay more for numerous features