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Strip Paradise

Strip Paradise! Pole dancing, cage dancing, lap dancing, or even the basic form of striptease where the model slowly removes their clothing one by one until there's nothing left to take off, that's what stripping is all about. Some others might see it as a fucking disgrace to the body of women, but to me? It's a fucking blessing to my eyes; I would praise whoever the fuck invented this wonderous trend. Anyway, since the day stripping started, the trend evolved along with the world. Now we're in the technological era where everything is online, the trend also adapted, thus the Stripping type of games was born. You don't have to go to a club or rent some hooker; you can finally get the same experience online. One of the best ones is StripParadise, no it's not a game itself, but it hosts a collection of pornographic strip games, and it's all for fucking free. So, let's not waste any more time and get on with this fucking review.

A Head's Up On What You're Going To Encounter

StripParadise boasts its huge list of unique strip games in their arsenal as you get to play with really fucking hot babes for fucking free. Ah yes, Free, that word alone would make briefs and boxers drop to the ground as there's nothing more erotically sexy and lewd as free porn games. Anyway, since there's a big list of games here, I'll only be reviewing one game for each category, and no, I won't be reviewing every single one you dipshit.

Strip Game - Las Vegas Truck Strip

The first one on the list is from the Strip Games category called the Las Vegas Truck Strip. It's a type of game where you get to play Casino Games as you watch the Strip show without leaving from the comfort of your own car. The graphics quality of this game reminds me of the good old days, simple and pixelated. However, the one who strips is not a pixelated model, which is kind of nice to have. I would give it a rating of 3.5 stars out 5.

Adult Game - DotsPuzz

Now we're on the adult section of the site, but I still can't understand as to why they have to put this category? I mean, do they have porn games for the fucking kid's section? I fucking hope not. Anyway, DotsPuzz is an adult-themed puzzle game; the mechanics are as basic as it gets, you need to put the pieces together to see the bigger picture. In which the big picture is a still image of some bitch getting fucked hard. I would give it a solid rate of 4 stars out of 5.

Hentai Game - Dragon Ball Z: Fuck Version

In the Hentai category of StripParadise, there aren't a lot of games as, by the time of this review, there are only eight pages worth of animated games. Anyhow, as a Dragon Ball fan, I'm always fond of games that's related to the original series. However, the Dragon BallZ: Fuck Version doesn't seem to take the cake for me as the overall graphics are completely poor and lousy as if someone made it for a fucking school project. I would rate it as 2.5 stars out of 5.

StripParadise's Webmasters

I have no fucking idea why they called it that, but as soon as I opened it, it showed me big a list of games that I can actually download. Not to mention that they are fucking generous enough to actually let other people embed their games into their website. Thus, if you're a website developer and so it happens that you're looking for a porn game to embed in your website, then StripParadise is a one-way stop for all your needs.

The Website Layout

Let's get this straight; if you're wondering about what my comments are in regards to the website's layout, I would honestly say that it's similar to my programming project back in high school. No, I'm not fucking complimenting it because the overall quality of it is just fucking below average. I can actually give the website designers some points, but those points belong to the fact that they actually "made" something. is as basic as it gets with its dull and boring design. I'm judging how the website looks because you can actually say a fucking lot of the site's contents, depending on the website alone. However, Stripparadise does offer featured categories that can be located on the side, and those are the Mobile Games, Strip Games, Adult Games, Hentai Games, Chill Games, and the common search bar. Moreover, the navigation is quite confusing because every time you click a category, the website only refreshes and still shows the same list of games that you already saw when you initially entered the site. Furthermore, I have to say that it's good that the website immediately shows all of their games in pages, but they actually fucking forgot something. The fucking forgot to put the title of the game in every fucking thumbnail. Yeah, sure, they put a brief description of the game, but it's fucking useless. What if someone decided to play the game again? How the fuck will they find it? They can't just search for its fucking description.

What I Like About Strip Paradise

All things considered, there are still things that I appreciate about StipParadise. This peculiar website is not a site that shows a single game (as I initially assumed), StripParadise is a host of a massive list of pornographic games with a single genre in mind, which is the Strip Games. Moreover, as you initially open the site, you're immediately bombarded fucking tits, nude models, or thumbnails of the games that are available. Having a huge list of porn game titles is always a plus, but the quality of each one is a completely different story. Despite having little to no advantages, the one thing that I surely loved about the games of StripParadise is the compatibility for mobile devices. Can you fucking believe that? It's fucking rare to see a site that hosts a lot of porn games that are fucking compatible with a mobile device. I thought, damn, I can finally jack off on the fucking bathroom to some good pornographic game without literally bringing a massive computer with me.

My Recommendations For Improvements

As much as I fucking hate almost everything about StripParadise, I still want it to improve so that it wouldn't die down like the ones I saw before. Anyhow, let's start with the website's overall design. I would recommend the people behind StripParadise to fucking step up; porn is a fucking art that shouldn't only be implemented in the porn content itself, but also to the very thing that hosts the content, the fucking website. Next would be the layout; it's quite good that they decided to categorize the games into multiple features such as the hentai ones and the adult ones. However, every time I click a category, it seems to be pretty fucking useless as the page would refresh only to display the same shit again. I would recommend to get your shit together and implement a fucking tagging system to all of the games, that way it can be divided more accurately. Last but not least, the goddamn games. Almost all of the games enlisted in StripParadise are somewhat complete garbage. I'm sorry if you're fucking offended, but my grandma once told me, if you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all. That analogy can be implemented in this particular case, thus if you're only going to post dull and boring content, don't bother posting it. Simple as that. However, there is another option; you could step your game up and do your fucking best to deliver content with the highest possible quality manageable.


Alright, we are now in the final section of this fucked up review, the goddamn conclusion. Anyway, let me first start by saying this, I actually appreciate everything all of the people behind StripParadise have done. Phew! Now that's out of the way, let's move on. It's rare to see this, but there are actually more things I hate about StripParadise than what I actually loved about it. A porn game is a porn game, but what the people are looking for now is a good time, and you can only achieve that with some good content. Nevertheless, StripParadise didn't meet any of my fucking expectations; I would even say that it failed… horribly. It's always a good plus if a porn game portal has a diverse list of titles, not to mention that it also has compatibility over mobile devices. However, the website design is pretty basic as it has a shitty navigation system, and the list of games lacks important information, which is the fucking title. Anyhow, overall, I would rate StripParadise a mediocre 3 out of 5.

PornGames likes Strip Paradise

  • A diverse list of porn games
  • Mobile compatibility

PornGames hates Strip Paradise

  • The website layout is basic
  • List of games lacks information
  • Navigation is garbage
  • Quality of some games are dull