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My Strip Poker

For our incel brothers who like the one-one-one erotic games where they can focus on one girl and soak on her gloriousness, My Strip Poker may be the game that you’ll need to get behind with! Porn Dude here with yet another review of an erotic adult game - this time around, meatheads, it’s My Strip Poker. Whoever said we can’t turn a card game into something more exciting?

From the get-go, My Strip Poker is a straightforward, no-frills, no-BS game. It does what it advertises, and everyone who had a chance to play the game will agree with me that this game delivers. Yep, motherfuckers, if you’re into a strip with a slow burn release, you’ll find yourself giddy, and your cock sated with this game!

Buckle up incels because even though you’ve no interest in poker, you’ll find yourself wanting to learn everything you can about the game after this review! My Strip Poker is the stuff of legends, and when I say legends, I mean motherfucking epic, wank your heart out to completion, and will still keep you cumming afterward level of gaming!

The most exciting thing about the game, in my opinion, is its inclusion of real-life players. With My Strip Poker, you are not playing with an AI that gives you pictures of people in different levels of undress. Instead, you can choose who you want to play with, men or women, and it caters to everyone else in between as well.

Hear that motherfucker? Yep, this is not just pussy central (but it is, technically, so don’t you worry your little penis), it also has options for our gay brothers and sisters out there that just want to have a great time. Now, since the game is basically explained as it is - I mean, if you need an explanation of how to play poker, then you’re better off playing other games, meathead!

So yeah, as far as my experience with the game, I can honestly say that I am sold. Not only is it a great game to chill out, but you can also meet lots of interesting people as well, and virtually get them naked! What more can you ask for, huh, incel? That’s basically heaven right there. Check out My Strip Poker for yourself to see what I’m telling you!

The Game

One of the things that are really great about the game is that once you’re on the site, you automatically are given an account. You need to check some boxes confirming you’re 18 to get to the good stuff, but you’re not really asked anything else. There are three game modes: Solo, 1vs1, and 4 Players.

In Solo, you discover the latest players, sort them out by their stats, gender, and all other things that are related to the game. If you’re a shy motherfucker, this the perfect mode for you. Or if you’re just starting out. You can sort through the vast profiles depending on your limitations and check out who’s who.

If you’re like me, I checked out busty babes in there. Not necessarily checking their stats or their scores, I’m just feeling my opponents out. Sort of a reconnaissance, if you will. LOL. Now, let me tell you what’s popping with My Strip Poker. This game has free champions every day. These are a selection of people you can game with without using anything.

Of course, before we get further, I have to tell you that if you are serious in playing with these real and virtual people, you need to have coins in your account. How to get coins? Well, you need to pay for them. Games with little to no erotic content are free, but if you want to get a specific girl with a specific look stripping for you on cam, you need to pay up, baby. And that’s what I did, motherfuckers. I’m taking one for the team!

The cheapest option is $5, which gives you 25 coins. Add another $5, and you’ll have 100 coins, easy. Kind of a deal, actually. With 100 coins, you’re pretty much set up for the night, so what you’ll just be needing is to play with someone who really can make have a chub and down and dirty for anything you want. Kinky, right meathead?

With the 1vs1 mode, you have the power to choose who you want to cam and play with. The interface for choosing is nice enough, just so that it makes choosing and sorting out players easier. I’m a straight-shooter, so you all know that I’m gonna call out when I see something that’s not right, and so far, there’s nothing that sticks like a sore thumb.

So yeah, 1vs1 mode is pretty dope. I played with this pretty Asian girl. This bitch looked like she’s a model for a living and knows nothing like Texas hold ‘em, right? Oh, boy, I was wrong. This girl was a motherfucking expert at poker face! She fucking raise like she’s raising hard-ons everywhere!

That’s not even the fun part! Even though I know I’m dealt with a tough hand; this girl is still down to strip. And fuck me, great boobs, slender waist, and face like an angel! I’m sporting a chub in no time, incels! There’s an option if you want a cam-to-cam, and if you prefer just to watch it, that’s fine as well. Well, this girl just wanted to be praised so motherfucking praises she got. While I’m nursing my hard-on, she’s stripping in front of me like nobody’s business!

In 4 Players, you have the option to be in a group setting, much like when you’re playing with family, right? Well, except in this setting, your family will be stripping! LOL. It’s a fun mode where you can go have a stripping game with three different people. Just make sure you’re an expert in the game, not to embarrass yourself! Haha

In the website, there’s also a forum function that details what you can do, what you need to be doing, and what are the benefits you have once you are a playing and winning champion. You know I always appreciate a little forum, and in this kind of site, this is really the bomb, meatheads!

Word of caution, though: coins are the lifeblood of the game, so you need to stock up on those. You can’t also enter some features of the site without coins. So if you’re serious about mingling with the masters and the champions inside, you’ll need to make your profile as tight as it can be.

What Did I Like About The Game

Ok, there are several things that I’m excited about My Strip Poker. One of them is that the site is really easy to navigate. Loading times are quick as well, and you know me, I can’t stand a motherfucking website, which takes forever to load! I don’t like it when sites have too many design elements as well, and I loathe those with obvious ad banner placements!

My Strip Poker’s website is clean and consistent. It gives you what you want to see in places you need to see them. The website devs should be proud. I also like that the sorting of the girls and boys are tight as it can be. In 1vs1, for example, you can group by gender, so that you can check out what profiles you want to be checking out before the game begins!

What Didn’t I Like About The Game

When it’s a website that offers a game, I’m critical about the placement of how things will work. You know I’m a picky motherfucker, and I generally like my games to be a stand-alone, downloaded, third-party app, that puts the game front and center. I don’t know why the devs won’t do a separate downloadable game like that, but I would appreciate it if they do!

Because you know, us motherfuckers, want to open up our laptops, load the specific game we want to be playing, and play-fap away. My Strip Poker’s setup is to open the laptop, open the browser, and wait for the browser to load the game. I’m gonna be frank and say it’s fucking impersonal to be doing that when I’m about to fap my problems away with a horny bitch, I’ll be playing!


Ok, so yeah, here’s one thing that needs to be done on the website to take it to the next level: make some erotic game materials available on free mode. You know, My Strip Poker is basically Chatroulette, so if people want to fab with someone online, they will go to those sites that’ll give them that and more!


All in all, yeah, I’d say check out My Strip Poker. If you want to connect with people and see them in their birthday suits - if that’s your kind of thing, go ahead. Spend some dime to play with the worst, sexiest poker players in the world. You’ll never find a better connected and diverse group of players!

PornGames likes My Strip Poker

  • Website is clean
  • Interface is straightforward
  • Lots of hot girls
  • like seriously
  • If you like hot guys
  • there’s something there for you too
  • Free erotic content

PornGames hates My Strip Poker

  • Kinda sorta expensive
  • Almost all good stuff you need to pay for
  • 100 coins won’t be enough for a player just starting out