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Free Strip Games

Yo, incels of the world! I’m back again with a new review, and this time around, we are breaking down Free Strip Games, the website. Yep, you read that right, motherfuckers, we are going on a deep dive on an erotic game website again, creaming your pants yet? Hold on to your cocks, wankers because we are in for a treat! Yepppp- a stripping, motherfucking, nasty, sext treat!

Free Strip Games has been around for quite some time, but you motherfuckers were sleeping on this one because you be playing those sims dating game that lets you fuck around the neighborhood. Well, come down your lofty horses and get down and dirty with this site right now! You know I tell it to you straight: want to have a great fapping time without the downloading and all that shit that needs to be done? Head yo ass at Free Strip Games and fap your way out of your problems. LOL

So yeah, the site offers a bevy of games, right? You can play these right on your browsers, motherfuckers. Just have a decent rig, and you’re good to go. Of course, there are premium and free games in there. If you want the premium stuff, you gotta pay. Be a member and all that jazz. Just create an account dumbass, and you’re good to go!

When you first go to the site, you’d be welcomed by all these banner pictures featuring women in different sexual positions, and the team behind the site decided that every game has a porn pic to entice gamers.

The best part? The games are mobile-friendly too! And every premium game can be accessed on mobile. Cool, huh? Yeah, that’s really plus points to anyone who needs to have a break from their work or school or stuff, you know? We all need some extra time for a quick wank every now and then.

All in all, this is a cool site. Our high school and middle school fans will surely like this, but a word of caution from your bruh, go incognito, man. Don’t be a moron and visit the site when you’re on a family plan or some shit. You don’t want to be embarrassed when your parents find out what site you’ve been visiting in between classes, don’t you?

The Games

So on to the games, yeah? I could write a thesis just from the number of free games here, but I’m just gonna pick out the great ones so you’ll have a rough idea of what you’re signing up for. Just looking at the site, you’ll instantly wet your pants. If you’re a middle-schooler who just discovered fapping, that is! LOL.

One of the best free games on the site is called School Girls. It’s updated regularly, so it’s like a serial story, right? You’re Ivan, and you need help with your studies, and what not so girls will tutor you while you perv on them, right? You also are wanted by the entire school, and every girl wants to have sex with you! Even the teachers!

Episode 5 is where it’s at, and you’ll find yourself finding ways to making the most out of exercises and porn scenes! The storyline is great on this game as well as it keeps you on the edge of your arousal. Are you going to have sex with this teacher? Or this student? Only you get to decide. You’re basically a porn god, so go you! Munch on those luscious titties, schoolboy!

In Eroman (weirdly titled but good shit), you need to make ends meet while keeping your girlfriend happy. So you go door-to-door and ask your neighbors if they need some fixing up to do. Menial jobs and whatnot, you know? Then you realize that your neighbors are basically sex-starved wives, and so you fuck your way around the neighborhood!

It’s a fun game as you basically need to collect things in order to advance through it. The sex is an aside, but nonetheless, it is hot. You know that fantasy we all had when we were young and want our neighbors to see us in a different light? The sex light, specifically? Eroman is where it's at, motherfuckers! And it’s free.

A Date With Dom is this game where you’ve been texting with this sexy lawyer, Dominic, and you find your way around her. You’re given options on what to say to her in every interaction you have - do you want her to know that you’ve been dreaming about her in a naughty way, or do you want to just be casual about it?

The game has so much to offer. It’s a fun way to relax in between breaks or just something to do before sleep. Discover the world of Dom and the art of talking to a really established woman. Maybe in real life, you’ll apply it soon enough. Hah! Sike!

Hentai Heroes is this quirky play-along game. It’s a mix of everything in, and basically, if you need a quick release, this is the best game to check out! Busty babes that are willing and ready for your cock! You’ll never find a better experience for a quickie! Plus, the game sounds make it look like you’re playing just a regular game!

Ok, word of caution though: in some of these games, you may need to have Flash activated. I know, I know. Flash is outdated and all that nasty shit. There are HTML versions of the games, of course, but sometimes the best ones, especially the premium games, are Flash exclusive. You know you need to have Flash when you’re gaming online, right? So quit complaining about meathead, and just install the latest version.

There are at least seven categories here: sex games, strip games, sexy games, porn games, cartoon porn, strip poker, adult games, and my personal favorite, hentai games. In every category, there is a trove of different games, each sexier than the next. So if you want to make sure that you’re making the most out of the site, try to play a game every day, at least. Until you go through all of the games by categories. That’s what I did. LOL

What Did I Like About The Site

All in all, I could say that what I liked the most about the site is its straightforwardness. There are no pretensions in here or some shit like that. You know what you’re getting with this site once you’re on here, so might as well, right? The homepage is direct, clean, and no-frills. The categories are there, some other options, even a forum. You click on any of those, and voila, you’re transported to another page!

I also like that it has a featured page right on the homepage itself where you can check out the latest and greatest games that the members and visitors are obsessing about. There’s also this thing where the site’s really pushing you to play the game by putting on screenshots of porn as the game’s title image, and I dig that. It’s so in the face, you know? I like that kind of shit.

The dedicated free game section is also dope because if our incel brothers just want to go into this site without really checking the best it can offer, they can readily go check out the free games so they can decide for themselves if it’s going to be worth it or not.

What Didn’t I Like About The Site

Some things could be tighter, but to me, it’s all about those ads on the homepage, and everywhere on the site. They’re unsightly, and they’re banner style, so they’re automatically there on your page when you open the site. If you’re gonna be caught, trust and believe, motherfucker, you’re gonna be caught red-handed.

Because the ads in there are filthy AF, I understand that the site’s lifeblood is in the ads, but devs could have devised a way where ads don’t get to be so distracting, you know what I mean? I don’t mind the ads on the game themselves - I’m cool with it and all, but it doesn’t need to be in every time I load a game as well!


Make concessions about what I just said, the ads, and your site will be golden, devs. You could also try to make most of the games with an HTML version. Why does it gotta be Flash all the time, huh? Listen, if you’re gonna get us from our downloaded games, you gotta make things easier for us motherfuckers, so might as well work on that one first.


Will I recommend this site? Hell yeah. It’s one of the best, in my opinion. The games are tight, and there’s a little something-something for anybody. If your jam is hentai like me, oooh, your eyes are gonna waterboy. If you’re more of the adult porn stuff, the site got it as well. So head on to the Free Strip Games now and check what you can play!

PornGames likes Free Strip Games

  • Clean interface
  • There are a number of options for the games
  • Categorized
  • HENTAI motherfuckers!

PornGames hates Free Strip Games

  • Ads on the homepage
  • Some games are Flash-exclusive
  • Almost all the good games are member-locked