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Adult Sex Games

AdultSexGames! In my years of experience reviewing porn games and websites that provide porn games, I can say that I’m one of those guys who call themselves lucky. Just imagine having to play those sex-themed shit and getting a hard-on at the same time. Playing video games and watching porn are two of my favorite pastimes, man. That’s why I’m very thankful to the genius who started and passed this idea that you can put video games and pornography in the same box, and for me to have this opportunity to review such shit.

I’m sure you, too, share the same sentiments as mine. Yes, I know you also love to see busty virtual babes in a video game getting pussy-drilled, ass-fucked, boob-licked, and the like. The good thing is that there are a lot of porn games nowadays and sites that provide these dirty games for you to play. Whether it is those 3D hardcore XXX games, porn game parodies, dating simulators, hentai eroge, the internet can provide it for you.

In fact, right now, I’m going to review a website that has lots of porn games. I’m talking about If you’re a gamer and a porn lover, there’s no doubt you’re getting excited now. So, without further fussing, here’s my no-bullshit review on this porn game site.

The Look of the Site

Well, the first time I entered Adult Sex Games, I immediately got an idea that this would be a fucking excellent platform to play lewd video games. Just by the first look at the homepage, you’ll already have that hint. The sexual explicitness (or, should I say, dirtiness) of this site is over the top.

Aside from the raunchy thumbnails representing each game, there are fucking arousing ads in the background for some of the games. Hell, there’s a hentai guy who’s rubbing the shaved pussy of a hot hentai girl, there’s a chick who’s doing a blowjob, and there’s another busty babe who’s getting fucked hard to the point of climax.

If you’re someone who gets easily aroused and cum-wet on your pants, I think you will go crazy once you enter the homepage of Adult Sex Games. Unless you have amazing control of your sexual arousal, you won’t surely pass the two-minute mark before you burst the jizz out of your dick. Yes, I’m not even joking. So, don’t fucking hang too long on the homepage if you want to maintain enough energy for playing the porn games available here. Reserve your fucking sexual energy for the main thing, you fucking filthy bastard (laughs)!

In terms of website design, I can say that it is pretty straightforward. The content on the site is arranged in a way that won’t give you a headache. However, I have a little bit of a problem with the flamboyantly pink color of the site. I don’t know if the people behind is trying to call forth the fucking color of a pretty vagina or what. Then, there’s also the fucking massive banner enticing you to play a particular porn game. This shit fucking distracts me away from browsing through the game titles.

Navigation System and Sorting Options

There are various ways to navigate For instance, you can utilize the different tabs labeled Home, Exclusive Games, Top Rated, Most Played, Mobile Sex Games, Video Playbacks, and Sex Simulator. When you click a tab, it will get you to the content under a particular category.

Another way to navigate the website is through the numerical browsing menu. There’s a total of 29 pages that you can browse at the moment (if Adult Sex Games add new titles, I’m sure this will be more than 29 pages). What I love is that the sequence of pages is not limited (it starts from page 1 all the way to page 29; not 1, 2, 3, 4…. 29). This pagination helps the user to go from one page to another without a hassle.

The site also has a search bar where you can type the specific game that you’re looking for in its massive database. If you type 3D and press enter, you’ll get to a page displaying all the 3D porn games on this website. There are also search tags that you can find on both sides of the homepage. Tags include Hentai Flash Games, Horny Adult Games, XXX Games Pro, Free Sex Games, 3D Porn Games, Cartoon Sex Games, and more.

It’s great to find that has an easy-to-follow navigation system and several sorting options. Such features make the site more user-friendly, unlike those fucking browser game websites that don’t even have a fucking search bar!

The tabs at the top also tell you about the content of this site. For instance, the Top Rated tab gives you an idea of what are the popular games played by the users of the website. Then, there are porn games made by under the Exclusive Games category. The site also features a video playback option for you to watch the playback recordings of a specific game. You can stream it on the website or download the shit.

Indeed, there’s so much to discover on this website, and you’ll find the shit more easily thanks to its fucking well-done navigation system and sorting options!

1,000+ Sex Games to Play

When you enter the homepage of Adult Sex Games, you’ll be greeted right away with its myriad of offerings. There are over a thousand porn game titles on this site, and they cover different sex themes. Just by reading at the game titles, you’ll already notice that the site tries hard to represent the Rule 34 content, which means that anything you can imagine, there’s internet porn for it.

For instance, you can find hentai female characters getting fucked by demons, gangbangs, college teacher sex, parodies, BDSM, alien sex, vampire fucking, milking cowgirls, and more. So far, my top porn game picks are Pleasure Lab, Meeting with the Boss, City Hunters, Hospital Pump, Android Gooey, Drunk Tsunade Sex, Kim Possible Porn Bastards, Star Wars Porn, Final Fantasy Yuna, and Slave Lord.

I love the storyline and gameplay of the role-playing game Slave Lord. In this game, you must capture a sex slave hottie and break her will to be loyal to his lord, which is your character. Her enslavement will also feed the erotic ring in your possession so that you can rule the world. Slave Lord is one of the top-rated games at, with over 350,000 hits.

The 1,000+ sex games on this site will surely give you a thousand reasons to beat your meat. It has lots of fucking hot babes in them with big boobies, big bums, smooth legs, and all that arousing shit. Some have low graphics, but there are also games with high-quality graphics. You can also find 3D games with female characters in them who have almost real pussies.

Below each game, there are the options to bookmark/add to favorites, download, and share the game on Reddit, Twitter, or Tumblr. Almost all of the games at require you to download and install Flash. If you have worries about downloading the shit because of viruses, worry not. I scan this website, and it’s completely clean.

Mobile-Friendly Games

If you want to play a game while you’re on the go, there are games on this site where you can play on your mobile gadgets. For instance, you can play them on your tablets, cellphones, and laptops. You can download these mobile-friendly porn games through Google Play Store and Apple Store.

My favorite mobile games at are Fun with Ivana, Hentai Heroes, Hentai Diaries, Strip Poker Night, and Galactic Monster Quest. I play them while I’m in the bathroom, lying on my bed, and when I’m fucking eating. That’s how fucking mobile-friendly these games are.

My Suggestions to Improve the Site

The navigation system and sorting options on this website are alright with me. But I really wish that the developers of the site get rid of the huge banners or at least downsize them because these shit are a great distraction while browsing the game titles. I personally don’t like the pink color of the website, but I think some people love it. So, it’s okay for me if you change the color or not.

I also love the fact there’s a lot of porn games at Adult Sex Games. But I suggest that they will add more 3D games since the younger generation nowadays like those full-detailed graphics. I also recommend that they make the games faster to load.


Overall, I rated 3/5. The site has a great selection of porn games, and it’s a thumbs-up for me that the website has an excellent navigation system and sorting options to make the search and browsing experience smooth for the users. The games also have different sex themes, which really make them more interesting to play.

However, I would love the site even more if they add more 3D games on it. They should also fix the snail-paced loading of each game. Lastly, I hope the people behind will downsize those distracting huge banners.

PornGames likes Adult Sex Games

  • Great selection of porn games with different sex themes
  • Offer mobile-friendly games
  • A good navigation system and sorting options

PornGames hates Adult Sex Games

  • Distracting banner ads
  • The pink color of the website
  • Lack of 3D games