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Strip Poker Night at the Inventory! is a Free-to-Play Strip Poker Game With Hundreds of Waifus. It’s a shame that most of you beta cucks were never invited to parties. You missed out on the glory and kinky fun that is strip poker. That shit is great. Though it’s probably best, you weren’t there for that. I don’t think anyone wants to see all 400 pounds of you without any clothes on. But something is thrilling about putting it all on the line in a card game against hot babes. Even if you lose, you kind of win, right? At least that was the case for me. I’d strip down, and some of the sluts would leave the table in the middle of their turn to get some of this dick. They just couldn’t help themselves. Since real women don’t want to play strip poker with you nerdy fucks, I figured I’d give you guys the next best thing. How would you like to strip down with your favorite waifus from video games and anime? That’s what I thought. Don’t hyperventilate on me. We haven’t even gotten to the game yet. The game I have for you can be found on That stands for “Strip Poker Night at the Inventory.” The inventory is simply the fictional location that the stripping takes place.

Community-Driven Game With No Ads & No Monetization

This game is completely free and will never cost you a goddamn dime. I respect the fuck out the people behind this game. It wasn’t created by a big-name studio, developer, or anything like that. This game has been largely created and supported by the community around it. People will “sponsor” characters to get their thousands of lines of dialog written. Artists will come in and help add new scenes or characters to the game. Everything about this game has been created as a community effort. They don’t even ask for money or have a Patreon. They don’t even have ads. Granted, monetizing this game would be a nightmare with all of the copyrighted characters in it. It would probably ruin the game to try and turn it into a money-maker anyway. But let me stop ranting about money and shit. The game is in-browser, though you can download an offline version on your computer if you want. You can find answers to dozens of questions if you hit the “Help/FAQ” tab. There you’ll find instructions for submitting character sponsors, enabling cheats, and all of that good stuff.

Customize Your Character and Watch Your Opponents Comment on Small Details!

The main page will have two random characters on the left and right side of the page with all of your customization options in the middle. You never see your character, but the sluts you play against will comment on it. And you can make this shit incredibly detailed by clicking on the bottom right icon. There you can change hair color, body size, pubic hair, and much more. But, for basics, chicks will talk about your dick or tit size when you strip down. You can play as a chick or dude and hop right into the action. Before you get into the game, you’ll want to pick which pieces of clothing you are wearing. I’d recommend filling up and going with all 8 pieces that you can. The game does not take it easy on you. These sluts are out to win, and I have a theory that they get better as the game progresses. Also, on this main page are options for having different backdrops while you play and a full gallery of every sex scene you have unlocked. Then there is a trophy system if you’re an achievement chaser. Whenever you’re ready to get in there, just hit “Enter the Inventory” to get taken to a place where you can choose who you play against. There are a fuck ton of characters, though there are definitely a lot more female characters than male. But that’s a good thing. I don’t want to see some other fucks limp dick. I need perky tits and tight pussies to fap to.

Hundreds of Hot Characters to Choose from

You have quite a few options here for how to choose your line up. You can go through one by one and find the perfect opponents. You can randomize the selection. You can choose from themed tables where all of the characters interact in special ways or come from the same show/anime. And you can even beta test characters from the testing tables. You can play against 1-4 players, though the traditional setup is having all 4. It makes it more challenging that way. And each character will have a short description of who they are, what series they came from, what collectibles you can gain from them, how many articles of clothing they wear, how many unique lines of dialog they have, how many poses they have, who wrote those lines, and who the artist was.

Basic Poker-Style Gameplay With Lots of Fun Dialog

From there, you play poker. You get 5 cards and have a chance to exchange cards for an equal draw from the deck to try and create your best hand. The character with the worst hand from the round has to strip off a piece of clothing. Some characters will have a fuck ton of clothes on while others will be rocking a two-piece outfit. If you lose all of your clothes, then you have to masturbate the next time you lose a hand. If you get all of the slutty waifus to finger themselves before you have to jerk off, then you win the game. This game has a lot of charm to it. The art style is varied and sexy. You don’t get full on animations, but you get hundreds of different poses and lines from every character. The characters will interact with one another in surprising and kinky ways. They will egg each other on and tease you.

Incredibly Well-Done Game With Lots of Community Effort Put in

It’s really fucking well-done. And the dialog is all well-written and pretty erotic. Winning will let you choose an epilogue to play through. These are full-on sex scenes with large illustrations, kinky dialog, and lots of fetishes. It’s a lot of fun to fap to all of these sexy scenes. There are so many to unlock! And, as a side note, there is no mobile app version of the game. You can play it in the browser on your phone, but the buttons are a tad small, and the text can be hard to read at times.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked all of the character options and that each character felt unique. With so many characters in this game, it would be easy for them all to bleed together as “kinky slut 1, 2, 3” or whatever. But each character retains their general personality and attitude from whichever series or game that they are from. If they were shy in the show, then they’ll be shy here. If they were a massive slut then, well, they’ll be a massive slut here. And every game felt different. You could play against the same characters a dozen times and get a completely new set of lines and poses each time.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

It’s difficult to suggest any huge changes for this site since it is community-made. It’s not like they have a team of neckbeards who can make big, sweeping changes. One that I would like to see would be a mobile app. I know that’s a tall order. I’m not talking about one that’s on the Google Play Store or some shit. That would never happen. But a community made one that you could download would bring in a fuck ton more people.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a fun strip poker game with a lot of room for replayability. You can unlock dozens of different sex scenes, enjoy thousands of lines or raunchy dialog, and watch these kinky babes fuck themselves in hundreds of different ways. You really can’t beat that, especially when you consider that this game isn’t even being funded by a Patreon or anything. I highly recommend you fucks give this game a fap even if you’re not a big poker player. I wasn’t, and I found myself having a good-ass time with spnati.

PornGames likes Spnati

  • Play against your favorite characters from anime and video games
  • Each character has hundreds of poses and thousands of unique dialog lines
  • Customizable character
  • lineup
  • and lots of replayability
  • Completely free
  • community-driven game

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