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I don’t know if you guys know this already, but I review gambling in other contexts on other sites, and I also talk about general porn-related shit exclusively, but not here on BestPornGames. So I’m making a bit of a concession today with CamContacts and their strip poker functionality, mainly because the whole shtick kind of fits the porn gaming formula perfectly, albeit accidentally. For the most part, this content falls more appropriately under cam girl smut, but I like the overlap, so I’ll cover this shit here. I’m sure that tons of people among you’ll appreciate the gamey video aspect of online strip poker with a live performer. Sure, it’s a bit niche, but I think it’s a damn nice concept.

There’s, of course, the principal concern that these chicks are not going to do an excellent job at providing a gamey experience since their job revolves around getting dicked and shoving dildos up their asses. Providing a gaming experience isn’t precisely their natural forte. I’ll say this much – I was pleasantly surprised. They’re not nearly as professional as online poker dealers, of course, but unlike those dealers, these babes are allowed and encouraged to take their clothes off and shove dildos up their asses. This is good stuff. I can wholeheartedly recommend the experience.

<h3>Strippers Versus Dealers</h3>

On an average online betting site, you’ll find all kinds of chicks running the virtual poker tables. Most of them will be drop-dead gorgeous. Hell, they might even outclass the bitches on CamContacts. However, they can’t go nearly as far with the action. Dealers on professional adult gambling sites usually keep their clothes on. On the rare occasion that you might have found a sex or strip themed gambling site, they might also go topless for your satisfaction. I won’t knock it; I’ve certainly tried it. It’s a great system. However, on CamContacts, you straight-up get proper solo penetration, my guy. There’s just no comparison. Your average gambling site can get away with this kind of smut, but they don’t want to bother with the paperwork.

It’s hard to balance a website with equal parts gambling and porn, so the site owners behind these gems dedicate their devotion to only one of these types of sites. With CamContacts, naturally, you’re looking at a smut site. The poker is tacked on. Still, it’s tacked on in a way that it feels naturally compatible and generally enjoyable. It’s not real gambling, of course. You’re mostly just paying for the pleasure of seeing these girls dick themselves endlessly with all kinds of sex toys. I think it’s a fair combination. Instead of paying for smut while you lose money, you get guaranteed smut, and the gameplay is a pastime that you can enjoy without blowing a gasket. It’s all very relaxing and makes for a wonderful fapping experience. I like this side of gambling – you know when you’re not actively burning through your savings.

<h3>A Worthwhile Investment</h3>

Speaking of burning money, CamContacts is not going to bleed you dry. As I mentioned, they’re not banking on gambling as a significant part of their income model. They’re mostly leaving that action up to the girls and the great work they do in roping you in on the promise of live pussy broadcasts. Gambling comes second, and it’s there to make your stay more comfortable and engaging. Of course, you’ll still have to pay money for the actual experience since this is a free site in technicality alone.

They do the old trick of having you set up your payment details to allow you to use the site. So, on the one hand, it’s completely free. On the other hand, you’ll need an actual debit or credit card ready for payment. So, they won’t take any of your cash to begin with, but they will run a verification check to ensure that you can pay them money in the future if you so choose. This is their marketing team’s way of ensuring that you’re always a single click away from pissing away a ton of cash. I’ve seen other cam sites do the same thing. I’m not particularly mad about it. It’s technically free smut, as they say. I just don’t like the approach very much. I wish they’d let you just browse the site for free until you decide to create an account.

<h3>Pretty Damn Safe</h3>

CamContacts’ FAQ makes it a point to detail how safe their site is, and I very much approve of this approach. Whenever you are obligated to share your personal payment information online, you feel an air of uncertainty and fear. At least, I do. It’s nice to know that the company on the other side of the payment is making efforts to protect your privacy and your security. I have no reason to doubt CamContacts’ dedication to the user’s overall safety and experience. They’ve been doing a bang-up job so far. However, they don’t mention how they obfuscate the actual charge on your card, so for all you know, it’ll probably just say “CamContacts,” and if your significant other sees that shit, they might feel the need to slap you senseless. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As for why they insist on the actual payment details, well, I guess it’s a way of protecting the site from spambots and fake users. Sure, there are other ways to take care of things like asking you for a picture of your ID, but that’s even more invasive and harder to implement. The current system works just fine as far as I’m concerned. They make it a point to share that they accept all kinds of VISA and MasterCard cards, even if they’re just pre-paid gift cards. It doesn’t matter. They’ll get you through to the site as long as they’re legitimate. It’s a fair system.

<h3>The Quality of the Bitches</h3>

These babes are pretty high up on my list regarding their overall hotness and camgirl talent. Of course, there are a few uglies here and there because this is, in fact, the internet, and everyone is welcome, but even the fucked-up babes still do a fantastic job. They’re very dedicated. I’m impressed by their professionalism. For example, I’m seeing this huge fucking land whale of a woman who’s 46 years old and Russian. She’s so far removed from my standards for a good lay. And yet, she does a fantastic job at providing an engaging fap-worthy experience for you. She’s the ugliest bitch on the list right now, yet she’s perfectly serviceable.

All the other bitches on this site are to die for. Most of them are proper 10s. <strong>They’ve got me aroused six ways to Sunday, and I’d love to feast my eyes on them nonstop for the foreseeable future</strong>. Hell, I’ll probably hang around until they all end their shifts and new bitches come in. For not entirely clear reasons, most of the babes here are either European or South American. The Slavic babes seem to be winning the fight in terms of hotness. There are also a ton of British babes, and those are either gorgeous or fat as fuck. There’s no middle ground in the UK. I don’t know why.

<h3>Enjoy the Hotness</h3>

My favorite bitches, by far, are Ukrainian and Latvian. Their actual streams are mostly marked as English because it’s an international language at this point, so don’t worry about having to learn Slavic languages. It’s not a prerequisite. You can enjoy yourself just fine with a basic understanding of the English language. Hell, you’re here to fap and click buttons, not write an essay.

You’ll also notice that the babes are trained in the art of self-fucking and of keeping you invested in your online poker game. Most of them have the damn information about the poker in their bios. They’re very heavily invested in this particular sales pitch. It would appear that it’s more than a passing hobby for them. They take this shit seriously. They’re basically guaranteeing that you’ll have a professional and enjoyable experience. I can’t recommend this kind of entertainment enough.

Some of you might be put off by the idea of having to spend money to enjoy this content, but keep in mind that the initial payment check only serves to validate your identity. You don’t have to deposit any funds. You can save that part of the payment process for way later when you’ve decided to make the actual investment. In short, this is a great site with a lot of potential, so make sure to check it out.

PornGames likes CamContacts Strip Games

  • Relatively original concept
  • Gorgeous girls
  • Free to preview

PornGames hates CamContacts Strip Games

  • Requires payment verification